Saturday, December 14, 2013

OOTD ~ a leaner wardrobe and some holiday sparkle.

Still rebuilding my wardrobe...
It is taking a long time because I am being very discriminating when I buy something new.
It needs to tick all the well, be versatile and classic, and at a price that I can feel comfortable spending.

Our local thrift shops have lots of stock so it takes time to carefully sift through the racks.
Keeping my wardrobe on the leaner size I pass up a lot of clothes that would "do."

In the new year I have an appointment with a consignment shop to sell off the garments that are just too big to wear. I thought I could make them work but they do not flatter me anymore...much too much volume!

Ann Taylor top which feels like silk but is obviously a high quality polyester.

Gemstone earrings made by lovely daughter.
They pick up the amber shade in the top.
I like a drop earring for evening.
They catch the light and I feel more feminine.

The basic black Bellissima ponte knit pants were a thrift shop bargain
worn here with my new Calvin Klein kitten heels which are so comfy.

I wore this OOTD when we had some friends over for a casual meal.

The basic garments (the ones I refer to as workhorses) are getting lots of wear.
CPW (cost per wearing) is hovering at about 50 cents for these pants.

Our Humble Bungalow "Closet" has no doors!
The last room on our renovation list is the master bedroom.
It needs a complete makeover.

I have empty hangers in the closet for the first time in many years.
Each garment is hung in its' colour group and has lots of breathing room!

Our wee Humble Bungalow closet has never seemed as large as it does right now.

Living with less, has surprised me so much, I should have done this years ago.

I've discovered that it's never too late to make a change...
I just needed to be in the right frame of mind to commit and embrace it wholeheartedly,
My recent weight loss journey is a prime example.
I needed to be "ready" before embarking on the program.
It only took me 6 years!

The festive season is a good excuse to wear some sparkly jewels.
JCrew necklace a gift from son and lovely daughter in law.

Sherman brooch


Club Monaco earrings from last season.
These are fabulous to wear for candle lit dinners!

Thoughts and changes are afoot...

In the New Year I plan to explore the opportunities to get more involved.
With so many agencies needing volunteers in our community I'll have a few options.
The difficulty lies in deciding where to put my time and energy.

If you volunteer in your community how did you decide which job to take on?



  1. Oh clever daughter what a lovely gift.
    I've massively thinned out my wardrobe in the last ten months but I love and wear what I have left, it's not much by others standards but it's perfect for me.
    Volunteer wise, I think there's always something that calls to each of us, for me it's always been the homeless and hungry.

  2. I have a weakness for displacement refugees and homelessness but volunteering is a lot more complicated than it seems...but it is rewarding nevertheless. Ps love all the bling!

  3. I really like the Ann Taylor top with your tinsel hair. I was just talking to my walking buddy this morning about community involvement and social awareness. Right now, I'm away too much to volunteer but I think after 2.5 years of retirement, that I might like to read to seniors or to children in hospital.

  4. Having just the right stuff is so much better than having all the stuff.

    And as you know, I'm focused on Dress for Success, hoping to help women get jobs. I've been using the blog to monetize a donation, but it won't be big enough to matter, so I will probably start volunteering instead.

  5. With so much pretty bling, you can stick to your basic favorites and still look mighty festive! Thinning the wardrobe down to favorites is such a satisfying feeling, isn't it?

  6. You look lovely. I'm just starting to do some additional thinning of my wardrobe.. I bought some new things recently.For every garment I purchased I pulled one out of the closet; jacket for jacket blouse for blouse etc. After the new year I plan on doing some radical thinning- hopefully some weight loss as well.

  7. I love the new amber top and I bet it looks great with the black pants (I'm piecing the two photos together in my mind) and the elegant shoes. Good for you for paring back your wardrobe. I bet it feels great. I'm trying, but am not as committed as you are.

  8. You look wonderful! Isn't it lovely that your daughter, daughter-in-law and son all know you so well and choose things that you will love for a long time?
    Volunteering.....well, you know it is something that is close to my heart - it's my life and livelihood, actually :) When the time comes I'd be glad to listen to your thoughts.

  9. Leslie, I've been volunteering for Food and Friends for over a year. We deliver meals daily to infirm and elderly. It's very rewarding and the people we serve are so thankful and appreciative. I let them know the thankfulness is all mine. So happy to do this. Kathleen.

  10. I've been retired for two years, but have been unable to do volunteer work because of family commitments thus far. However, our local hospital will be starting a program of volunteers to spend time holding and rocking babies born to addicted mothers and who are also addicted. That sounds like something that would be right up my alley. Hopefully, I will be freed up to volunteer.

    Love the sparkly top. It must be wonderful to be building a new, trimmer wardrobe. Congratulations!

  11. Your words on living with less and having to be ready for changes are so wise Leslie. I love your sparkly necklace and sequined top, and your lovely print blouse in the top picture. You look wonderful! When I chose a volunteer position previously, I went straight to the SPCA. I had to give it up when we opened the shop as I was working six days at that stage (five now!), but if I was choosing at the moment I would probably consider a senior/elderly person type of charity. Not because animals are not deserving and that things have gotten better for them (if only) but that I have an elderly friend who seems very lonely and having lost my Nana 2-3 years ago I feel like I could 'adopt' a Nana to visit and be with.

  12. I would love to know what thrifts stores you like in Victoria. I have just moved here and would love to find some great deals. So far I have not had much luck. I have donated though! Also consignment store ideas would be great too. Love your blog and love that it is about our lovely city.

    1. I regularly visit most of the thrift shops in the city!
      WIN on Cook and Pandora Streets, Value Village, St. Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army, Hospice Thrift on Cook. For consignments I like The Velvet Crease on Cook, My Sister's Closet on Fairfield and a la Mode on Wilmot in Oak Bay.
      There are some in Sidney too but I don't get out there all that often.
      Happy Thrifting!

  13. Sorry for replying so late. I just found your blog and was reading many of your wonderful pages. I came across this particular page and saw your gorgeous Sherman brooch. I inherited a number of these pieces from my mother's estate and absolutely treasure them. By the way, you look fabulous !