Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sumptuous, Soft and Soothing ~ Cashmere OOTD

I adore cashmere!
Do you love it too?
Lately I have found that the cashmere sweaters available in our local shops are of lesser quality and almost whisper thin, yet the prices are quite steep for what you are buying.
I really wished that Lands' End would ship their cashmere sweaters across the Canada border but those gorgeous buttons made of Mother of Pearl or abalone shell are the reason that they cannot ship. Apparently they are "protected and at risk."

Years ago my husband gave me a luxurious black Johnston cashmere pullover. It is soft, thick and warm like no other sweater that I had owned before. It cost the earth though and I would need to save up for a donkey's age to buy another! Let's face it my lifestyle has changed and I really cannot justify that kind of expense at this stage.

Lands' End had some exceptional weighty cashmere cardigans a few years ago. I bought a black one which is still going strong, although it is a tad big now, I will not part with it until it is in tatters.

I couldn't believe my luck when I found a similar cardigan with a V neck and abalone buttons recently in the thrift shop.
The quality and weight was evident even before I even looked at the tag...alas it was a size small.
I wear a medium, but I tried it on anyways and guess what?
I bought it...I usually do not button my cardigan but did so that you would see that it is a bit on the small size.

Cashmere Lands' End in Navy Blue!

The pearls have a new partner in crime.
Pearls + Cashmere = Bliss 

We have a house guest in The Humble Bungalow for a few days so my posting will be sporadic.
I might manage a few minutes to check in but it will depend on how full our schedule will be.
We do love to focus our attention and energies on our friends when they come to stay.


We may get some snow this week!
I love how beautiful the neighbourhood looks all dressed in white.
I will host a snow post if we get a frosting.


  1. Hello Leslie - I have good news for you! Although some of Lands End's cardigans cannot be imported into Canada because of the shell buttons, I do not believe that the cashmere ones are amongst them. I just ordered one for myself and the order was confirmed, so it should be on its way to me soon. Have another look at the website!

  2. I love navy cashmere, how great that you found it in a thrift store. Looks beautiful with your pearls.

  3. I'm saving for some Brora navy cashmere. It never goes to sale so full price it is. They use the same mill as Johnston's of Elgin.
    Love your sweater and not too small at all, I love a fitted cardigan, you are looking beautiful!

    1. Dani, I think that's the only mill in Scotland, it belongs to Johnston's, ( I think there cashmere is the best, Brora is overpriced, we are all paying for "fashion' there) every one uses it, Chanel et al. I'm going for a visit in the next few months.

    2. Have also heard mutterings about Bora getting toooo expensive (greedy!)Having
      bought cashmere from them,also from Johnston's I agree with you.
      Bora do have sales but you need to be nifty to get best of the bunch!

  4. Sorry to go off topic a bit, but I love gardens and I saw in one of your previous posts the gorgeous front porch of your BFF's home in Tigara. Is Tigara the name of her home or is it the name of the town/city she lives in? Dream house indeed!

  5. The sweater is quite a find!
    It's very cold over here in the Fraser Valley and there was snow yesterday in Mission. Tomorrow I'll be in Agassiz and the forecast is for -7. I'll need a cosy sweater too!

  6. What a lucky find! I wish Lands' End still offered v-neck cashmere cardigans.

  7. I too like cashmere and treat mine with extra care. Top quality cashmere can be expensive, I agree.
    But if you´d stop spending on cheaper stuff totally? I´d bet, that you´d have enough money in no time to purchase something of fine quality. Just a thought : )!

  8. a combo that never ever gets old is pearls and cashmere!!

  9. I've had Johnston's cashmere and yes, excellent quality though find the styling stodgy. re Brora, the navy and black do not go on sale but the colours do, after Christmas especially (and Brora's colourways are subtle and very beautiful). My main source, though, continues to be Eric Bompard, and am still wearing pieces 20+ years old.

  10. I don't think its too small ... it looks great. I know sometimes you want a roomy sweater, but with some outfits (skirts, especially), snugger looks better. Lucky you!

  11. It is an interesting point you make about the market being flooded with cheaper ,thinner quality cashmere sweaters. I have bought my husband 3 of the HBC Black and Brown brand cashmere vneck sweaters over the years and they are soft and wore very well-medium priced as well.Over in the women's department, at the same price point, they carry Lord and Taylor cashmere which I have found to be thinner, not as soft and a bit itchy. I have been tempted to buy a man's sweater to get the quality but the fit is just not right.

  12. Johnston's are even better than Brora, ( way overpriced) I love their cashmere which is the only wool I can wear but I've found quite a few good cheaper versions here too.

  13. Fabulous sweater! I also love cashmere and with the weather cold right now I am wearing sweaters every day. Enjoy the snow!

  14. I love cashmere, too, and am always on the lookout for a good buy. But I can't wear it next to my skin so I'm always looking for a nice layer underneath as well.

    I'm hoping for some snow. Wouldn't it be beautiful?

  15. What a great find! I topped my outfit with a somewhat beaten-up cashmere cardi (Club Monaco, about 5 years old, tolerable quality but not great) to comfort me in the dentist's chair yesterday. . . . I've been very happy with my Bompard cashmeres and I'm ever grateful to Duchesse for telling me about them. . . .

  16. As I cannot wear wool,and cotton is not warm enough for Winter so cashmere is my choice.
    Have Bora jumpers/cardigans (see my earlier comment)Johnstons of Elgin is the best for cashmere but tends to be a tad boring especially colour wise.
    Just a thought Leslie, maybe your family could club together for birthdays/Christmas for a special cashmere item?
    Think your cardigan shows off your trim waist,does not look too small from your photo.

  17. Perfect size Leslie..so many possibilities with that one. I love Brora cashmere from the UK...a simple cardigan does me perfectly. I have cashmere capes and scarfs....and miss not being able to wear them. Knowing they are waiting for me gives me hope!

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday Leslie...filled with joy, love and laughter...
    Jeanne xx