Friday, May 10, 2013

OOTD ~ Walking ~ Weight Watchers...

The Weight Watcher's meeting was informative and fun.
The Wednesday evening group are all women and quite funny and at times it bordered on hysterical.
Having a sense of humour is so imortant. Wouldn't you agree?
particularly when facing a new challenge...

There was a lot of information to assimilate and there is still a lot I need to learn about the program.
Day One found me tracking everything that have eaten and am wearing a pedometer to count my steps.

This is all so new (foreign) to me but a gal can change...
and it feel like the right time to embark on something new.

Some of you suggested that I wait for retirement to start this regime but I feel keen so why wait?

Vera Wang boyfriend jeans
Born shoes
Royal Robbins fleece jacket

My route is along the seafront
the views are never dull.
It's a brisk walk which takes me about 50 minutes.

Falling into bed after a brisk walk and sleeping soundly is a bonus 
and one that I approve and appreciate.

 While on WW 
exercise is encouraged if not expected
to maximize one's success.
So it's great that I love to walk.

I am eating mostly fruits and vegetables with portions of lean protein.
Modest snacks between meals and lots of water.

My tummy has been rumbling today but I have not felt like I am starving or that I am being deprived.

Not a lot of fats are encouraged but there are no real restrictions 
except one is to meant to keep within a set number of points each day.
Points that are established by your age, height and current weight 
with an eye to losing 10% of your current weight to start.

Each week we meet and weigh in...
there is a lecture and dialogue is encouraged
support comes from the participants as well as the leader.

So enough about WW...

our vintage wicker chair just got more comfortable
it's a chair that gives me pins and needles in my legs if I sit in it for more than a few minutes

IKEA chair cushion
a perfect pairing
comfort at last!

Have you had a good week?
What is on the calendar for your upcomng weekend?
Are you celebrating Mother's Day or are you being celebrated?

Best wishes to all you Moms out there!
Have a fabulous weekend.


  1. I think WW is one of the best weight loss programs out there. It's balanced and helps you change eating and exercise habits. I lost 25 pounds since the beginning of the year with the program so I know it works!

    1. You've been very successful and I hope for similar results...

  2. Love the final look of the chair!

    Best of luck with WW.

    SSG xxx

    1. Thanks SSG...I've been meaning to ask you for a picture of your baby...please email if you get the chance.

  3. What a lovely walk. Good luck with your program.

    1. Merci!
      Your holiday travels look amazing...I am living vicariously through you.

  4. I just love that walk - it never, ever fails to grab my soul.
    I was on WW some years ago and found it very, very helpful. Good luck with this venture - if I lived closer I'd join you.

    1. That would be lovely! I hope you do move closer.

  5. What a beautiful area you live in, and that reminds me I have two chairs that I can't sit in for more than 5 minutes - seat cushions it is. Good luck with the new regime, dieting and then keeping it off is tough, mine starts Monday.

    1. Gosh Tabitha you are on holidays so give yourself permission to indulge...
      you have plenty of time when you get back!

  6. Hostess. I really wish you well in Weight Watchers. I think you might be a sociable person, so perhaps the community will be exactly what you need.

    1. If the atmosphere at the meetings is as fun and funny as the last one I will enjoy myself!

  7. Gorgeous place to walk!!
    I remember my surprise the first week on WW when I had to write down everything I ate! Quite eye opening. The meetings kept me on track. Good luck.
    Cute shoes!

    1. I know what you mean ~ tracking is quite illuminating!
      Mayonnaise for a start...ouch!

  8. I have a friend that has tried every type of diet to loose weight over the years and now is thrilled with the point system in Weight Watchers, she loves it because it really isn't restrictive as long as you track your points. I think you are going to like it too. Good luck with this and a very Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Your deck is going to beautiful! I would love to visit you someday...perhaps if we ever drive south we could arrange a walkabout.
      Our deck completion is a few weeks away at least and the roofers are here too.
      Chaos in the garden so it's easy to walk away and pound the pavement.

  9. WW is a highly reputed way to lose weight and keep it off. My DIL has lost a lot of weight and is keeping it off via WW. That's a wonderful walk you take. One of our favourites.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

    1. Do you walk with a group?
      I am looking for a local one to join when I retire.

  10. I found the WW meetings, to my surprise, enjoyable. A lot depends on the skill and manner of the leader; mine was articulate and very funny.

    1. It would appear that our leader is filling in for another one who is undergoing chemo.
      She is very self deprecating and has a great sense of humour
      It is an adventure which I am embracing and being optimistic I think it will be a great experience.

  11. What a beautiful place to walk. Best of luck on your new regime, I think you'll do very well. And a very Happy Mother's Day to you as well.

    1. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend baby shower for Pearl...
      what a fabulous event and your creative touches were very beautiful.

  12. Happy Mother's day Hostess,a walk by the sea is a tonic in so many ways,I live in the middle of land locked rural England.Great start to your weight reduction plan.

    1. Happy Mother's Day !
      Rural England sounds idyllic...

  13. I lost 35 pounds with Weight Watchers' help in 2005. And by following their simple guidelines, I've managed to keep it off! You have to want it - there are a lot of people at those meetings that are just there out of habit! Keep at the healthy living! It has been well worth it for me. My knees don't hurt and my self esteem is better. Just two reasons I go back at least once a month! Good luck!

  14. Congratulations!
    35pounds is a huge achievement and to keep it off even better!
    I hope that I will be as successful as you have been.
    Thank you for sharing you rexperience.