Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas shopping...

I have been shopping...
mostly for friends and family but a trip to the local boutique could not be avoided
and I found a new duo to pair with my black pointe pants.

I passed this by as I thought it too busy
and it didn't have much oomph on the hanger
my favourite sales clerk at the local boutique suggested that I just try it on...
and as they say the rest is history.
This sweater is very forgiving
it hangs without clinging
and is elongating
in the front
I will add long strands of creamy pearls and add a black vintage jet strand as an accent.
The jet beads sparkle

black grossgrain ribbon belt
which I tie in the back

underneath the sweater is a jersey knit V-neck top with short sleeves
a light layering basic which has longer sides than the front

I also have my black sequin top from last year which would add some serious sparkle should I need to be dressed up a bit more...

Pepper and I are starting to look alike...
they say people resemble their pets...
I am in good company :)

Behold the new tins...
for shortbread, rum balls and chocolate bark.
Conveniently they nest inside one another when empty
and so storage will not be an issue after Christmas.

they'll look festive on the counter

Hostess Hint...
I wrap gifts as I buy them and bring them home
make note of what I bought and for whom
then keep track of who is left to buy for
pace myself
shop with a purpose
and have fun!

I hope that you are pacing yourself too
and savouring the lights and decorations that accompany the festive season.


  1. Hostess,

    Great sweater. I LOVE the grosgrain ribbon which gives it that extra something special.

    It's funny that you mentioned wrapping gifts as you go...I was planning on wrapping some things today that I bought online. My normal method is to spend three or four back-wrenching hours on the floor wrapping everything at once which does not put me in a very festive mood.

    The poinsettia tins are lovely.

    I hope you and Pepper have a wonderful Tuesday.


  2. I like that striped sweater!

  3. hi leslie, i love how you are now matching your cat. love it. i think you are going to look quite chic in your new ensenble.

    is christmas coming? yikes.


  4. Dear Ms Leslie - the cardy is a very smart buy! I think that it will look excellent with your pearls. We have been baking biscuits (cookies) here - an Australian sort called Honey Jumbles. There is a lot of activity around measuring, pouring, stirring and then peering into the oven. I like homemade pressies. The boy scouts are in the malls to wrap presents for donations. I watched one boy of about 12 show one about 9 how to make rossettes. They take enormous trouble with the wrapping so I have outsourced this activity. I am buying presses for Australia as we are off to Brisbane at the crack of dawn on Saturday. Hurray for holidays!!!!

  5. Ha! I love that you match Pepper, and the ribbon tie back is a very sweet touch.

  6. Christmas shopping is always a time when I come home with new things for myself too. That said, I think your cardigan is a great purchase.

    My husband and I both love grey marle t-shirts and have to check in with each other since we work together. We now have a grey marle dog which was not by design. There's no escaping it so I know how you feel! It's not a bad thing to match your beloved pet.

    Pepper is growing so big. Her bed looks extra-cosy.

  7. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    the new duo looks great!!
    (But guard the sequin when sweet little Pepper comes - sequins are glittering and moving, so I can imagine she wants to play with them).
    I often go into a shop, think: well - I wonder - try - then beg the sale person to hang it 2 hours back for me - and take a stroll - and sometimes it happens that I almost forget about it - and other times I "see" it before my inner eye - then I hurry...
    With buying presents I once was a bit over- organized: bought in summer - and two things I had really forgotten in winter :-) Now I write down what and for whom I bought and have an extra drawer for presents (together with paper and ribbons and cards) - and am proud to say that even the birthday present for my best friend arrived in time during our move.
    Enjoy your sartorial feline resemblance!

  8. Love the new purchase Hostess and I'm sure you will enjoy wearing it.
    Fab sequined top, tins and of course Pepper.
    Today I'm springing into action to wrap, post and generally get my head around Christmas stuff (thats if I can drag myself away from reading blogs)!

  9. it's always fun when finding a few choice items for oneself amid the Christmas shopping. And no need to wrap those goodies. You seem so very industrious and well-organized -- I'm impressed

  10. Love your new sweater! The back detail really takes it to another level. It will look sensational with black pants...and talk about elegant the sequined top just simply - wow!

  11. Adrienne- I had a similar experience with a long wrap sessionand that's why I do the wrap as I go routine.

    JMW- Thank you!

    the gardener's cottage- Christmas is still on...but relax and make it "yours" Janet.

    Linda in Chile- I like the sounds of your baking day...and Boy Scouts wrapping...wow I am impressed. That is a great skill for a young man to learn you never know when he might need to wrap someting romantic later in life !

    LPC- The ribbon tie really made the sale :)

    Fiona- I'd be interested in what you have found for yourself.

    Britta- I will take care not to excite Pepper with the sequined top..good advice, I hadn't even considered this!

    Anne-Marie- Blog reading has become addictive pour moi! Good luck walking away from the computer :)

    materfamilias- Funny that you might mention not wrapping the items that I found for myself...my mother wrapped her things and put them under the tree! I'd forgotten that until just now.

    LaVieQuotidienne- I'm glad that you like them too.

  12. Beautiful packages for humans and cookies! And Pepper is wearing the most gorgeous fur coat.

  13. Duchesse- Packaging can make the simplest gift luxurious...
    and Pepper's fur coat is so soft and sleek, I hope with all the pats I don't wear it thin in patches!

  14. The ribbon belt is the " it " of your new purchase. So nice: )
    P.S. I left your address to Tua today, so I hope you will hear from her soon!

  15. Love the cardy and love the sequined t!

  16. metscan- Thanks for connecting with Tua on my behalf...and glad that you like my new sweater.

    Faux Fuchsia- That Tee is subtle until there is candle light and then BLING it comes alive...it's fun to wear too. I loved those beehive ginger flowers that you posted...wow they are exquisite works of nature.

  17. Pepper looks so content! She must just love her home with you. She's bigger every time you post another picture of her. I like the pretty ribbon across the back.

  18. Hostess

    Excellent tip regarding wrapping gifts as they are bought. It is working for me and I am even posting as I go along too.

    Your photo just reminded me to buy some tins tonight for my baking projects. I am feeling rum balls too :-)

    Great sweater!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  19. Victoria - Shift the scene- She is growing in leaps and bounds...literally :)

    SSG- What are you baking? Care to share your recipes?