Monday, February 11, 2013

Bangles to the MAX!

Never thought I'd be a bangle collector and it all started so innocently...
one simple Tiffany sterling bangle and the rest they say is history!

love the variety of designs that one can find

keeping them shiny and polished is quick with some Twinkle silver polish

sometimes I wear a few but most of the time I lay them all on!

many were gifts

 found in the antique malls
 in thrift shops
others in Tiffany and Co. with Mr. HB 

variety is the spice of life!

deeply carved

Anjelica Huston from inside the pages of French Style a book by Veronica Vienne

I don't think that stacking bangles is exclusively a "French Style"
to me it feels rather Bohemian and somewhat ethnic.

Having recently watched Enchanted April 
I have been inspired by Polly Walker
and think I will go shopping for some kohl for my eyes...
Don't you think Anjelica looks great with her smokey eyes?

~ Change is a foot I can feel it in the air ~

Are you feeling the winds of change blowing through your life?
What are you contemplating?
a new look
a trip
a different job
do tell I'd like to hear from you.



  1. Your bangles are gorgeous. I love the look of stacked bangles. Now you've reminded me that I have a plain silver Tiffany one I haven't worn in a while....need to pull it out and give it a polish.

  2. Beautiful bangles. I have been tempted to start a collection of silver bangles I wish I had done as you did and collected the silver ones, but I realized their beauty too late and now have many cheaper ones and can't justify getting the silver ones which are now pricey due to the rise in value of silver.

  3. I wear stacks of silver as well but not bangles, chains and such have more "give" and are easier to wear for desk work. Love all of yours though.

  4. Love your stack of bangles, and I do like the look on other people, but for me, I can't stand the noise they make. I had a cold, which has turned into horrible bronchitis, my first time ever, and feeling quite horrible. So looking forward to feeling well again, about the biggest change I can contemplate now.

  5. The silver bangles definitely are a part of you. I can well imagine how happy you are wearing them, the " cling " sound they make, the tales of everyone of them has. Indeed a collection.
    Due to my work/ lifestyle, I don´t wear bracelets. Seldom even my wristwatch.
    Bangles, roses, pearls, cashmere, good food = Hostess!

  6. "It all started out so innocently" ... what a great line, I'll have to remember that one! :)

    Gorgeous bangles, I really like the ones I have from Stella & Dot (the Devi bangles and another kind). Your Tiffany bangles are lovely.

  7. Your bangles are beautiful! I like to wear mine on weekends, I'm afraid they're too clunky for work.

  8. I have a modest collection of gold bangles - gifts from family members whoe visited the Middle East and Europe.
    Change? I'm ready for some of that. I'll be interested in learning how you like the kohl!

  9. I love the bangles and kohl liner but it seems like I wear less jewelry and other accessories all the time.

  10. ps. For a really great example of eye liner and taste enter Taylor Swift in google images.

  11. Only a certain kind of woman can carry off kohled eyes, and it has to be of a piece with an overall effect. Try it; it's only a pencil and you will know.

    As for bangles, or any other collection, there is sometimes a point of enough. I have found many things I used to collect, I've stopped and in some cases, gave away or sold a collection.

  12. Love the bangles! I can so see them with all your outfits.
    What a nice surprise to hear you mention Enchanted April. I just got an invite to an Enchanted April trip next year in Portofino with a dear friend who is turning 50! EA is one of my favorite films/books and this seems like a perfect dream! Didn't Polly Walker make everyone want to try a bob and kohl?

  13. Your bangles are lovely Leslie! If you want an effortless way to polish them, you must try Haggarty's Silver Foam. Make sure it's the foam; not the polish.

    As for change? I've been working for over two years on a new business; No Sacrifice Bags. We're launching our online store on Earth Day April 22, 2013.

  14. Bangles,Hermes scarves,DA roses are your signatures Leslie.Ida