Saturday, December 7, 2013

High Maintenance on a shoestring.

Keeping up appearances does require some personal effort or money and time spent at the spa.
While I am a fan of the spa and their treatments I cannot justify the expense when I have oodles of time to do my own high maintenance at home. I will indulge from May to September where I will enjoy the pampering pedicures and have my toes polished. The rest of the year I keep my toes buffed and free from polish.

It is sunny but bitterly cold today so I donned my cashmere socks this morning...
but not before giving my feet a little TLC.

($20 for the basics)

My home pedicure starts with a foot bath of warm water and bath salts.
I soak for about 10 minutes and close my eyes and visualize a beautiful place that makes me feel serene.

After toweling off my feet I use a pumice on the heels and rough patches.
Rinse and then slather on Badger Cream...don't let the label fool you it is great all over the foot.

Clip to shape and file the nails then push back the cuticles.
Make sure the nail beds are free from the cream and use the Revlon buffer.
One side smooths any ridges and the other imparts shine that is dazzling.
I love this tool!

I reapply the cream and pop on my socks and my pedicure is complete.
Even though my toes are not "on display" I know they are in good shape.
Looking down at my socks I know I am putting my best foot forward.

In my attempt to warm, this time from the inside out, I am actioning another curry!

Curried Chicken and Mushroom Casserole

My favourite thing to make and take to a potluck supper.
You can make this a vegetarian feast by adding a variety of vegetables and omitting the chicken.
It is really good with white fish or prawns.

I published the recipe BBC Bungalow Basic Curry back in January 31, 2011.
If you want the specifics go to the tag list on the sidebar and look under recipes and you can see step by step instructions.

Bon appetit!


  1. That recipe looks perfect for a cold winter. I will try it out this week. I share your practical/frugal philosophy on spa pedicures. I have one or two during summer months and refrain in the winter while letting my nails "breath" without polish and saving $. I'm not as diligent as you are however, when it comes to pampering my feet with nice home spa treatments. Thanks for the inspiration. I think that I will purchase the Revlon Crazy Shine so that my toe nails look buffed in yoga class. My own personal little foot splurge was purchasing the Brora Cashmere Bed Socks several years ago on sale. They feel quite luxurious on a cold winter night reading in bed!

  2. I made cream soup with onion, sweet potato and a russet potato today. It is so good on a cold day.

    I love the little badger on the cover. My dad caught one when I was young and they are very dangerous.

    I do my own nails, too. I like polish but it can darken the nails so bare is good, too. It looks like a French manicure. Plus, I save a truck load. :)

  3. Because I go to yoga year round and it is an activity one does with bare feet I like to keep a bit of color on my toes...keeping feet well groomed and hydrated it very important ~ even if they aren't on display; I use a product from Podiatrist's choice every night, it's excellent.

  4. Looks scrum - have to say you won't have to go to the gym today with all that chopping and throwing in the pot action!

  5. I'll be popping over for that recipe. I love Curry. It does warm one from the inside out.
    I've done my own pedicures for as long as I can remember. I have a strange dislike of people filing my toenails. It could perhaps be linked back to ingrown toes nails after a bad pedicure many years ago. I save a ton of money and can do it as frequently as I like. Easy on the budget.

  6. Oh I'm terrible I just use sandpaper for rough bits on my feet and I haven't gone for a pedicure in years, I realised a long time ago that all of that is wasted on me, I'd rather spend that money on belonging to a gym.
    I love curries but I like the really indulgent ones, though only as monthly treat.

  7. I spent much too much money on mani-pedi's this summer and was addicted to gel nail polish. In order to save, I am asking for a gel nail kit from Sally Hansen so I can do my fingernails and save the dough.

    Your soup sounds heavenly. I would love to try it.

  8. I never thought of saving pedicures for the summer and DIY during the cold months! Great idea and very doable!

  9. I, too, only do a pedicure in the summer (and usually only once or twice at that). I love your winter routine and the tools you recommen