Sunday, December 8, 2013

OOTD at the Staff Party...

My husband had his Christmas Staff Party on Saturday evening in the penthouse of a local hotel.
A spectacular choice of venue and expansive views of the city and the twinkling lights.
Food and wine flowed and I stuck to my Weight Watchers points and had a great time.
It was lots of fun meeting some of the new people and I felt confident in my outfit.

Sigrid Olsen mauve sleeveless top
Susan Bristol sweater jacket in black rayon
 (Chanel-esque with ruffle details at the sleeves and hem)
Black skirt with raised ridges Reitmans

Pearls an anniversary gift from Mr. HB a few years ago.

Black Calvin Klein pumps with kitten heels and fishnet hose.

I met up with my blogger friend Sheila for lunch and a shopping spree at My Sister's Closet in the plaza.
I found a few gems thanks to her expert shopping skills.
Sheila shares something valuable about shopping every time I meet up with her. 
She worked in retail for years and she knows quality fabrics and designs when she see them.
Sheila looks at everything in all the sizes because there is no universal sizing standards.
If I had not listened to her I would have missed a couple of things.
I had a great day and am very excited to show you what I bought...
all at bargain budget friendly prices too.

I'll get busy and put together my post and try to have it ready for tomorrow.



  1. Good for you - sticking to your WW points! Your outfit sounds really festive - just right for such a fine setting & occasion! How fun it must be to know & get to shop with Sheila! I can't believe the variety in her wardrobe! It's always fun to check out Ephemera!

  2. I had such a great time today, Leslie! Thank you! I just put my finds up - I found two dresses and two pairs of boots.

    Love your sexy legs in the fishnets! Well done on sticking with WW!

  3. Wow! Do you look sensational and I love the fishnet hose, very sexy, but also elegant. I just might try a pair with a new dress I made. Looking forward to seeing your new purchases.

  4. Congratulations for sticking to your points at a party. That's where I always give in and make an exception. Then I'm sorry the next day. Great legs lady!! Love the sexy fishnets.

  5. Love those fishnets! They look great :)

  6. Ooh la la! You've got legs, girl! Love the way the fishnets and the pearls play together. . . .sexy yet elegant, nicely done.

  7. You should wear shorter skirts and show off your legs more often!

  8. Thank you for reminding me to get back to counting points! A very hectic two weeks put me off my game for a bit.

    I must show your pearls to Mr. K. They are lovely and I would love to own something similar. The party sounded delightful and I hope you both had a wonderful evening. Doesn't a beautiful venue really add to the experience

  9. Your outfit is lovely and your perseverance with WW has surely paid off! Love the fishnets!

  10. Oooh, the fishnets are the kicker! And you have beautiful legs!

  11. you look fabulous!!! and your skin is just glowing and dewy!

  12. GORGEOUS LEGS Hostess! Enjoy the Holidays!

  13. Love your party outfit and also those fishnets! I am inspired now to go buy a pair!