Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Giveaway...Ooh La La!

When I received Jamie Cat Callan's latest book "Ooh La La" I could not put it down.
I have read all of her books and think that the French Femme theme holds great interest for me.

With each new book I learn a little more about the chic and mystique that French women possess.
"French Women's Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Day."

Women of any nation can cultivate these habits...
you don't need to be a French Femme to feel beautiful.

Adopting a few tricks goes a long way...
delve into Jamie's book and you'll learn more.

Jamie has graciously offered to autograph and send one of her new books to one of my readers.

All I ask is that you follow my blog by email or by Bloglovin ~

google reader is phasing out their service very soon so in order to stay connected I've been advising readers to join  Bloglovin so they can keep bloggers posts coming.

Leave me a comment before May 29th telling me what makes you feel beautiful every day.

I will ask my daughter to help me choose the recipient on May 30th.

Good Luck!


  1. Just subscribed by email, though of course I've been reading your blog for years.

    What makes me feel beautiful? Spiritually beautiful: the love of my husband and son. Physically beautiful: a great haircut. It's worth investing in because even when you're naked, you're still wearing your hair.


  2. I did not know the info about google..
    I really, really hope you get to visit Paris very soon!!!

  3. what makes me feel beautiful every day ? a morning shower,
    a little bit of makeup, including bright lipstick, and something
    nice to wear. do you agree ?
    i just subscribed by email.


  4. What makes me feel beautiful is waking up to a lovely day next to someone who loves me!

  5. Hi Leslie,
    Thank you for having a giveaway for your blog readers! What makes me feel beautiful everyday is telling my husband and son that I love them. And a little bit of chocolate doesn't hurt either.

  6. I am not familiar with that feeling of feeling beautiful....I feel fortunate and loved, maybe that is the same thing. Maybe that is a sign that I really need to read this book :)

    1. forgot to mention, I already subscribe to your blog - and LOVE it!

  7. I subscribe by google reader but have signed onto Bloglovin to follow you there. I find the follow by mail slow, so will see if this is quicker. It's fun to get into the conversation early.
    What makes me feel beautiful MOST days is my intelligence and my eyes. When I look in the mirror I see my mom looking back and she was a wonderful woman.

  8. I'm a Blogloving subscriber 😊. And what a kind and thoughtful competition! Love the answers thus far.

    The one constant is perfume. Doesn't matter if it's one of my beloved Guerlains or a simple fragrance oil from the health food shop. I don't like a strong fragrance, sillage is a key. To me, perfume should be subtle and personal, shared only by those who are physically close. It lifts me, and one of my ways to recognise the depression spiral is that I'm not using fragrance...

  9. I think that taking time for herself whether it be running, walking, yoga, writing, painting or gardening provides a woman with the physical and spiritual strength to feel good about herself. With a foundation of self-esteem,
    everything else is window-dressing. Personally, well-kept comfortable shoes, a light fresh scent and shiny hair help me to feel beautiful. I've changed over to follow you at Bloglovin but it does take a little longer to receive the post.

  10. Loving my grandchildren makes me feel beautiful!

  11. a bit of lipstick and hug from DH.

  12. I love my morning ritual of skincare and makeup application. Loving my pets, and heart to heart conversations with friends and family make me feel beautiful inside. I'll figure out now how to subscribe even thought I read your lovely blog every day!

  13. I subscribe via Feedly ... I feel beautiful by knowing my color season and wearing colors that I know harmonize with my skin and hair. An off color means a bad day.

  14. When every morning I look in the mirror and I see my eyes that allow me to see the world. For beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

  15. I moved all my Google Friend Connect over to Bloglovin. I'm with you in being mesmerized by how the French women pull themselves together. I have read a few books on the topic myself, but not this one so would love to read it. As for what makes me feel beautiful every day - having clean hair, wearing clothes that fit me well and flatter me, a smile on my face, and compliments from my husband.

