Saturday, December 18, 2010

dreaming in cream....

I was woken up early by the sounds of the trees swishing and swirling about in the blustery wind.
It is cold but not snowing...
I have cocooned myself for a bit of extra time lazing in bed snuggled under the down duvet.
There's a mug of coffee on the bedside table, Pepper is asleep in her bed and the house is quiet
except for the furnace which seems to be labouring to keep the temperature steady.

Time spent doing nothing allows me to recharge and visit my thoughts.
It is a chance to stop multi tasking and managing the demands of everyday life...
a chance to breathe deep Yoga breaths
to sigh
to listen
to thoughts that bubble forth
in the stillness
not to solve
not judging
letting them wash over me
in the moments...

my thoughts wander
as I look at the waffle weave of my creamy duvet...

matte creamy white figurines...
I have not found a new one in ages...
I'm not really looking
but if one were to pop into the corner of my eye
I'd be tempted...

speaking of temptation...
creamy winter white is such a calming shade for me...
it reminds me
why I adore pearls
I gravitate towards their luxurious lustrous shade...

Baroque beauties...
creamy dreamy
pearls with imperfections
in shape and size....

Wishing you a delicious and dreamy weekend...

pause every now and then
take time to notice details
honour and nurture your spirit
invite gratitude

and please
consider performing at least one random act of kindness


  1. I love that feeling of having thinking time, lying in bed on a morning when there is no 'rush'. These still moments are important, thank you for reminding me.x

  2. Certainly sounds like a beautiful morning to stay snuggled in bed, just...contemplating.

  3. What a beautiful post- and I love those pearls xx

  4. LPC- You are so welcome...hope that you are enjoying your father's 80th celebration.

    Belinda @ Wild Acre- I need to slow down regularly or I seem to get ill.

    Anne-Marie- sounds like you are making plans too!

    The Daily Connoisseur- merci beaucoup!

  5. Hostess, just wanted to tell you that I read the book - Bringing home the Birkin - at your recommendation. It was hilarious, I just loved it. Janey

  6. Leslie, Leslie, Leslie, sorry sorry sorry.
    I'm upside down - 'cause I'm up here at the top of Planet Earth instead of down under at the bottom as usual.
    What a shocker, using the wrong name, and I know you are Leslie.
    I always think of you as Leslie with the "to die for complexion".
    Wish I could blame the Russian Internet, but it was totally me being vague.
    Louise from Townsville

  7. Janey- Oh I am happy that you liked Michael Tonello's book...apparently he's working on a new one and when I know more I'll post here about it.

    intownsville- No are a long way from home.

  8. Lovely creams, lovely pearls and a great post Hostess especially at this time of the year when life can be quite frantic. We have to learn to let go. X

  9. Hostess, adore creams just saying the word sounds so rich.
    A girl can never have too many long as they are not worn all together (laugh) Ida

  10. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  11. Semi Expat- It's true...we tend to get all caught up in the rush and the extra demands that we put on great thing about being older is that I have learned to pace myself and to listen to my body.
    I hope that you are enjoying the weekend.

    ida-Yes the word cream.... cream teas...cream puffs...high in calories but thank goodness pearls are low calorie
    I must confess ida, that I have strung them on my neck and worn them out...all 5 strands !
    A guilty pleasure...but worth it.

    Hope that you are warm and cozy with all that snow.

    Suburban princess- My weekend is going well and I see that you are having a celebration for your friend from High Heeled Life...have fun!

  12. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    thank you for this pause between somehow hectic activities! It is so invigorating just to dream, not to judge, look interested at things one seems to know - beautiful - and in the true Christmas spirit!
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  13. Thank you for the reminder:

    not to solve
    not judging

  14. Britta- Happy Christmas Britta and All the Beat in 2011!

    Victoria- Shift the Scene- ...just noticing... we all need down time to recharge. Hope that you have had an enjoyable weekend.

  15. Dear Hostess,
    I like the "beat" as we call it (Rolling Stones, Beatles), don't know any other connotation :-) - so I take both: "Best beat-music", hurrah!