Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More Hatley Castle photos...

I hope that you are not tired of seeing the Hatley Castle images, these are the last ones!
It's taken me several hours to go through them and then upload them...
Several cups of tea have been consumed and now it's time for me to start cooking dinner!

The Gardener's House

There is a rose garden here!
I spied some of my favourite rose names on the tags.
I WILL be returning to see them in full bloom.

In the centre of the rose beds was this interesting sundial.
The planting was orderly and formal and every rose was tagged with it's name.

The walls are quite tall and they create a wind break from the winds that blow off the ocean.
The heat from sun on the walls must also help keep some of the plantings warm and cozy.

The working part of the garden lies beyond the walled garden.

Gravel paths link the garden borders and beds to the cottage and the glass houses.

There are a few outbuildings on the site that are used by the gardeners.

The vast glass house is still in use today.

The door was locked or I would have taken this photo inside!

Look at those vintage wheels...they open the glazing on the roof for ventilation.

Cold frames butted up against the foundation of the glass house.

A modern "green house" and numerous raised beds.
Many gardeners must be employed full time to keep up with this site.

This rabbit looked relaxed and happy...
after I took this picture he scampered away and I could see just how large he was...
I guess there is lots to nibble in this part of the garden!

Cyclamens carpeted a patch of ground...

so pretty popping up through the leaves.

A Primula blooming and there were no others nearby...

A lone peacock put on a bit of a show for the camera
many people were snapping pictures of this fellow.

That wraps up Hatley Castle for now...
hope you enjoyed the snapshots.

I've got some shopping scores to tell you about so come back soon!



  1. I've never seen wild cyclamen, only potted ones! I cannot believe I've never been to the Castle...simply must plan a visit next time I travel to the northwest. Thanks for the peek at gardens and eventual spring. It cannot arrive soon enough.

  2. Cyclamens and rabbits and peacocks, oh my! Seriously though, it looks like a place I'd go back and visit again and again. And thank you again for uploading and sharing these pictures!

  3. You really must go back to stand in the middle of the rose garden. It is intoxicating!

  4. Beautiful and I adore the peacock.

  5. Gosh the shade and texture of the walls alone are enough to keep me humming for days. Those glasshouses are just little palaces in themselves