Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weight loss and the weekly wrap up....

It's been a hectic and busy week at work
and there have been some euphoric highs and some challenging lows...

I'm so grateful that I live in such a beautiful neighbourhood...
grateful for friends who are just a phone call away
a wonderful life partner and husband
two crazy but affectionate cats and a wonderful family
who keep me grounded and whenever I feel that my mood might spiral downward
I ponder on all life's gifts and blessings.

I lost almost 6 pounds since my last week weigh in at Weight Watchers
it was so exciting you could have knocked me over wih a feather.
Tracking my food intake and walking really works!

I've been tired after the longer fast paced walks and have slept so soundly 
that I have not even stirred when Mr. HB gets out of bed 
and when he brings me my morning tea I am slow to respond and groggy.
Thanks Honey!

Leaving the house later than usual and feeling like I am in a bit of a stupor is not like me...

Thankfully the roofers have departed 
after finishing the noisy work and taking their immense bin away.

It looks calm...
but there is major construction just across the street
Our neighbourhood is changing...
new homes are being built
concrete mixers
are taking over!

Heavy equipment parking in "my spot" 
oh dear me 
breathe in deep Yogic breaths
I know
it's silly but it has been my spot to park for 30 years...

 I am not territorial at all :-)

If you want a brand new home in Fairfield 
there are two across the street which should be finished in a few months...
one is considered to be an Emily Carr replica
the other an arts and crafts style home
($865,000 asking price)

If I were to choose my new neighbours 
I would ask that you like:
to play bridge
enjoy gardening
be mindful of the noise bylaws
join in on the annual Block Party and be neighbourly
perhaps you'd like to walk with The Hostess a few times a week
and if you like to cook let's have a progressive dinner several times a year!

There is a lot of clean up required on the front porch...
fine shavings and dirt need to be swept away 
 the porch and chairs need to be washed. 
I am praying for a sunny weekend so I can remedy this quickly.

On Mother's Day in the Cook Street Village 
I found a funky distressed tool tote at a local shop and envisioned it filled with herbs or flowers.
(the singing green grocer sold me the herbs)
I decided that herbs would be the best bet as I can keep them on the porch or sundeck near the door and when I need them they are nearby and ready for snipping.
The great thing about this new planter is that it can easily be moved with it's sturdy handle.

We have a long weekend coming up and I hope to spend time catching up on my domestic chores
pottering about in the garden and cleaning up the front porch.

If the weather is mild 
I'll be taking my tea outside with the newest issue of Country Living UK...
after I clean the porch and plant the veggie seeds of course!

What have you got planned?


  1. Your success at Weight Watchers is exactly what I needed to keep me "straight" this coming week :)

    How blessed you are to live in such a fine neighborhood! Those new houses can't possibly hurt YOUR house's value :)

    I don't have a lot planned for the weekend (but that doesn't mean it won't be full). I hope to fit a good walk or two in, and I've got some sections of picket fence to paint....

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss!!! I'd love to be your neighbor and would walk with you, but.....1) I don't play bridge and 2) I can't quite swing the cost of the new house :-(

  3. If that 6 lbs. is after one week, you will not sustain that level of loss, (nor would it be good for you) as you continue. (The first 1-2 weeks, WW has said, includes loss of water weight). However, a roaring start is a real lift.

  4. I would be a great neighbor for you! I used to walk with one of my neighbors nearly every early morning--until she and her husband were transferred to another city. I plan to do WW once I get a medical issue behind me. (It has been a bit harrowing lately.) And, like you, we have major construction happening on our street--but it is road construction and they sometimes continue working until almost 9pm.

    How do you feel about new houses in your neighborhood? I am assuming older houses were torn down (or taken away). Where the houses charming? In our area of town (an older, charming neighborhood), new houses often replace very charming older ones. We built our own home 20 years ago, replacing a nondescript very small frame home. So, in our case, we did not remove a treasure.

