Thursday, December 5, 2013

Snow Day Doings...

I've been busy this morning in The Humble Bungalow.

I "planted" the paper whites so that they will be blooming for Christmas.
These bulbs are forced into bloom using glass pebbles and water at their roots.
 I love their heady fragrance and pure white flowers.
Keep the water levelled at the roots and you will be surprised how fast they grow.

We woke up to see a light frosting of snow this morning and it is still snowing.
I love an excuse to stay home, keep warm and putter in The Humble Bungalow.

Our house guest left yesterday...
we had a wonderful visit.
I served her a curried chicken soup which proved out be a great time saver as we had gone to the late afternoon showing of Philomena starring Dame Judi Dench and Steve Coogan.
Steve wrote the screenplay, produced and starred in the film.

We had a funny experience at the ticket wicket...

The young fellow on duty assumed that we were both seniors!
I was ahead of my friend and I quickly moved aside to make room for her at the wicket 
and I was out of earshot while she was paying.
When she caught up with me she was smiling was I.
I told her that I got in for $4.75 the seniors rate!
She told me she got the seniors rate too but the fellow had a problem with her debit card...
 so he said go on in the movie is on me today.

I highly recommend the film.

The soup "mix" base.
All you need to add are onions, chicken or prawns, a can of coconut milk, water and a few carrots.
I made this the previous day.
This hearty soup made a great meal.

We walked to and from the theatre and did not get back until just about 7 pm.
  I put out some fresh veggies and dip while I heated up the soup and we sat and had a glass of wine while we waited for it to get hot.

I'm going to spend some of the afternoon cooking before sitting down to finish reading my current novel.

The forecast is for a wind chill factor which will give the impression of minus 15...
I might need to light a fire in the fireplace to chase the chill away.
Cashmere socks and a thick fleece jacket are not quite enough!
 Definitely not my usual OOTD!



  1. Brrr!!!! We are even cold down in San Francisco! I'm wearing a down vest, and sitting under a fleece throw, INDOORS.

  2. Such a newsy little post today! Especially to hear that it's's probably headed my way! Stay cozy and warm, and thanks for the recommendation for the film.

  3. Minus 15! Wow and I am sitting thinking how cold it is in the low 60's. I am definitely a child of warmer climes. The soup sounds delicious.

  4. It's nice and cold, even in LA and I'm enjoying it and the chance to wear sweaters and coats. But, going to Florida tomorrow to visit my MIL, and into hot and humid weather. I hope our cold spell continues here for when I return. Can you post the recipe for the soup - love curry anything!

    1. The recipe is the packet of Mitchell's Mulligatawny soup base which has lentils, peas, beans, dried vegetables, onions, peppers, cabbage, carrot, celery, rice, and spices.
      Then add carrots, celery, apples, water and a can of cocount milk.
      Their website is so you might be able to order a few packets.They make quite a few varieties and I plan to try a few more this winter.
      Good Luck Kathy!

  5. We are freezing in Dallas---very unusual.

  6. What a lovely cozy day you had. I love those kind of days. I have heard such good things about that movie - from 3 different people now. I've never planted paperwhites, but always mean to. I'm curious to know if the water/roots area starts to look all yucky after awhile?

    1. Good question...I think the water does get a bit murky. Perhaps I should have chosen a tinted glass receptacle!

  7. I have heard about the snow at home! Stay warm and cosy and off the roads, which look slippery.
    I am looking forward to trying that soup.

    1. I bought the packet at the Root Cellar, they have a huge variety of soup mixes.
      Gosh and it's bitter cold here this morning...soup weather for sure.
      I am going to bundle up for my walk!

  8. That sounds like a lovely movie date (score on the cheap entry!), and a yummy and healthy lunch. I hope you stayed warm today and weren't without power for too long! Looking forward to our "date" on Sunday!

    1. I'm looking forward to it too...perhaps we'll find some treasures.
      The power was out from 4:30 until about 6:00...the worst part was that I was on my way home in the car and the traffic lights were all out and it was rush hour...then a fire truck had to come through the gridlocked cars and had everyone scrambling to get out of it's way! I keep a small flashlight in my purse and it came in handy getting the key in the lock and finding my way inside without stepping on the cats who were quite confused.

  9. Your day sounds perfect -- I had to go out last night (which for me means crossing the water, navigating steep icy docks at low tide, brrrr) to invigilate my students' exam. At least the snow kept itself to a skim, for now. Looks like our cashmere and woodstoves and hot soups will be our best friends this week -- stay comfy!

    1. Brr that sounds like a chilling experience. Hope that you are snug and warm today as it is bitter cold outdoors.

  10. love your blog..and the movie was fabulous :)

  11. Hostess, I made that soup recently. I used a recipe in Apple Cookbook. It said it was popular in Scotland and originated in India.

    My daugher, son-in-law, friend and I wanted to see Philomena but we deffered to my husband who wanted to see The Family. It was soooo violent. Hardly anyone laughed even though it was a comedy. I think we had a sensitive crowd.

    I think the paper whites will be so pretty. I should do something like that. I did get some ready to go for a present once and it is fun. :)

  12. Too funny! I have a friend whose husband is incensed that his seniors' fare (Toronto) subway tickets are emblazoned with a huge "S". His son in law told him, "Oh, just imagine it means 'student'."

  13. Love the glass vase/pebbles with the paper whites.

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