Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Past...

Christmas has come and gone for another year.
There is so much anticipation and preparation getting everything ready and whoosh it's over so quickly.

While the LG machines are working hard to clean and dry the clothes I thought I would sit down with a mug of tea and have a catch up. It feels like a long time since I sat at the computer and wrote a post.

Meet Charlie.
It is our Christmas tradition to buy a Charlie Brown tree.
We use all white fairy lights and vintage ornaments and glass garland.

Mr. HB bought some Christmassy drink coasters.

He also bought some for the dining table.
I love these, they are so cheerful.

The Humble Bungalow dining table set for Christmas dinner.

I picked up a few sprigs of holly from a neighbours yard.
They trim their tree and leave it on the boulevard for anyone passing by to help themselves.
They've been doing this for the past 30 years.

I got into the red and green theme with our food.

In the bathroom...

The Objibwa duck decoys were nestled snugly between the vintage bottle brush trees.

A wonderful nautical themed wreath was a gift from our friends.
This will be taken out to our boat after the holidays.

Love the organic effect of the rope.

Mr. HB gave me a new Emma Bridgewater mug and some of my favourite tea from Murchies.

He knows how to keep me happy.
Thank you :-))

Christmas is not about the gifts.
It's about giving...
family and friends,
pure and simple.

Well dear readers my tea break is over and I need to go and iron the linen.

Remember kindness never goes out of style.



  1. everything looks lovely leslie.

    baby is so so cute.

    i think i may have heard that kindness line before! so true. xo

  2. Merry Christmas to you Hostess.

    Tell me, was your husband able to buy your Emma Bridgewater mug in Victoria or does he mail order like the rest of us?


    1. Mr. HB purchased the mug in town at The Knightsbridge shop. They only carry a few of Emma Bridgewater's line. I am hoping that Michelle and Graham at The Bungalow will bring in her line of Black Toast. I had a conversation with Michelle today and she says she knows a supplier. Fingers crossed they do cuz I'll be speeding over there to buy a bunch.

    2. Thanks for the info. Please let us know if The Bungalow starts carrying the Black Toast line. I have a few pieces and would love to get more. :)

  3. ...So true. Love your blog and love that Grammy picture! Having a one year old granddaughter, I too know that joy-filled love. (We have the very same crystal wine glasses - a wedding gift 33 years ago.)

    1. We started collecting these crystal glasses when we were married in 1974.
      They have held up well and we have only had a few break in almost 40 years of use.

  4. Lovely sentiments and photos Leslie. Beautiful grandbaby too!

    We also had a Charlie Brown tree this year--the last on the lot--8 feet tall and purchased for only 13 dollars and some odd cents. Like you, I decorate it with all vintage glass ornaments. They make any tree beautiful.

    1. Love to see a picture of your tree...if you get the time maybe you could email me a picture.

    2. I will send it Leslie. And I'll try to take a closeup of some of our ornaments.

  5. What a wonderful post. I love that picture of you with your grand-baby!

  6. A lovely post, L. Christmas comes and then goes in a flash leaving behind the memories. Love the grandbaby cuddles. We always get Charlie Brown trees, too. I love the airiness of them that lets the ornaments sparkle.
    Christmas wishes for you and yours, and a Happy 2014.

  7. Your decorating is lovely - Merry Christmas to you, L!

  8. Everything looks lovely but particularly the photo of you and the baby ~ so very, very, sweet.

  9. The grandma picture is beautiful! I love to look in the Knightsbridge Store whenever I'm in Victoria. The bungalow looks warm and cheery.

  10. The nautical wreath is fantastic and I love skiddlly trees like that, we still haven't gotten round to Christmas dinner, Christmas Day was a work so day, so fingers crossed for next year!

  11. I love your Charlie tree! Fun to have a baby about for Christmas, especially if he enjoys being passed around. My "emerging adults" aren't *old* enough for babies yet. Nice to just chill after the big day with family. Your mug is lovely,too.

  12. What a sweet baby; thank you for the discreet yet so touching photo.

  13. Beautiful photos, glad you had a lovely Christmas! Love the nautical wreath and the simple floral decorations.