Thursday, December 12, 2013

Popcorn cookies ~ Smitten Kitchen

The inclement weather kept me inside so I decided to have a browse in my cookbooks and make some cookies for my husband, lovely daughter and her fellow.
My OOTD is the Bon appetit linen apron with skinny jeans, a Merino long sleeved sweater and cozy slippers.
Not really photo worthy!

This book was a gift from my son and daughter in law.
Deb Perlman is very creative and in her small kitchen she produces some pretty amazing recipes.

Can you see the popcorn in that cookie batter?
I was curious about popcorn cookies so I just had to make them.

I tried a small one and they are delicious.
Mr. HB enjoyed them too.

The collection of cookie tins has been a focus for the past few weeks.
 Homemade shortbread, cookies and rum balls make great Hostess gifts.
I thought that I was being quite thrifty sourcing them at second hand stores until I popped into the dollar store 
where I found new ones for the same price and less than I was paying for second hand ones!

What do you make for the festive season?
Do you have any tried and true favourites?


  1. I've been baking these days, too. I like to do it a bit early so that I can send a good selection off to my MIL in Alberta. She no longer bakes and really appreciates the treats. I've made shortbread, ginger sparklers, almond chocolate balls, chocolate cherry cookies and chocolate cherry biscotti. I sent the parcel off today and it should arrive in good time.
    Those popcorn cookies look very intriguing. Are they crunchy?

  2. Sometimes I bake bread to give as a gift. I bake a buttery braided brioche which is quite lovely to look at --and to eat. The other bread I often make is Mark Bittman's NY Times No Knead Bread which is much like a European peasant loaf. It has only a few ingredients--bread flour, yeast, salt and water.

  3. No baking yet...but I will be making Monkey Rolls next week, a long time Christmas tradition starting with my mother-in-law. These cookies sound very interesting.

  4. I buy dollar store tins too, there is something about giving a crisp new tin that's important to me.
    I make only one cookie, almond biscotti, and because they are actually better when a few weeks old, there is no pressure to give them when they are fresh!

  5. I couldn't find the popcorn cookie recipe on Smitten Kitchen website. Does your recipe require chocolate chips and nuts?

  6. Milk and Mode has the recipe here is the link