Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby it's cold outside...BUR BUR BURBERRY

The weather is damp and chilly, winds have been gusty and fierce...
the recent snowfall is but a distant the thermometer reads 2 degrees and everything is covered in a twinkling icy film.
come hither...

My love affair with scarves continues...
Hermes, I have been unfaithful...
my head has been turned

can you see why I have strayed?

behold the magnificance...
soft shades of pink and cream with a smattering of blue...
a scarf of another colour

it wraps twice around my neck 
adding a nice insulating layer of warmth...
(2 years young and still going strong)

It looks so much warmer in Southern California
La Vie Quotidienne
shows a lush green garden image taken this week.

Une femme d'un certain age
sun, sand and swimming.

and check out
she lives in Australia
and is gifted in all things glamourous.

Enjoy your weekend
and keep warm...


  1. Dear Hostess, Cashmere in whatever form, has to be the fabric of the winter season. Nothing in my view can surpass its cocooning warmth whilst still being featherlight in weight. I am not surprised that you have been seduced.....!!!!

  2. Softest shades of pink and cream cashmere...bliss.
    Rug up with this beautiful scarf Hostess and be careful on that slippery ice.
    Incessant rain is the norm of late for us with flooding far and wide in many regions. Crazy weather!

  3. Dear Ms Leslie, Taking into consideration the close and long alliance between the French and the Scots I believe that Hermes would understand. Had it been a flirtation with some English brand I could imagine some frostiness. I hope that you curl up with a cup of tea, a good book and Pepper asleep on your lap by the fire while it snows outside. By the way, I love 'Baby, It's cold outside' - Dean Martin had just the right amount of seductive wickedness for me. Lucky Martina McBride!

  4. Well aren't you sweet to mention my garden. If it were ever just 2 degrees here I think that the world would stop turning. Actually, I have heard that it did snow here once, but that was over 50 years it really isn't a regular event.(-: Beautiful, elegant scarf...such soft pretty colors.

  5. So gorgeous - no wonder you fell from the straight and narrow Hostess!! x

  6. Long time lurker, first time commenter! I LOVE Burberry, particularly the scarves and trenches! I'd love to experience a cold Christmas, unlikely in Australia unfortunately!

  7. keep warm Hostess, it has been v cold here too - minus 23 one night up in Scotland according to Mr B my resident weatherman - but now it has gone warmer and rainier, but expected to get cold again next week. LOve your Burberry number, bet it's lovely and soft. Bxx

  8. You are lucky to have your Burberry scarf/shawl made in Scotland. Lots of Burberry stuff is made elsewhere, and somehow it bugs me.
    However, Burberry is a reliable brand, but I am not liking the force, they push new stuff out, nonstop.

  9. hi leslie,

    that is cold. and i complain here. shame on me. i love your scarf and i have one in their classic pattern that is so warm. have a wonderful week my dear friend. and stay warm!


  10. Edith Hope- If goats keep warm in the icy cold climates of Tibet wearing cashmere coats it's no wonder we wrap ourselves in it too!

    LPC- I can't imagine you needing one for California, but your recent jaunts back east might necessitate a scarf.

    Anne-Marie-I hope that you are not affected by "rug up" it sounds cozy :)

    Linda in Chile- I have that Dean Martin CD! Pepper tries to bite the pages of my book when she is on my lap...I think she wants all of my attention!

    LaVieQutidienne- The pleasure is all mine...your garden looks like a tonic for those of us in the throes of winter.

  11. Semi Expat-Thanks for understanding :)

    TheStylishShoeGirl- Welcome and happy that you commented...I was able to pop over and see your lovely tea party.

    Blighty- oh your weather is much colder...I hope that you have some warm togs to keep the chill at bay.

    metscan- I see that Burberry is trying to be very competitive in the must be difficult. I do prefer when garments are not made in sweatshops or that child labour is's such bad karma.

    the gardener's cottage-My sister returned from Rancho Mirage a few days ago and was complaining as well...warmer in the pool than outside...well she had a shock when she came ice.

  12. You needn't feel bad Leslie, Hermes doesn't make their own cashmere, anyway. Some is made in Italy, and some in Scotland, they just sew on an Hermes tag, along with the Country Of Origin label required by Customs for every imported textile item.

  13. To 'rug up' against the cold is a often used term down here. I'm noticing in blogland we Aussies have some interesting terminology that other countries obviously don't use! lol

  14. theduchessofH- That is interesting...I never knew are a fountain of knowledge Donna!

    Anne-Marie- I love it! The English have great sayings's so much fun learning these...I'll be adding them to my repertoire!

  15. I just have way too much Hermes cashmere Leslie! lol
    The Scottish cashmere is reputed to be the best, and your scarf is beautiful.

  16. Such a beautiful and warm looking scarf. The soft tones are gorgeous.

  17. Dear Hostess,can't beat Burbery,I have a trench coat which is at least 30yrs old still looks great.HB has a couple of their orginal tartan scarves I often borrow them in the cold weather!!
    Your scarf looks fab.Ida