Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Heart Day!

Valentine's Day!
I hope that you enjoy the day....
and that you can share your love...

Please stay tuned for an important women's heart health video later in the post.

my special heart rock
a lucky find from the beach front 
~ ~ ~
it's a simple reminder that one needn't spend lot to celebrate Valentine's Day
~ ~ ~
found or homemade gifts
given with love
speak volumes
~ ~ ~

something good to eat
breakfast, lunch or dinner
fresh and delicious
prepared with TLC
~ ~ ~

if it's a luxe treat that you are looking for
I think of jewelry

vintage is often great value
the designs unique
~ ~ ~

"Candy is dandy"
~ ~ ~

"but liquor is quicker!"
 Yes to a glass of yummy bubbly
~ ~ ~

chocolates are classic
~ ~ ~

flowers are always in fashion
a dozen roses or just one
hand picked or sent from the florist
~ ~ ~

Take care of your heart
and please watch out for symptoms of a heart attack...
in women they are so much different than those that men experience.

Have a look here.

There's a wonderful weekend getaway
fresh in my mind
always a welcome treat.

  Simple. rustic but classic comfort
Hostess approved accommodation!
~ ~ ~

walks on the beach
quiet couple time away
and very romantic.

Thanks for sharing my life Mr. HB!
~ ~ ~
I hope that you have something fun planned
 someone special to share it with
someone to love.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Oh that rock sure was a lucky find! Happy Valentines Hostess, enjoy your day!

  2. That rock is remarkable! I'd also add, check your bp regularly, as you can have high bp with *no warning signs*- I did.

  3. Doc just told me I have the blood pressure and heart of 19 year old, so that's my Valentine's day pressie.

    Enjoy yours with the mister!

  4. Trés bonne st valentin a vous et votre amoureux
    Trés joli rocher!

  5. I see great minds think alike! :)
    What a find, definitely one in a million and the perfect reminder that sometimes the simplest things are indeed the best!
    Hope you have a sweet Valentine's Day!

  6. Your 'rock' rocks sweeter than diamonds small things.
    Enjoy your day.Ida

  7. The picture of the rock is the best of the festive pictures, and imagine - you found it yourself.
    Enjoy The Valentine´s Day !

  8. I love that rock, really special. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with Mr. HB.

  9. I'm enjoying a glass of red wine left over from dinner. Man, do I have a lot of dishes to do!

  10. Dear Hostess, what a lovely list of treats, I hope that you enjoyed a number of them and had a lovely Valentine's Day. How thoughtful to consider all our hearts with the heart attack video. Happily my days are no longer quite so frenetic!

  11. Happy Valentine's Day, Hostess! I hope you've been well. Love the "Candy is dandy" ... "but liquor is quicker!" Well done and beautiful post as always. xxx

  12. Just catching up Leslie. Valentines Day this year was also my 15th wedding anniversary. My darling husband surprised me with a 4 1/2 carat loose diamond to revamp my engagement ring. I'm reluctant to change my 1.17 carat Tiffany, (discontinued design) setting, as I love it so much, but when presented with such problems; what's a girl to do? lol

  13. Duchess of H...
    It sounds like you love your original ring so much so why not have a new ring made then? Wear it on your other hand. This is a "problem" many would like to ponder!!