Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pass the Pepper please!

 Harumi Ota bowl
and hand painted
sitting atop the dining room table in the Humble Bungalow

Pepper decided to curl up here
 she wasn't the center of attention
we were focused on decorating 
our Charlie Brown tree
playing peek a boo and blowing kisses at Isla
major adoration from Grammy
I will do anything for a laugh or a smile from her!

Our traditional annual pizza tree decorating
now includes Thai food
(accommodating all the taste buds)

Lovely Miss Isla
is 6 months old
and she's got red hair!

Mr. HB's family are Scottish and he had red hair when I met him
his cousins and their offspring have the most beautiful red locks
nothing from a bottle of dye can compare
it's divine.

Lovely daughter spotted her curled up and ran for the camera
 Pepper anyone?

Charlie Brown tree
Pepper friendly
no vintage mercury glass garland
no tinsel
set up higher up on a table

 vintage German pines cones

vintage balls and bells

The Humble Bungalow 
embraces lights
of white
and the more the merrier!

Potted paperwhites
and faux candles

garden bouquet of rosemary
scenting the kitchen
I think I'll add some white roses...
but my garden is bare

I have ordered a floral centrepiece for the Bungalow Christmas table
I usually do one myself but I have discovered the most fabulous
floral gallery which has captured my attention
I have been in several times of late 
and their creative mixing of twigs and all things flowery 
the marrying of pots and tureens
with orchids
pine cones and mossyness
woven with twinkly wires
has me lusting
and dreaming...

Wishing you sweet dreams...


  1. Beautiful tree and lovely white lights. Pepper is so funny and very, very cute! x

  2. This is brilliant. I'd say you have one smart kitten Hostess, she knew how to get everyones attention!
    Love your tree and do hope Pepper decides not to climb it.

  3. Beautiful pictures!! I'm also a natural redhead, my father's side was Scottish. Have a merry Christmas Hostess!!

  4. hi leslie,

    that is one cute cat. are you sure he is not part ham? love all your natural decor for christmas. so beautiful, as always.


  5. Oh that pic really did make me laugh out loud! So cute!
    Your tree is so lovely, that's my kind of Christmas tree.

  6. I agree with J.W., we want a Pepper-blog!
    I wish someone ( in our family back ) had saved some old Xmas decorations. I know, I know, there are delightful new ones, but inherited ones would have had the memories. Your tree brought these thoughts to me!

  7. Hahahaha! Love the cat. Also the white lights:).

  8. That Pepper is one curious kitty.
    I like your pine cone ornaments...such a pretty tree!

  9. It's busy here today...I am trying to tidy up as my cleaning gal is holidaying in Mexico...there's the silver flatware to be polished and I am going to be naughty and say a group thank you on behalf of Pepper and myself.

    Pepper doesn't need to have her own blog as she seems to be taking over here!

    If you have not inherited family ornaments these vintage pine cones are available online at ebay and in most antique malls.

    I'll post again tomorrow...

  10. Just catching up now Leslie. I love this picture of Pepper! lol.