    1. Hi Susan,

      The home that was on the property before being torn down was a derelict one with very little style. As a heritage home owner and former board member of the Victoria Heritage Foundation I would have argued for it's preservation had I thought it worthy of protection and deserving of restoration.
      The lot is zoned for two houses hence the small lot subdivision...
      the only complaint that I have is that the houses are so large compared to the size of the lot which leaves very little green space once the driveways have been installed.

      9 oclock sounds a wee bit late to be noisy...I hope they finish soon.

  5. Well done, Hostess! I may have to follow your example, as there is rather more of me in May than there was in October.
    I think I can tick off every one of the requirements for living in your neighbourhood - I have passed by those two houses and dreamed of buying one. I have to slow down and be patient, though, as there are two of us to please.
    This weekend? When I finish with my last institution today I will race to the ferry to pick up three old friends who are walking on from the Island. We will head south for a weekend of shopping, dining, laughing and reminiscing together.

  6. Oh, I am going to need WW when I get home. Six pounds in the first week is amazing. Usually it takes me a week to lose half a pound. I could be your neighbour because I love to do all those things except for playing bridge. Monsieur and I were considering moving to the Island but our elderly mothers are here. Have a good Victoria Day week-end. I am leaving my sister tomorrow and going on to Munich for the weekend before coming home.

    1. The weight loss must just show how badly that I have been eating and now I am walking daily for about 45 minutes at a very brisk pace. The staff at WW say the expected lose is 1/2 to 2 pounds a week.

  7. Congratulations, what a great start and motivator. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. I am curious: How long/far are you walking?

    1. I am walking about 45 - 50 minutes and am in the process of getting an app for my IPhone to measure the distance and keep track of my calories burned etc...will post more on that after I get that going.

  9. Well done on your progress! Tracking and moving more really works! I am glad you are walking briskly - that's the best. The grogginess will pass as you get used to the exercise.

    1. I am sure things will settle as I get used to my new regime.
      I do love the quality of sleep that I am experiencing now :-)

  10. That's fantastic!! It's so motivating to loose that much the first week. I love our little planter. What a great idea! We have a graduation this weekend then are heading up to Mendocino for a couple of days.
    Have a lovely weekend yourself.

    1. I've heard that Menodino is gorgeous...perhaps you'll consider a pictorial post of your trip.

  11. Well done on the weight loss front. I know how difficult it is.
    I'd love to be your neighbour, but I do not play bridge. I can tick off every other requirement, though. Hopefully, some really nice people will move in.
    Have a lovely long weekend.

  12. Great about the weight loss ( be it water or what ).
    I think that the loss will keep you motivated.
    Seeing the neighborhood going through renovations and changes must feel disturbing, my sympathies.
    About weekend? We got a load of soil to be spread all over. Not at all inspiring.

  13. OK, you've inspired me to go back to WeightWatchers. Thank you.

  14. Congratulations on the weight loss. That's a lot of weight and you must feel quite light, which is just right for this time of year. I have not been tracking my very favourite blogs of late - have you cut your hair? It looks quite lovely. After a too long winter I am completely focused on the garden (such as it is) and will be digging and planting as much as I can. It's so nice to check back in with the HB.

    1. Yes I did have my hair grow out the grey as I have decided not to colour it anymore.
      We are spending the weekend here in the Humble Bungalow Garden too.
      Enjoy your weekend.

  15. What a great start to your weight programme, bet you are leaping with joy.

    My weekend is going well,yesterday I watched the sheep dog trials on a nearby estate,then lunch with HB, the early English asparagus was healthy & delicious,followed by local strawberries.
    Today spent the morning weeding the gravel drive.....when the sun shines I love my rural life.
    Happy pottering to you.

  16. I love sheep dog trials...we watched some at the Salt Spring Island Fall Fair and those dogs are so clever the way that theyr respond to the whistle commands.
    Oh yes the weeding of the gravel drive...we have gravel paths and they need regular weeding.
    Sounds like a rich life that you are enjoying...thank you for sharing your thoughts.