Wednesday, May 8, 2013

OOTD a black and white Wednesday....

My OOTD is cool and relaxed, perfect for working in a hot classroom.
Our weather has been fabulous!
Who cannot appreciate the sunshine and warmth after our long grey winter?

The birds are chirping happily outside the window and the flowers are abloom.
a bounce in my step
joy and gratitude in my heart.

Black unconstructed skirt
Clark sandals (new)
OPI toes from the Minnie collection

H and M tank top
I added a third layer to go to work
a black thin knit cardigan

was smitten when I spied this trio of tins on the weekend at IKEA
great for tea and lots of other things too...
(bought some for lovely daughter)

I like the artsy patterns.

we finally found a coffee maker that we like
our old one was giving us grief every time we tried to pour from the carafe it would spill all over the counter 
strangely we put up with this issue for over a year!

This one is made by Krups.

After our visit with friends this past weekend
hours of walking
lots of talking
I've decided to join Weight Watchers.

Our hostess and her husband have been on it and they look amazing.
They both admit it's easy and to get started it's good to go to the meetings and listen to the success stories and be in a room with a group of like minded people...

I am putting My Fitness Pal on hold while I explore this plan.

Won't you join me and make time to stop and smell the flowers today?
Be Well.


  1. What a cool coffee maker.

  2. Yes, yes, such a fab looking coffee maker and I love those tins!
    Good luck with WW!

  3. Isn't it funny how we will put up with things that don't work in our homes for so long? I have a teapot that does that all the time...and I'm just accepting it. It's not even a favourite! I think weight watchers is a fantastic program. I lost 20 pounds on it many years ago...and they've pretty much stayed off. Have a lovely day,

  4. I love your black and white!
    Too funny about the coffee maker. Why do we do that to ourselves - making do, and putting up with long after something has hit its best-before date!

  5. Let us know how you like your coffee maker. We're in the market. We had the same carafe problem a while ago & got a c'maker that delivers a cup as you need it from a reservoir. Lately, it's been dribbling and pooling - and not into the cup. We've been limping along not sure WHAT to try next. The only thing I'm sure of is that I do NOT want a Keurig.

    Weight Watchers is a good choice. (I used to "lecture" as they called it back in the days. Most lately, beginning in Feb. 2012, I started Fast-5, lost about 45 pounds and have kept it off...I DO need to add a consistent walking habit.)

    1. Rebecca, maybe it needs to be cleaned as sometimes minerals build up inside. I use a water/vinegar mix. You run it through and rinse two times. Any slowing coffee maker is usually fine after this. It's quite a money saver.

  6. When my husband starts drinking less coffee I think I will use my French press everyday. Amelie was on TV and my husband commented on how little the coffee cups were in a scene where her soon to be boyfriend worked. They were glass, too, I believe for takeout. How wise.

    Hostess, excuse me for writing so much but I hope it is a subject you like. :)

  7. I'm also a WW Lifetime Member and found their approach effective; I really learned how to eat. However, after my loss with them, I stopped logging daily. I now know that is a 'recipe' for me gaining it back.

  8. Very cool coffee maker! I look for a new one on and off...ours is just okay now. Thing is I drink decaf lattes and use my Barista for that, hubby uses his Keurig. We have a french press. How many more coffee makers do we really need?

    Lovely chic outfit today. Good luck with your Weight Watchers. I have a friend that follows. She has had very good success. It seems practical!

    Sue xo

  9. I am happy to hear you are joining WW. Please keep us posted on how it goes!

  10. Great about WW's ~ very hard for most of us to lose weight without some sort of plan/structure. Great looking coffee maker too.

  11. I like your outfit posts but..... Can you show us a head to toe view?

  12. you must be the best dressed lady in your school leslie! xo

  13. Hello Hostess! I believe that once you are retired you will find it easier to lose the few unwanted pounds. I had a short leave from work and the returned to part time. I could not believe how this small change impacted my life. I was told I looked better, I certainly felt better..had more energy, felt lighter and became lighter! Perhaps hold off paying someone to tell you what you already know and what you just may achieve when retirement arrives, which I hear is very soon! Good luck Hostess, you are special!

  14. Good luck with the WW,the black/white tins are useful as well as fun to look at.

  15. I'm a lifetime WW member as well, although I haven't gone in years and am no longer at my goal weight. I really appreciated their education and the support of others who understand how tough it is to be stuck between a social demand that we look a certain way and a widespread social exhortation to eat and have fun while doing that. So much food stimuli around us all the time, in a way our bodies and minds were never designed to deal with. WW helped me find ways to deal with that AND helped me remember what I knew and learn more about nutrition and portions and healthy living. I am inclined to second all the commenters who suggest you wait until you've retired, but you know best what you can manage. Good luck. Those tins are great, btw, and suit your aesthetic so well! I'd have snapped those up as well.