Thursday, December 19, 2013

Greener cleaner...and an owl sighting.

I realized how dirty the bedroom carpet was when the morning sun came streaming in through the window.
It's funny how on the subject of home keeping that I can be so complacent and not really notice the dust and grime. I used to be so fastidious when I was younger, not that I am a slob by any means, but let's just say I've been letting the team down just a tad.

I do not own a carpet cleaning machine and I did not want to hire a carpet cleaning company for just one carpet so I did some research and was surprised to learn that it is easy to make an effective carpet cleaner using things that one has in their pantry. Cheaper too than running off to the hardware store to buy some chemical infused cocktail that smells toxic.

A recipe for a "Greener" Carpet Cleaner.

You might already have these items in your cupboard.

Mix into a sprayer over your kitchen sink:
 1 teaspoon dish soap
add 1 tablespoon vinegar
pour in 1 cup warm water
add 1 teaspoon baking soda

expect a bit of a fizz!

Thoroughly vacuum the carpet then liberally spray a section that you can reach working from the farthest corner sideways and backwards until you are done.
and vigorously scrub with sponge.
Rinse the sponge frequently making sure that you are not scrubbing the dirt back into the carpet.
Let dry well before you vacuum.

(I made 3 batches of the cleaner to do a carpet about 9X10)

The carpet after washing ~ before the final vacuum.
It was a great workout for the arms too!

My walking partner and I ventured north to the Rockland area yesterday for our 2 hour jaunt.
It was sunny when we started but we got soaked to the skins on the last half hour.
In the middle of our trek we stopped to admire some holly bushes and perched on a majestic oak tree was this owl.
I love owls.
Seeing one during the day is rare.
This little fellow was very interested in the squirrels and birds flitting about and did not mind us taking photos.
I tried to capture an image of his face but he kept turning around.
(perhaps he was camera shy)

One of the most Joyous moments today was the owl sighting. 

Mr. HB hung the family wreath.
It was made by a friend of his mother and father. 
It is decorated with glass balls and studded with rhinestone brooches.
I know Christmas is not far off when the wreath is in it's place...
it feels so Christmassy!



  1. What a beautiful wreath, things are so much better when they are home made.

  2. We once saw a sleeping owl when we walked across a bridge in Pasadena. We were right at owl-eye level. The owl was very annoyed when it woke up!

    BTW, Owl Babies is a great book for the 2 and under set.

  3. That wreath seems just perfect for you - humble but sparkly!

  4. The owls at my parents' place on Whidbey Island used to scare me as they swooped down across the yard at twilight. The kitties always stayed indoors when we knew the owls were out and hunting!

  5. We sometimes see owls in the city. It is always exciting.

    I used to struggle with carpet cleaning and never liked to have them professionally cleaned as they just seemed to be dirty again in no time. About ten years ago, we got rid of the rest of our upstairs wall to wall carpeting and now have wood floors. I know some prefer carpet in the bedroom, but the wood floors work for me!

  6. That is one fantabulous wreath! Love it.

    Wonder if that recipe would work on upholstery?

    Merry, merry. J

    1. I bet it would work Jane. Please let me know if you try it.

  7. Love owls, and a very beautiful wreath with a wonderful family history.

  8. Great tip for cleaning carpets,owl faces are the sweetist my favourite is the small owl.

  9. How long does it usually take for the carpet to dry from this application before you can vacuum?

    1. I cleaned the carpet first thing in the morning and the sun was streaming in the window all day and the furnace was on so it took about 8 hours and was dry to the touch. I think it depends on how warm your house is. It might take more than one day if it is cold.

  10. I always feel so privileged when I spot an owl and get to spend some time observing it -- watching their heads swivel magically to keep track of my observations! A good augury for a peaceful and happy Christmas, surely