  16. Bonjour, Hostess of the Humble Bungalow Readers--This is Jamie Cat Callan. I just wanted to say how very moved I am by all these wonderful comments. I really do believe every single one of you deserves to win a copy of my book! You are all clearly beautiful women! Bon chance, Jamie

  17. Just signed up and transferred all my blog reading over to bloglovin and followed your blog as well, which was referred by Jamie Cat Callan, whom I have already been following on FB. I would love to win the book! I promised myself the book once I achieve my weight loss goals...15 gone so far! 50 to go! I do find that I feel beautiful when I am taking care of myself, exercising, taking time for myself which in turn makes me healthier and in a better place to help/serve others needs.

    Victoria, mail4victoria@hotmail.com

  18. Dear Hostess,
    I found you blog on Jamie's facebook post and I love it. I've read about our interests and have similar ones myself. I've been to Parise and I love the French language. I read posts from the Lourve, Jamie, etc. and practice it. I've been blessed with many things that make me feel beautiful. I'm very shy about my own physical beauty but I do admit I have aqua blue eyes and I smiles all the time. I love bling. I love authors and have written two books myself. Luckily I know Jamie personally and she is a true beauty, inside and out. She causes everyone in her life to feel more beautiful.
    Looking forward to your blogs.
    Warmest Wishes,
    Kathy Handley, author of Birds of Paradise, A Novel and
    A World of Love and Envy, Short Stories, Flash Fiction, and Poetry

  19. Oh Dear Hostess,
    I clicked and in my haste left those nasty typo on the page. I tried to ask you how to correct but couldn't find a contact address. I would so appreciate it, if I could make changes and next time, for sure, I will proofread.
    Best, Kathy

    1. Kathryn,

      Please do not worry about typo's!
      I am happy to have your comment and I would not want to delete it which is the only option that I would have...my contact is bungalowhostess@gmail.com
      I would love to know more about your published writing.

  20. I have been following you from my blogroll, but just subscribed via email.

    Two things never fail to make me feel beautiful on a daily basis. I love to curl my long lashes and apply mascara every day. They really look fabulous and are flirtatious which is helpful since I just started actively dating again. Accentuating my best features makes me feel pretty. Secondly, I also love anything Italian and being true to myself in this way makes me feel beautiful. Usually I wear murano glass earrings. Today it was a large clear glass bead with a Venetian/East-meets-West shape to it and black spiral on each earring. Most seasons of the year, I'll wear a scarf as Italians do.

    I really loved "Bonjour Happiness" and hope to win this book!


  21. Feeling beautiful is definitely a state of mind, not dress. Loving and being loved are the absolute best for bestowing beauty on anyone. A deep breath of fresh is also a good restorative.

    But it doesn't hurt to faithfully wear facial sunblock from teenage years on and large black sunglasses! At 60, I have no lines on my face - not even around my eyes.

  22. I just returned from Paris and was able to stay in a lovely house with beautiful windows. Even though the weather was inclement I would wake with a good stretch and smile that I was in this gorgeous city and open up the grand windows and smell the flowers. I bundled up with my raincoat and, of course, my scarf and walk to the boulingerie for my baguette and visit a local market to purchase beautiful strawberries....walked home for my morning coffee and decide my agenda for the day. All of this and more made me feel beautiful.

  23. wearing high heels!I would love to win this book.



  24. Currently I feel a true touch of beauty when I look down and see nicely manicured nails - thanks in no little part to your suggestions of the Badger Cuticle Care and the Sally Hansen treatment - they've been brilliant and my nails have responded better than ever before. Such a small detail in the whole scheme of life and beauty, but so pleasing. Right now my nail colour is Royalty Reinvented, a lilac/lavender from L'Oreal, such fun :) A feminine perfume (lightly applied) brings me joy as well - I wear vintage Arpege by Lanvin whenever I can. And yes, I'd love to win this book - circumstances will likely limit any real travel to Paris, but the French style books open up that world to me, in a charming way, even as a "femme d'un certain age" and I'd love to add it to Ms. Callan's previoius books on my shelf. I'm subscribed here by email already - visiting blogs such as yours and other lovely ones remind me of the beauty around me every day.