Monday, December 13, 2010

Pepper patterns...

I found a fun top...
or rather it found me...
Pepper's... feline influence is showing up again.


it's a loose tunic length top
which I will pair with my black leggings
and add some ballet flats
the sequinned ones from last season

and the vintage eelskin clutch

I could wear some pearls...
but maybe this needs something a bit more artsy

 Debra Kay 

vintage cubes of crystal
haphazardly woven 
sterling accents

I put it up to Pepper
and I think this is the one :)


  1. I love that necklace for Pepper's top too!

  2. i think your outfit is perfect for you. it looks v comfortable and yet stylish, just how i'd describe you!


  3. Cute top! I think Pepper made the right call on the necklace... ;-)

  4. I guess I'm not the only one with a thing for leopard print lately! The blouse is beautiful.

    I haven't seen an eel skin bag in a long time. Yours is in fantastic condition. Remember years ago when they were quite popular and people would blame them for de-magnetizing their credit cards?


  5. Dear Hostess, A purrfect purrchase. I am sure that you will be the Belle of the Ball!!

  6. Fiona- Pepper would look good in the necklace too but she wanted to chew it when I put it close to her :)

    the gardener's cottage- It is very comfy and my husband complimented me wearing it so that's got to be good!

    Deja Pseu- Pepper is turning out to be good at so many things :)

    Adrienne- I saw your sweater and it looks great! This eelskin bag is in perfect mustn't have been used much before I bought it.
    I remember that issue with the de-magnitizing...I wonder how it worked?

  7. I bet this top becomes a favourite Hostess, it looks comfy.
    Right choice of necklace too. Pepper as always is so cute and I think very wise. The last pic is wonderful.

  8. I agree. This just sings out Hostess!

  9. I think Pepper is changing your spots( or is that stripes?);-)xo

  10. you and Pepper make a great team -- nice to have a personal style consultant!

  11. Edith Hope- I do not feel like I'd be in the spotlight just mingling around the perifery!

    Anne- Marie- I would agree, and the fabric is soft so it's an easy top to wear.

    LPC- It's a slight departure for me as it is a print but the colours feel safe :)

    La Belette Rouge- She most certainly has!

    materfamilias- It's funny how a pet can influence change in a person :)

  12. Your are going to look far too elegant! I like everything...I have a real love of animal prints. Smashing, it all goes together wonderfully.(-:

  13. I am happy, that you have found a tunic that looks good on you, and also feels good on you!