Wednesday, February 13, 2013

OOTD ~ Home Style

Domestics seem to require an enormous amount of energy and endless planning to stay on top of the dust bunnies and the tarnish. I often wonder if it is this aging heritage 100 year old Bungalow that conjures up all the dust on it's own.
Do modern homes have this problem? Please let me know as I have never lived in a new home!

The dark wood does show that thick film of gossamer when it has not been polished away.
You can see it so much more too when the sun shines in through the windows.
Cat paw marks are visible...
I love the scent of lemon oil and lavender beeswax polish on the furniture after a foray with the cloth.
That is satisfaction worth the trouble right there.

Music from the radio cheers me on and I do dress for the occasion, under neath my black and white striped apron I wear decent cleaning clothes. Nothing fancy, comfortable and tidy are the OOTD.

Gap 1969 jeans
Liz Claiborne shirt
leather belt
(thrift shop find for $10)

Sterling bangles worn en masse

two strands of pearls
one wrapped twice

 pretty flowers perk up the bathroom

I brew a pot of tea and have a reading break part way through the morning.
I love to sit and look outside watch the birds and the squirrels as they scamper about in the sunshine.

Not everyone is busy working here today...
some are happy just snoozing in a chair in the dappled sunlight!

Ah the weather is too nice to just look at from inside The Humble Bungalow
I am going out for a wee bit of Vitamin D!

I hope that your week is off to a great start...
Valentine's Day is one sleep away!

~ ~ ~


  1. Cute outfit! I have a similar shirt from J. Crew from 2 years ago.

  2. Love your post today! I'm out for a bit of Vit D, too!! Darling outfit!

  3. No vitamin D around here -1 snow and a gale blowing here....HB has just gone to make us a cup of tea to have by the fire.

    Enjoy your day.Ida

  4. I'm glad you wrote about this because it is making my own housekeeping more fun. My home was built in 1977 and it seems to make plenty of dust, too. We have no sun yet but the day is young.

    What are you listening to? I was listening to James Blunt yesterday.

    1. I usually put on Adele or Michael Buble and often it's Diana Krall.

  5. Sadly, new homes are just as dusty as older homes or at least in Northern Virginia. We moved into a new home 23 years ago and vacated an early 50's style home that was such a pain to keep clean and neat. I was hoping our new house would be easier to clean and require little if any dusting. How wrong I was! We have hardwood floors which highlight any accumulated dust on floors or table tops when the sun shines in through my many windows.

    About 10 years ago we had a whole house air cleaner installed which was advertised to capture 99% of airborne particles. It should have been advertised as .99% because I still have as much dust as before. I blame it on tree pollen coming in open windows or airplanes exhaust (we are less than 5 miles from Dulles International Airport). Now that I am retired I don't seem to be as troubled by it as long as it doesn't become a health concern. I just dust once a week or sooner if I find myself sneezing. If I feel too lazy, I just close the blinds or curtains and ignore it until later. I must say though, when I do clean house, I certainly don't look as nice as you do.

    Happy Valentine Day tomorrow. Sheila

    1. Happy Valentine's Day Sheila.
      I never used to dress decently to clean...until I got caught by the Fed Ex delivery guy...
      let's just say I was mortified when I realized he needed a signature and I HAD to go to the door!

  6. I clean the tables daily, and there is always dust on the rag. Active Morty ?
    I can do the house cleaning in my stable wear, and then change into clean clothes.
    Good for you!

  7. Your schedule reminds me of my early post-retirement days; you are going to love retirement. My little bungalow is very dusty. We have always blamed it on the railway which isn't far from our house. I keep a duster handy to sweep the surfaces clean, but I only polish once a week.

    The flowers are beautiful. Hope this posts. I've been having trouble all week.

  8. We are two adults in an apartment and dust and grime collects. I spend some time every day on surfaces. My favourite product right now is Lavender and Citrus surface cleaner from Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm. We visited in September and I purchased an assortment of products. Flowers in the Bathroom are lovely. I to put on my apron and get to work.

  9. I noticed a big decrease in dust when I moved to a new house with dual pane windows.

    I've been enjoying your posts for about 6 months now - thanks for sharing your life.

  10. Our home is 46 years old and we have terrible dust. But we also have four dogs - I think it comes from them.

    I adore that belt! I am wanting to beef up my belt collection but I can never find cute ones at the thrift shops. Maybe I can find one like yours someday. I would wear it all the time!

    1. The belt has no name to identify it...or I would send you the details as ebay might have one, it does say leather but that is all.

  11. So glad to hear we are not alone! Dust...the bane of my existence, especially in the living room in the afternoon with huge west-facing windows. Glad to hear it even occurs with hardwood...we were blaming carpets.
    Must share a true anecdote: A dear friend had her young and precocious grandson visiting. Looking under the bed for something, he turned to his grandmother and said: "Gram, aren't we made of dust? If so, I don't know who this is, but SOMEONE is either coming or going." ("For dust you are and to dust you will return."- Gen. 3:19)
    My mother could strike fear in the heart of even dust bunnies with a single "look"....I never saw one particle of dust in her house. Wish I had the knack.

  12. Love your post today. You certainly look ready for any surprise visit which could be sprung on you. As for dust, I live in a 200 yr old barn conversion. We removed the whole roof so all that was left were the 4 walls, which meant we built a new house inside the old walls, and we have dust everywhere. we do have a wood burner so I'm sure that doesn't help. I always say if someone stands still for a while they would have cobwebs attached. Now I just close my eyes to dust, and get on with more interesting things.

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  14. Dust has been the bane of my existence, as it's not only relentless; it's highly destructive.
    Never dust anything with a dry cloth. Throw out your feather dusters! Plain water ( rinse hands, shake off, then blot on cloth) on a soft cotton, cheesecloth, or micro fibre cloth will minimise scratching delicate surfaces.