Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tiffany, Pepper and some more seasonal recipes...

Pepper helped me choose a tin this afternoon...
I made a batch of whipped shortbread to take to school,
it's report card time and the staff are running low on energy...
I like to surprise them with treats in the staffroom...

Do you perform random acts of kindness?

This shortbread is about as fast and easy as it gets
You will need a reliable mixer, preferably one with a stand...

cool on a rack
these melt in your mouth

line the tin with wax paper
 carefully place one layer of cooled shortbread 
alternate with another layer of the wax paper
until the tin is almost full
gently transport
to avoid breaking the cookies

remember to take a break and pace yourself

you'll feel much more energetic :)

recently blogged about a great hostess gift
inexpensive and lovely.

Tiffany crystal votive 

While shopping I came across battery operated votive candles
who knew they made these?
Now I will not be concerned that Pepper might burn herself

The company claims they last for 100 hours 
and replacement batteries are available.

I will be relaxed about leaving this "burning" while I am not in the same room.
I plan to have several of these in various locations throughout the Bungalow to add ambiance.

 A post from last year with my mulled wine recipe 
 easy and inexpensive to make
 great for casual gatherings
neighbourhood caroling
 snow sledding 
or ice skating 
you could serve it to the adults 
while the children sip cocoa.

I have been nominated for the Stylish Blogger award
by Janet Ellis from The Skinny on Mini

rules state that I must mention 8 things about myself 
forward this to 15 new bloggers...
those who read my blog know that I have trouble passing on this task
so I am suggesting that if you read The Humble Bungalow and want to participate
add your link in my comment section and we'll all race over and get to know you better!

8 things about me...

1. My middle name is Anne...
mother when annoyed with me linked the two names together "Leslie-Anne"...
when I heard her call I knew I was in some kind of trouble!

2. The new Hawaii 5-0 is my new current favourite show on TV... James Caan's son has a lead role.

3. I was born tonque tied and had to have it "snipped" so I could suckle more efficiently.

4. My favourite Beatle was and is Paul McCartney

5. I was a member of the Barbie fan club and Junior League.

6. I played the flute in the school band.

7. I once ran away from home with nothing but Teen magazines and some cake mix in my suitcase!
(I got as far as the corner)
in my sleepy neighbourhood everyone knew everyone and the woman of the house called my mother to report my whereabouts and to say I was sitting in tall grass reading Teen and dipping my fingers into the cake mix package...

8. I am not good at laundry...we send Mr. HB's shirts out to be washed and pressed.

I hope that you laughed a bit here...
  I did 
when writing some of these obscure tidbits

so how about it
care to share 8 things?
who's game


  1. I found those flameless votives this year too! I have been using flameless tealights for years and love them! They even sell them and the batteries at Dollarama!

  2. The Tiffany votive holder looks really pretty.

    I fell in love with shortbread when we went to Scotland...bought many tins of it. Ah...I can still taste the buttery texture. If I was a baker--and could afford to put on a few pounds--I would make your recipe today.

  3. Hi Hostess, just called round to say hi! You seem on cracking good form! And Pepper is looking sooo cute. My only not so random act of kindness is to occasionally stop talking, but only when asleep..
    Am distracted by the Made in Worcestershire photo - I grew up in Broadway, Worcs. But what do you have that was made in Worcs?? oooooh, just looked again, it's the biscuit tin! my grandad lived in a black and white cottage like the ones shown on the tin..

  4. You were so enterprising to think of cake mix!

  5. The pictures of Pepper are way too cute. I can´t concentrate on the text, when those big, innocent eyes are watching.

  6. That kittten is a star!! I will try the delicious sounding shortbread.xx

  7. My middle name is Anne too. Fun!
    p.s. Peppers paws and eyes knock me out.

  8. Suburban princess-We have a few dollar stores here so i shall take your advice and go looking.

    vintage dreamer- How wonderful that you travelled to Scotland!

    Blighty- Thanks for popping by and what a coincidence that the tin is from the area that you grew up in...and a cottage with a thatched roof is so charming.

    LPC- I wonder what I was thinking...probably I wasn't!

    metscan-Pepper might need her own blog !

    Belinda@WildAcre- Let me know if you like the recipe.

    LaBeletteRouge- Anne with an E too...

  9. I didn't know that Pepper knew how to cook far less make shortbread. (-: Yummy!

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  11. Hello Leslie!!

    I love your list.

    Here's mine.

    SSG xxx

  12. LaVieQuotidienne- Pepper is a quick study!

    SSG- Thanks for taking the challenge!

  13. Stripey Pepper on a check cushion - how lovely!
    I ran away once, with my teddy bear in a suitcase. Didn't take any food, you were quite forward thinking!

  14. Share my Garden- My teddy should have been packed, I must have been in quite a state to leave him at home:)

  15. I'm joining the Pepper fan club!

  16. Pepper is growing up so fast!! She is adorabelle!

  17. Oh, and I am a massive fan of shortbread but I make mine with rice flour for a bit of crunch!

  18. JW- Pepper will be pleased!

    Miss Kitty-Cat- I've never considered rice ingenious you are.

  19. Omg... I love shortbread cookies.. and Pepper is adorable too!

  20. mimi- Your cat reminds me of our former cat...Pepper is so different from Stickley...that's good as she has her own personality.