Friday, December 13, 2013


Our cats rule the roost here in The Humble Bungalow!
They sleep wherever they want and are very vociferous when it comes to feeding time.
We have had to modify the plants and flowers that we have in our home as they munch leaves of the plants and deconstruct the floral arrangements that I love so much. Fortunately they leave the orchids alone.

Chester the youngest, is what our grand daughter Isla calls a "Troublemaker."
He gets into everything! Cupboards, drawers, baskets, the washer and dryer when the doors are open.
If there is something mischievous that he can find to do, he does it!

Pepper is much more ladylike and she is less demanding and much better behaved...perhaps because of her age she has matured and has left those kitten habits behind. Pepper chirrups at the moths that flap by the light shining through the windows into the night.
She will bite us when she has had enough attention.
Chester will bite if we have not put out the dry food at the same time as the canned food.
He is greedy about having food on the bowls all day long and I attribute that to the fact that he was malnourished in his first few weeks of life.
He was a California rescue kitten flown up by Victoria Adoptables a local rescue organization and he only weighed 1 3/4 pounds when we got him at 7 weeks old.

Pepper was also a rescue cat but she was a local find from a farmer's field on the Saanich peninsula.
Pepper has the softest fur and she eats lots of food...
where Chester grazes Pepper gobbles!

They bring us much joy here in our Humble Bungalow.

The cats asleep on our bed.



This post is in response to a request from reader Sharon from Toronto.

I'm glad that you asked.


  1. They look very content in the Humble Bungalow!

  2. Thank you Hostess. They are so lucky to be living in the Humble Bungalow and having fun keeping you on your toes with their antics.

    Sharon /Toronto

  3. These look to very happy, and dare I say pampered felines. It is so much fun to hear about other peoples cats and their interesting behavior; cats all might have slight differences but one thing they all have in common is ruling the roost! Miss Twiggley sends her regards.

  4. How interesting! So, Chester wants food to be in the bowl all day long but he only grazes, whereas Pepper is generally more relaxed but gobbles the food?

  5. I remember when Pepper was a little kitten!

  6. Pepper and Chester are adorable and look so happy. Isn't it such a nice feeling to give rescue pets a loving and comfortable home and spoil them to bits to make up for a neglectful early life? And we get so much fun, happiness and companionship from them in return. Win, win.