Friday, February 8, 2013

Roses, Hermes and a negligee...

I do love a surprise and that is exactly what I found when I came home from my walk.
On the table by the front door was a lovely wrapped bouquet of flowers and a card from the staff at work.

pretty in pink
a lovely combination of Roses and Gerbera daisies
creating cheer and bringing with them a feeling of complete and utter joy

flowers are always a welcome gift
I think they are a perfect way to say all kinds of things
~ ~ ~
in sympathy
festive occasions
thank you
get well soon
cheer you up posies
you name it there is a flower to mark the event
~ ~ ~
always a welcome Hostess gift !

I wore my newest Hermes scarf tied simply with a white tank and a grey cashmere sweater.
I feel very feminine when I take the time to wear a scarf
it's just like wearing a light spritz of my signature scent
or knowing that I have on some pretty lingerie.
Not everyone will notice but they make a difference to me and how I feel about myself.
Just a wee message that says you're worth it.

I love the weight of the Hermes silk twill
it has body and can be draped and tied in so many wonderful ways.

Did you know that Hermes does not recommend that you wear your scarf in the rain?
So be careful.

something a little silky to wear to bed...

a hint of lace

soft shades of aqua and grey

What makes you feel feminine?
Do you have daily rituals that contribute to your well being?
Are they things that were passed down from your Mother
learned from your girlfriends or discovered all by yourself?

I'd love to hear from you...

 Dr. Andrew Weil's Book 
8 Weeks to Optimum Health
has some interesting tips on living a balanced life
there is great advice on healthy eating
 habits that can reduce your weight
lower your stress and blood pressure
and generally improve the quality of life.

with that in mind
I am taking a few days off from blogging
going to unplug my tech toys for a bit...
I plan to read, knit, walk, sleep, eat healthy, recharge, refocus and relax.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love pretty lingerie and nightclothes, Diamond Tea Gown housecoats, my boudoir which is aqua and Balboa Mist, fresh flowers, bubble baths and little meals on pretty plates. Remenber the song "I Enjoy Being a Girl". I also love listening and singing along with old Broadway musicals. My mother is
    not like me in this way at all. She thinks me frivolous and self-indulgent.
    It just must come from books and movies. Have a good relaxing girly-girl weekend.

  2. I've pretty much just written the same post for Monday - oh well!
    You're very feminine, I'm not that much in touch with that side of myself.

  3. What gorgeous pics today! And your bouquet is just beautiful, I definitely needed that shot of colour since we are in the midst of a blizzard and the blanket of snow goes as far as the eye can see!
    Fabulous scarf and a good idea to keep them out of the rain, as soon as I detect even a hint of mist, I keep my Hermes tucked away and out of sight!
    Enjoy your mini-break!!

  4. I did not inherit any " feminine thingies ".
    I guess I have adopted my ways along the years.
    Just today, I felt really good pulling on a new pair of tights. Happiness is in little things.

    Enjoy your blogging brake!

  5. What a lovely piece of lingerie. I love putting on my facial moisturizer, it feels lovely going on and has a subtle fragrance. It is Elizabeth Arden Millenium Day Renewal Emulision.

  6. You're wise to take a little break. But come back! I love the simple pleasures, too. But I tend a bit to the ascetic side, I fear. My mother' spirit is still reminding me about the Sunday night manicure, and I always do that. I'm not very frilly, but I like some luxe touches-- really nice linens, lavender creams and lotions, etc. I also like my quaintly outfitted little sewing box, complete with engraved thimble, and velvet pincushions.

  7. Have a lovely unplugged weekend. You're so wise to be nurturing yourself, and those flowers will help!

  8. Love that your scarf is so monochromatic with your outfit. I think like Tabitha, that I'm sort of out of touch with that sort of feminine rituals, or in any case, I never think about it? Maybe "domestic" stuff like cooking, knitting, arranging flowers would be the closest. Have a nice break from tech stuff.

  9. Enjoy your time off away from the tech toys... what a good idea...:)

    As for scarves ... I wear them pretty much all the time... and I adore your grey one... so beautiful... The thing I love most about scarves is that they are timeless... we can wear them ... pop them away for a few years .. and then bring them back out again... Have a wonderful weekend... xv

  10. A very, very happy weekend to you Hostess, negligee, screen-free, and all.

  11. An unplugged few days - a gift to give yourself. Knit, relax, read and come back when you're ready.

  12. Divine surprise to find those flowers waiting for you.
    Those small feminine touches are not something I have thought about.

    Like Mette the small things of life,the first white nodding snowdrops.

    Enjoy your well earned break.Ida

  13. What a pretty arrangement that your co-workers gave you. I love flowers in my home for I feel that they give an air of light and happiness. Your weekend sounds divine to "unplug,read and go for walks". For my feminine rituals as follows: taking long soaks in the tub,lighting candles and incense around the house,paint my toenils a wild red color, put a really luxe body cream on my arms and legs,to finish this with a big pot of Earl Grey tea and a good book. Right now I'm reading "Quiet:The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking".
    Enjoy your time of wellness and health :)

  14. You had me with the title. All wonderful things.
    Have a nurturing weekend.

  15. Enjoy, enjoy! You will love getting away from the computer for a while. We all need to do this occasionally. I love your flowers, and yes, they are a wonderful gift to receive for so many occasions in life. Happy Valentine's Day!

  16. Enjoy your beautiful flowers and a few days off! Book sounds interesting......


  17. Today I'm pampering myself with a home spa day. Lucious facial, invigorating full body sugar scrub, nice smokey eyes, manicure w/ TANGERINE!, monocromatic outfit w/tangerine necklace and lunch with some dear friends. Such fun to be a girl!

  18. I've heard that the scarves can run if exposed to rain, but when I've handwashed mine, have had no problems with colourfastness. Enjoy you time off!

  19. Just wanted to tell you how smashing your new haircut looks!! Suits you perfectly!

    I was thinking the other day of how you describe such peaceful,calm and beautiful moments in your life. It made me think of how I must do the same thing; frame the moments and be reflective and grateful. My life is very rich with blessings and wonderful things but the speed of life keeps me from stopping to enjoy them well. It seems like blogging gives you those moments to capture (and, happily share with us). I have to remember stop and create those pictures for myself.

  20. Jst want to say i love your new haircut! So very flattering on you. Wish I could get my hairstylist to work some magic.
    Your color also looks terrific, too!

  21. Your scarf is just beautiful and the negligee, too.

    I feel feminine when I stand straight. To make people a little happier has a similar effect.

    Your idea to cut back on the internet made me feel good. I am behind on Downton Abbey and missed the Grammies so I was feeling a little out of the loop. But one of my girlfriends says, "A screen is a screen is a screen." So maybe less TV isn't so bad. I have them saved for later.