Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chipits ~ Chocolate Chip Cookies....

I don't often make cookies but when I do I usually make chocolate chip cookies.
Years ago when the children were wee I always had a cookie jar full of cookies...
when the jar would get close to being empty I'd make a new batch.

Those were the days when all the neighbourhood kids would come by to play.
Moms would drop by for coffee and we'd watch the children play and have some adult conversations.
We might have been discussing the price of food or shoes or thinking about ways to save money.
Stay at home moms needed to be frugal back in those days...
I think they still do.

I used Chipits chocolate chips back then and I still do...
on my last trip to Costco I picked up a big bag and thought I'd whip up a batch for old times sake.
Mr. HB loves to nibble on cookies.

The Kitchen Aid makes cookie mixing so easy.
All ingredients go into the bowl and blend until creamy
mix in the nuts and chips and then shape and bake.

Recipe on the back of the bag
I use way less sugar than the recipe calls for as I don't think they need to be as sweet.

Now to indulge in just ONE cookie with my tea!

If I had a jar full of cookies here on the counter in plain sight I'd be too tempted.
Every time I'd pass by I'd find my hand dipping into the jar.

A friend of mine says that she has the answer to that dilemma
pop them in the freezer and take them out when you need them...
I've been known to eat frozen cookies before so that trick would not fly with me.
Why they even have cookie dough ice cream...

What treats tempt you?
Can you keep them in the house and just say no?

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  1. You could have been writing about my stay-at-home-mum years - kids, mums and chocolate chip cookies. I feel so lucky to have been able to do that. Today those cookies only get baked Once in a Blue Moon because I can't leave them alone. I always have a big bag of chipits like yours - but we must have mice with opposing digits because the bag lightens up without any cookies being made!

  2. I can not keep cookies in the house or I'd be the size of the house!! I know that frozen cookie trick too. I can not even keep the chocolate chips in the house. I'm basically not to be trusted with chocolate. Period.

  3. I can't keep cookies in my either. Especially freshly baked cookies. Trouble trouble trouble.

  4. I have been forbidden to keep anything from the sweet department at home, so I don´t know what happened, if I had the permission.
    Maybe I could not resist the temptation!
    I do like ice cream.

  5. No cakes/biscuits/chocolates in the house they would not be safe from my mouth..Christmas was the last time I had cake and chocolates....roll on Easter for my next allowance.Ida

    1. I'm with Ida, it's not worth the ensuing misery.

    2. You gals are made of much stronger stuff than I...

  6. My husband would devour all your cookies. He absolutely loves chocolate chips cookies!
    I am not a big sugar person so sweets don't tempt me that much (except for Girl Scout Thin Mints - those are def not allowed in my house).
    I love salty, crunchy things so potato chips, Triscuits and those horrible fake orange colored Cheetos are off limits around here. They will be gone!

    1. Oh I have a bit of a salt and vinegar chip habit too.
      I have not tried those Girl Scout mint thins ~ maybe a good thing too!

  7. I don't have much of a sweet tooth but I literally cannot have chips Ahoy cookies in the house (I know...I love the storebought rubbish) and plastic cheese and Nabisco crackers is my downfall.

  8. I like to heat chocolate chip cookies in the oven or microwave so they always taste just baked. But my cookie calories these days go to martinis, champagne and red wine. I never get around to desert which is a tragedy - I love it so. Yesterday I had seafood puttanesca with chianti. If only there was room for espresso and tiramisu. I believe chocolate is very healthy for the immune system and have guilt for not eating it lately. I did have a diner style pancake the other day. It was so fluffy! It was almost an inch high in the center. And lots of soft butter in the middle. It was as big as the thick white plate it was on. I think this is an American thing. This post of mine is evil! Let's all exercise! lol

    1. Sheree, that pancake, I'm practically drooling!

    2. Pancakes like yours sound very tempting...
      I remember going to an IHOP in Portland when I was on holiday with Mother eons ago and I had some that sound very much like the one you recently ate and honestly they could become addictive.
      I have heard there are chocolate martini's ...have you tried one?

    3. No, I usually get vodka, straight up with olives. I'm sure I would love one. I really enjoy most everything.

  9. I would eat the dough or the frozen cookies. I just don't have anything like that in the cupboard.

  10. Not much of a sweet eater - tortilla chips and guacamole would be devoured here quickly.

    1. It's interesting when asking women what their preferred treats are and it would appear to fall into two camps...sweets or salty.

  11. I don't eat or make cookies often these days either, altho' we've just finished the last of the chocolate-mint Girl Guide cookies some very cute little neighbours persuaded us to buy. If I do make, it's usually the Joy of Cooking peanut butter cookies, my husband's absolute favourites.

  12. It's difficult not to buy those Girl Guide cookies...
    saying no to enterprising young and impressionable neighbours just feels wrong.
    Do you remember years ago that you had to decide on vanilla or chocolate?
    So much easier now they combine them in the same box!