Monday, December 9, 2013

Shopping with Sheila....

After enjoying a delicious Sunday lunch with the fashion savvy Ephemera blog author Sheila we ventured out for  some serious shopping.
Sheila has a gift when it comes to finding the "needle in the haystack."
She seems to hone in on "the best of the best."

We went into My Sister's Closet a consignment shop, with open minds.
Being open really helps when you are looking at second hand merchandise.
If you have a rigid list you miss some of the goods that might be perfect for your wardrobe.

I am passionate about red shoes...
these Geox suede loafers have never been worn and were half price!
 At $11.50 they HAD to come home with me.

This silver belt had some texture and details that made my heart soar...
a bit of eccentric fun that might elevate my pedestrian denim just a tad.

Hello Peter Nygard!
I spy with my little eye a party skirt.
This will see me through the festive season...
I can cook our Christmas dinner in this (wearing my apron of course!)
Sheila found this gem for me...
merci beaucoup!

am loving the details

My new LBD
so grateful to have found this as it has been several months of looking.
(it's packable)
Brand new with the original tag.

I looks like a dud on the hanger but if fits like a dream and is a winner!
V wrap top and a flattering mid section detail.
I will be wearing this for years to come....

My head is still in a bit of a tizzy and I had SO much fun shopping with Sheila!
She is so much fun to shop with and I am so grateful that we can meet up.

I gave her a big hug as we parted saying that we need to make this a regular event.

Thank you for popping by and sharing my exciting bargain hunt.
Four pieces for under $100 and those great classic workhorses that I will wear for many years to come.

What have you found in the thrift shops lately?
Have you ever found a couture item?

Be well and Be Thrifty!


  1. Wow, I didn't realize those Geox shoes were so cheap - what a score! I adore that metal belt too, and so glad that skirt worked out for you. That is a classic dress - I have a coat by Renuar and love it (very nice quality).

    We will have to make a MSC trip a quarterly affair! You're great to shop with!

  2. What wonderful finds!

    I recently found three pieces from Lafayette 148 at a local consignment shop. All are gray cashmere. One of a turtleneck shell. The other two pieces are gray with specks of lighter gray mixed in--a cardigan and a short sleeved turtleneck. I won't where the twinset together, but they are great pieces to have separately.

  3. I have a sprained index finger--I'm blaming my typos on that!

  4. Great finds, Leslie!! That skirt especially is such an outstanding piece.

  5. Love the skirt and shoes, great bargains! And no I've never found anything remotely couture in our little thrift shops :(

  6. Congratulations on finding such great items, especially the skirt.

    I haven't seen any recent pictures of your cats. How about a post on what they are up to?


  7. You really did well! Love the details on the skirt and the belt!

  8. I love the shoes and the skirt. Really great finds. I never know what to look for in a consignment store so I avoid them. The black dress sounds like a flattering piece.

  9. How I wish I could tag along. My only thrifting buddy is my daughter and she is far, far away.

  10. I love everything you bought! That belt is divine and I can tell the LBD will look fantastic. Seriously, I would have bought all of the above. I too have lost quite a bit of weight for daughters wedding (on Saturday at home for 120 guests!) but haven't had time for clothes shopping. I did visit a thrift shop to purchase a white dress for the surprise bride and groom scarecrows in the garden. Hope daughter likes them as they have not been 'bride approved. Loving your blog as I am thinking about retirement more and more and we seem to enjoy similar things although you are a much more committed cook than me. Off to get some last minute rose bushes to fill a couple of gaps in the garden and then to attack the windows! Tonkath

  11. Fingers and toes for a sunny day with no rain on Saturday - Tonkath

  12. Such deadly awesome finds! My daughter has a creative and artistic eye and I love to take her shopping as she nails things I would not necessarily have considered otherwise. Love everything, but the loafers and the silver belt rock... and the skirt. Can't wait to see a photo of you in the LBD. Cheers, Violet.

  13. What awesome finds! Great eye and a good friend... Sounds like a match made in heaven. Enjoy wearing your new pretties and pictures, please! Smiles...Susan

  14. This is favorite territory, dear Hostess! A passionate thrift-shopper, I LOVE every one of your latest finds--all exceptionally attractive and useful, but the passementerie skirt and silver belt are real knock-outs. I have found two labelled couture items in my long thrifting career: a Chez Ninon suit (hand-made in 1970s NYC from Chanel fabric, pattern, and buttons--with Mademoiselle's blessing) and a Paris-made Jacques Griffe coat (double-sided wool, black and ivory,with a strange, severe, almost Japanese cut--early 1960s, very interesting.) My latest happy find is a berry red Davidow cashmere coat , probably late 1950s, with a petal-shaped collar and the famous straight, lightweight Davidow drape. For me these are not just clothes but wearable history, and a thrill to find on a thrift store rack.


  15. I've said this before- how I wish we had your thrifts out our way. The shoes and belt are delicious. While I've had luck with jewelry at out thrift shops, the clothing falls short. If I ever strike the mother lode at one of ours, I will be sure to let you know. Or perhaps you and Sheila can stop back East and give me a few pointers? Lol!