Wednesday, December 22, 2010

M.O.P. the mother of all pearls...

As well as loving pearls I am a lover of knitted things...
I have had a long fling with felting and have gifted many bags.
The last one that remains here speaks to me and so I have hung onto it...

big enough to use as a tote
and sturdy due to it's many shrinkings
in hot water
(this produces the felted effect)

as a crow is attracted to shiny things
I am attracted to things of lustre and creamy nachre

antique mother of pearl 
I buy these in antique shops and a tag sales whenever I see them at a good price
they make nice adornments for parcels gift wrapped with satin
and lovely accents sewn onto hand knit sweaters

they are so pretty
grey and pearls are such a happy couple when married

Pepper is sniffing around my morning photo shoot
she was drawn to the wool tote
and attempted to pull off a button!
(she does have good taste)

as you can see my love affair with pearls doesn't stop with strands and studs
it weaves it's way throughout my heart and home

beauty is in the details

What makes your heart beat a little faster...
is it an image of natural beauty
the face of a child 
a wrinkled family elder
something luxe and unattainable
something as simple as a warm mug of tea
or someone holding your hand?

Hang onto what makes you happy and keep it close to your heart.
Hugs from the Hostess.


  1. I love idea of both felt and pearl-handled silver:).

  2. This purse is great! I have never seen one felted like this...very creative and quite nice. Like the other 'pearl' things too.(-:

  3. Keeping it close, Hostess! Merry Christmas to you, Belinda xx

  4. I admire the beautiful silverware you have. Beautiful. And I love all the grays ; )!

  5. What a pretty bag, the buttons are perfect on it. Pepper is too cute.

  6. LPC- How about a cuff and a brooch...:)

    La Vie Quotidienne- The felted bag is so easy to make...I got the pattern off the is very much larger before the felting process!

    Belinda @ Wild Acre- Happy Christmas Belinda!

    metscan- I almost feel that grey is the new black...

    Catherine@AGardenerinProgress- Thank you...Happy Holidays!

  7. That tote is lovely, the buttons are a perfect accent.

  8. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    "Beauty is in the details" - that's it, and I appreciate it so much that you see and describe it so well! Thank you for that! As you write: one doesn't necessary have to own these things (though it would be nice to have those beautiful knives :-), the best is to see them, admire and smile, and sometimes getting an idea (I love the buttons on the felt! I have collected some mother-of-pearl buttons, but not used till now)
    All the best for you! Britta

  9. Britta- I am curious what you will be using your buttons for...I take mine out of their storage tin every now and then and just admire their nacre and shape.