Thursday, May 2, 2013 I pushing the envelope?

My OOTD might be considered rather young for me.
I like the casual vibe and the comfort that this offers.

Some may be shaking their heads and others may well you tell me what you think!

Bear in mind I work with a fairly young staff and a variation of this look is quite common.
My job requires me to be on the floor, at the painting easels, in the sandbox, at the play dough centre, so the dress code is very relaxed.
Hence my OOTD...
please chime in and say what you will!

Vera Wang boyfriend jeans
white H and M tank top
Ralph Lauren denim shirt
red Nine West leather ballet flats

Pearls yes!
 almost everyday!

I had a lovely email from a fellow Canadian blogger
she related to me her recent success story and told me about My Fitness Pal a free website that offers a calorie counter, daily menu planner and a community of people who are all looking to lose weight.
~ ~ ~
 I signed up and will start my weight loss exploration and journey here.
I like the idea of amping up my walking too and think that tracking my exercise as well as my food intake might be the thing that will motivate me to get out more often and to walk longer.

~ ~ ~

Thank you Duchesse!

Don't you just love this great community of women that blog and take the time to read and respond to each other?
I am feeling so supported and grateful today.
I'm smiling as I type this post!


  1. If your work is amongst other things, sitting in the sandbox, I´d say that your outfit is ok.
    You should see my work clothes.
    And if the pearls make you feel good, I have no objection.

    I join you with the appreciation of the women in the blog land!

  2. I love the outfit, I join you in wearing pearls nearly every day and I ADORE the red ballet flats with the outfit. I say it's perfect.

  3. Teaching is a profession that you never know what you might be doing next. Your outfit is pulled together and I think that your red flats and pearls make the look age appropriate and personalized. I started my Fitness Pal last year in Paris but as soon as I had visitors, I fell of the wagon with diet. La Duchesse is looking very slim so I know that perseverance is the answer. More quick walking and a little less wine would make a difference to me.

  4. I think you look awesome in this and in no account is it too young. I have a couple years on you and appear in similar garb. You go, girl!

  5. The outfit is wholly appropriate for the activity. It's not what you'd wear if you were going to a museum or out for dinner, and that's the whole point of a wardrobe, where you choose what allows you to be yourself, comfortably and successfully. And pearls are appropriate everywhere but the pool or exercising, I'd say.

  6. Your outfit works well for your age and the work context. You take denim and give it your own chic polish with those pearls and the red ballet flats. Nicely done!

  7. I love your red ballet flats, they provide a great pop of color. I think the entire outfit looks well put together. Marilyn

  8. I like your pearls with the outfit.

  9. to me your outfit looks classic. not too young at all. and if it was a strictly young look, so what? you look great!

  10. It's a very classic look, not young or old, and you look great in it.

  11. I think this is a great outfit - it has that carefree Audrey Hepburn look about it. Very timeless. Bah and fie to those who call it "young"!

    I also love this community - blogging is such a neat way to connect. May I suggest you get a pedometer to track your movement (not just walking)? Aim for 10,000 steps a day! I wear one daily now and like to see how I'm doing.

    1. Sheila
      I wonder if there is an IPhone app for this or if I need to purchase one.
      What do you suggest?

  12. I love your OOTD. You've taken care with your clothing choices based on your daily activities, and added wonderful accessories with the pearls and the darling flats. Totally appropriate in my opinion. Sandboxes, play dough, and easels...can I have your job please? On the pedometer, I have one on my iPod, but it didn't seem to work that well. I had it at my waist, which I believe is the right spot for it to 'read' my steps.

    Sue xo

  13. Love your outfit and your look fabulous Hostess.... And yes, I think the community of women all supporting one another in the blogging world is just fantastic. Have a great weekend. S x

  14. You look very stylie Hostess. I have to wear a uniform to work and just hate it. I would be very happy if I could wear what you wear, just my style.

    Julie Q

  15. What about finding a buddy with the same goal...becoming more fit / weight loss. Not someone you have to coordinate times to meet for walks or a work out, although registering with a friend for a class keeps the motivation going, but someone you can share encouragement with, recipes, ideas.

  16. I like the outfit, and find nothing inappropriate about it at all. Here in San Francisco you can dress like that just about anywhere. No sandbox required:).

  17. Thank you! MFP continues to be a terrific FREE tool, for me. There is so much on the site, including recipes and foodie tips.

    Like everyone else, cheers for your outfit! Teaching is often messy work! How fondly I remember the play-doh centre and chipping bits of dried play-doh out of my clothes. Washable is the only way.

  18. I agree with you. The blogs are very nice. You inspired me to wear pearls today. I bought these in the eighties at Nordstrom. They are faux with a slight pink cast. They are the same size and length as your beautiful pearls. I like to think of them as my halo. lol Notice it is not above my head. :) I want to be good but not THAT good.

  19. Who are you on MyFitnessPal? I'm SweetOzarksGirl ( It's fun to be friends on there. I'm active on and off on there, but I'd love to add you as a friend, if you'd like.

  20. I sure hope it's not "too young", because I am a little older than you, and wear the same. I love it, and you look great in it!

  21. I like it - it works for your job and it's just a good look, altogether. I like the way you put your own spin on it.
    Now I'm off to check out that site!

  22. I'm 61 and would not see your outfit as too young for you at all. Nothing about it is too young. Nothing! I think the only things that are too young for us are too short skirts, too low tops, too tight jeans, etc.