Sunday, February 3, 2013

OOTD and a new bag!

Sporting my new do I went out and about nosing around in the charity shops.
An open mind and leisure time are all one needs
to get "into the zone"
it is a treasure hunt after all and you never know what you'll discover and it cannot be rushed

OOTD ~ Casual attire
I imagine that this or a variation of this will be my retirement uniform.

Gap 1969 skinny jeans
white tank "generic no name brand"
grey cashmere cardigan from Lands End
fave belt from Olsen
pearls from Rennaissance Studio, Pender Island BC

Mee Too flats 
with an equestrian nod ~ via the snaffles

There's nothing like a little potter about in vintage clothing and accessories.
Often you'll strike it rich and find a gem...
I'd been looking online on etsy and ebay for a smaller classic hand bag for the past few weeks and nothing struck my fancy until I spied this one today....

Chester likes it!
I love the details and the quality of craftsmanship.

It's large enough to hold my wallet, keys, glasses, a lipstick and IPhone.
It's not too heavy and the size would work for evening.
I know I know
I can hear you murmuring
but it's seriously difficult for a leopard to change her spots.

I instantly recognized the logo inside the bag...
Banana Republic
after a quick tootle around google 
I discovered this bag is circa 2008 and is called The Robson,
sold for just under $200 when new.

Chester in the background
not a bad size for a bag for the Hostess
and the price was right!

I am getting used to the new cut...
it dries in a flash and just needs some mousse to help the curls stay in place.

What fun things have you been up to?
My daughter has been scoring some great mid century pieces in her travels.

I'm looking forward to spending some time with that darling of all grand daughters 
the lovely Miss Isla and her fabulous parents.

 Be Kind
and mind your manners
they speak volumes about the kind of person you are.

~ ~ ~


  1. I spent yesterday in the garden, tidying raised beds and digging out buttercup. I'd much rather have been tooling about in the shops. It looks like you had a productive day!

  2. Sounds like a fun day. You look so cute, and I just love your hair!!!!!!

  3. Party tonight with the "girls". Knitting, wine and laughter.
    Great find on the bag. Looks like a great piece or you. Chester is adorable :-))

  4. The look is pulled together yet casual. Perfect for retirement! The new do makes you look impish.

  5. It looks like Roger Vivier, what a scoop!

  6. Love the outfit and the new do! The girls and I at work are on a health kick and we have been heavily immersed in "juicing" I found a gently used one at Value Village for $20.00 and it works like a charm. My "new" juicer makes the best beet and carrot juice...just add a little ginger and I'm in heaven :)
    The last statement on your post today rings very true "Be kind and mind your manners they speak volumes of the kind of person you are." Many thanks for this reminder and enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Btw great find on the purse front...Banana Republic...Wow!

  7. Look at you! You are "growing into" you new look quite fabulously :)

  8. The more I see the new haircut, the more I like it. I´d hope, you´d keep the dark color though. There are yet so many years to be gray.
    Please give it another thought!
    Beware the shops..

  9. Yesterday I treated myself....ta dah wait for it!! A knife/scissors sharpener from David Mellor....spent the morning sharpening all my kitchen knives...have to watch my fingers.
    Another exciting day here in rural Britain.

    You are looking very nifty for a gel about to retire.Ida

    1. Ida - yep here too. Nothing to report aside from rutting foxes keeping me up all night.

  10. I love this look Leslie..the hair the outfit..perfection!

  11. I went thrifting and didn't find anything, so all the good karma must be in your area. Love your haircut. Also love the bag. BTW, items from Banana, Gap, JCrew have dates inside on little tags. Your bag may have one saying, F08, which tells the season and year.

  12. Switch out the ballet flats for loader, and you pretty much have my uniform going there, and I can attest to your metamorphosis into retirement in both comfort and style! I agree with Mette...hold off on going grey for a bit. Weave some lighter color in with the darker for at least a few years, and you will gain the best of both worlds...less upkeep, yet remaining fresh. Going grey at the same time you realign your life away from work is a bit much to psychologically process, and I think you would wind up feeling like you had become someone else overnight. Ease into it....

  13. Great bag...and I love the new hair!

  14. I love your new do! It takes 10 years off you!

  15. I love your new haircut, very flattering. I've been hunting for new tv stand- no luck finding what we want!

  16. Great new cut - looks youthful and flirty. We just got back from a short vacation so I'm trying to catch up with housework, laundry, and blogging!

  17. Missing "the" key info, price of bag used! Your cut looks marvelous!

  18. A great new uniform and I too, love your hair. Have been hesitant to mention it, but since a few others have already, I think you should hold off on going gray. I know for me, there are many expenses I'd let go of, before I'd consider cutting the coloring of my hair. But, I do understand that it may be for reasons other than just saving money.

  19. For those of you who think I should hold off going grey I need to clarify the fact that I only have minimal grey so far. It looks like tinsel so even though I will be growing it in gradually it will be quite awhile before I am completely grey. Never fear that I will be white in a month or so!

  20. I like all your choices.

    Friday we went out to a silly movie and split a burger. They poured me a generous martini. The next morning we went to a Cajun place so I had a Bloody Mary and shrimp and grits. I really have a thing about shrimp and grits.

    Cajuns used to get in trouble in some schools for speaking French in the U.S. A child would have to kneel on corn or rice.

    I think I walked about 10 miles the last two days. I am feeling lazy today. I'm going to start some Boeuf bourguignon soon.