Friday, May 24, 2013

Afternoon tea....

Taking tea is an afternoon ritual but one that I most often engage in alone at home after work.
I found myself in great company
on a terrace overlooking
a beautiful garden
on a sunny day in May.

Pondside blog author H and I taking tea at Abkhazi Gardens in Fairfield.

Royal Abkhazi Tea blend with scones, jam and Devon cream
aka The Cream Tea
(Weight Watchers allows me to budget for occassional treats)

A full tea with sandwiches and sweets is available for those with bigger appetites.

The garden is enchanting
and the rhodos and azaleas are in full bloom.

there are some shady areas...under a canopy of heritage trees

rhodos grow like trees here as they are very mature specimens

the summer house
originally constructed by The Prince and Princess Abkhazi 
as a spot to take tea and lunch when they were designing their lovely gardens

Abkhazi Gardens are  a reflection of a labour of love
by a couple who were very much in love
it is worth a visit.

If you find yourself in Victoria please do stop in and take a stroll
perhaps sip a cup of tea 
 listen to the birdsong
and bring a friend to share it with...

Have a Happy Weekend!


  1. I've never heard of these gardens. They look beautiful. And how wonderful to meet for tea. I'll put it on my list of things to see when I visit.

  2. I enjoyed that so much! It was so funny to see the very same photo on your blog as on mine. Have a great time tomorrow and on the weekend!

  3. How great that you two met up, and in such beautiful surroundings. Somehow I've never made it to owe gardens although I have had them on my list for some years now.

  4. Next time that I go to Victoria, I'll have to visit the gardens. They look lovely. Meeting a friend for tea on a lovely May day is such a fun thing to do!

  5. I came calling via Pondside - how lovely to read two interpretations of a visit made together. What a lovely garden and afternoon you spent together.

  6. Two lovelies having tea-- looks worth the calories. Glad to see sun.Somewhere.

  7. Such a beautiful place to visit and have tea. We visited the gardens 35 years ago while on vacation in BC. I'm so glad you got to meet H and I am visiting from her blog today. Blessings, Pamela

  8. If I ever get to BC I will certainly stop there. It looks like a perfect afternoon.

  9. I'm visiting via Pondside. It looks like an incredible garden to wander through and enjoy, with the added pleasure of a nice tea!

  10. What beautiful gardens! And, what lovely ladies. Happy that you two could get together for such a fun event.

  11. As I ´ll never see this place in real life, at least I get to see it in pictures: ).
    You are having a wonderful time, it shows in the pictures too.
    When two bloggers meet, what is the topic?

  12. What a lovely afternoon!


  13. What a gorgeous place for a lovely cuppa. Sounds like a perfect afternoon.

  14. Looks so lovely... what a great day! xo

  15. These are beautiful pictures. I have lived in Victoria for over 20 years and never gone to these gardens. It's top of my to-do list! Thank you!

  16. I love the story behind these gardens. Truly a labour of love. How fun to spend the afternoon with H. I know you will have had a wonderful time together.