Sunday, December 5, 2010


oh these are such fun...


artist designed

In last months issue of Country Living Magazine (UK)
I was enchanted by the Hogweed pottery 
and went online to see more...
and to my delight I discovered that tea towels were available at a gallery in Oxford.

I emailed back and forth with a delightful woman who arranged the purchase and then took these towels home with her to wrap and post.
(the generosity of virtual strangers never ceases to amaze me)
Thank you Liz

I'd like to put out a challenge to you all this weekend
perform one kind and thoughtful deed for someone in need
or someone that would least expect it...

We are donating to the local Food Bank
this weekend...

 Pepper contemplating Hogweed


  1. They are fabulous, and I love hogweed so much! Good customer service, really personal and helpful is fantastic isn't it?

    I will strive to be randomly kind this week!xx

  2. yes, i love this idea of random kindness leslie. someone recently suggested 'adopting' a single mom for christmas. i thought that was such a good idea.


  3. What a nice idea you have...a random act of kindness I will try very hard to do this. The towels are so nice...I have never heard of I out of it, or what.(-:

  4. Belinda@WildAcre- Funny isn't it that we are surprised when we get great service...I think that was the norm a few years back.

    the gardener's cottage- In a school that I worked in back in the 80's we put together family care packages and delivered them a few days before children were very young and this memory of giving to the needy has stuck with them.

    LaVieQuotidienne- I don't think you are "out of it" at all !

  5. How gorgeous they are - a wonderful design and I am very proud that it was a fellow countryman (well, woman!) that went to so much trouble to send you the tea towel. It's these little acts of kindness in the world that keep us all going....x

  6. Semi Expat- You are in good company...and random acts of kindness do fuel our fire...

  7. I LOVE a good Pepper post!:-) The tea towels are lovely!