Sunday, May 12, 2013

OOTD ~ May 12

My OOTD has been seen here recently and I like the pairing so I have worn it again.
Like that French girl I am accessorizing it differently but the core garments are the same.

Jones NY top
RW ponte knit leggings
Adriana lace camisole

Pepper is not camera shy!

 lacy details that say "peek a boo!"

salt and pepper 
the grey is here to stay
this is my natural colour now
all the dyed locks have been shorn

I find this charm a bit funny
if lost return to Tiffany and Co.
(as if!)

The closest Tiffany is in Vancouver 
 if someone found me lost ~ suffering with amnesia 
I doubt very much they would take me there!

My wardrobe is very small which is good in so many ways
I can get dressed very quickly and most things work together.
Mix and Match makes it look like more than it really is
WHEN I lose some of this weight 
(note the positive slant)
replacing a few staples will not be an onerous task.

~ ~ ~

My sister, Mother, and I enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea at darling daughter's new loft.

We visited The Silk Road Tea Company sampled some teas
then ventured down the street to The Fantan Gallery in Chinatown 
we patted the two sleepy resident cats...
peered into the postage stamp sized garden in back 

Mother bought a house warming gift for darling daughter and I picked up some new placemats and napkins.

Chester checked them out...

Pepper was not too interested...

I went for my walk even though it was foggy and rainy...
plus I cooked a WW points friendly dinner.

I did indulge in a glass of white wine
after all it's Mother's Day.

How was your Mother's Day?


  1. Sounds like a lovely Mother's Day, Leslie!
    Good for you for getting out for a walk even when it's cold and yucky out. That is dedication!
    I had a terrific Mom's day. My step kids cooked for me and my husband took me out to a winery. It was a very relaxing weekend.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Your day was busy.
    I finished the window cleaning operation, including washing eleven tall, broad, wooden Venetian blinds.
    In the meanwhile, I ate ice cream.
    I hardly stepped outside all day.
    I´m really happy to have completed " the mission impossible " for me.

  3. Our Mother's Day was back in March.What a delightful day with your family at daughter's new loft.

  4. It sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day. My son is in high-school this year (Gr.8-12) and I missed receiving the homemade item that the elementary school class would do. Teenage boys are not one for making something on their own! I did receive a hanging basket and new containers for the garden.