Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chilly February OOTD ~ make up and a great book.

I dressed simply to accompany Mother our for a brisk walk
before joining her for a warm bowl of soup at a local bistro.
Soup is the perfect lunch for us on a chilly February day...
it warms me to the core and chases all those cold thoughts away.

Lands End black ponte knit trousers
Lands End cashmere sweater
faux fur vest 
Jones of NY pewter rain coat 
(not shown)

layered for warmth
pink lipstick looked better than red with this marigold yellow sweater

I'm trying some new make up
and it's very kind to my aging skin
it goes on smoothly and imparts a slight glow
(which I think looks healthy)
it is light and does not offer a lot of coverage but I do not feel good in a heavy make up
you might like to try it

Jane Iredale
Dream Tint
 it is a tinted moisturizer
  I use my regular moisturizer first 
then let it set and apply this product evenly with a sponge.
My skin seems to absorb all the moisture and then some...
your skin may not be so parched and you may find that this product is enough to satiate your complexion.

The reason I am wearing flip flops in February should be obvious...
it's a post pedicure spa requirement!

I am sporting 
Danke Shiny Red
from their 
German Collection

I'm immersed in The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton
my goodness she weaves a great storyline
 she is so young 
we may have another prolific writer like Maeve Binchy was to keep us entertained for years to come.

What are you currently reading?
Would you recommend it?

My bookshelf is thinning and I am looking for some great new titles.

~ ~ ~


  1. I am interested to know where you purchased the tinted moisturizer. Donna

    1. Bliss Spa in Cadboro Bay Village on Penrhyn Street.

    2. thank you , will check it out , havent been to Cadboro Bay Village for quite a while.

  2. Just finished The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton and loved it!

  3. I recommend Louise Erdrich's "The Round House".

    1. Yes, Duchesse, it's my suggestion as well. I saw Erdrich interviewed on PBS and her thoughts on the book made it even better.

  4. love love the kitty and pedicure photo! Too cute. I hope you had a nice walk and I love grabbing a bowl of soup on a chilly day, such a treat


  5. Anything by Rosamund Pilcher. Your kitty looks so much like my Carl. I have a picture of him on my blog today. I will check out Kate Morton.

  6. I'm loving your short curly hair, L! Lovely on you - and your skin looks radiant with your new BB cream.

  7. Crow Lake by Mary Lawson will have you captivated from the first page...has such a redemptive theme. Is full of hope.

    1. I read that book several years ago and loved her writing!

  8. I've just finished that very book - Sunday. Right now I'm reading The Last Van Gogh. I don't (gasp!) wear makeup but I think that the time has come that I probably should.....

  9. I adore that Jane Iredale. I like the whole line in fact. It's all natural, totally cruelty free and works beautifully. I'm listening to books on audible right now so I can get some knitting done. Nothing overly intriguing so I'll be curious to see what your readers suggest.
    Have a great day,
    Love that new 'do on you!!

    1. How clever of you to listen to books and knit at the same time I never would have considered that!

  10. I just finished The Confidant by Hélène Grémillon and now I'm reading The Paris Years of Rosie Kamin. I will try Kate Morton.

  11. Hello Hostess, just stopping by to say "Hello" & to say how much I love reading your blog, I can never wait until your new post!!! always enjoyable reading along with a good cup of tea! Love & Best Wishes from Amanda in Golden Bay, New Zealand. xXx

    1. Hi Amanda!
      I am happy that you stop by to read my humble bungalow blog.
      My lovely daughter has a wonderful fellow who is from NZ!
      It sounds very beautiful and pristine.

  12. Your hair really is fabulous! I read non fiction mostly, a book about Stalingrad right now.

  13. Just finished Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. Excellent!

  14. I am near the end of "The Leftovers" by Tom Perrotta, a novel based on a post Rapture town; the "wrong" people have been " raptured", howvever, and the rest are left to make sense of it. I like to re-read parts of MFK Fisher in the winter, too.

    How nice to have a pedi in the winter! I have not seen my feet in some time now.

  15. Love Kate Morton. Have you tried John O'Farrell. His 'The Man Who Forgot His Wife' is entertaining. Try JoJo Moyes as well. If you like France have you read the Kate Mosse trilogy, 'Labyrinth', 'Sepulchre' and 'Citadel'.

    Soup is one of my favourite lunches and so easy to make.

  16. You look so slender in that photo; congratulations. I've just begun reading "Paris: A Love Story" by Kati Marton. It is the story of her romance with her late husband Richard Holbrooke(diplomat). Enthralling.

  17. Just starting " The Real Jane Austin" by Paula Byrne,the sound of your brisk walk with Mum rounded off with a bowl of soup is a healthy tonic for cold days.Ida

  18. Love all of Kate Morton. Have you reaad The Thriteenth Tale, adored it. Also, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Also great, then there is Mr. Pettigrew's Last Stand.

    How about makng a post of al of these recomendations.

    1. I loved Mr. Pettigrew's Last Stand!
      Have not read The Thirteenth Tale, will make a note of that title.
      Perhaps a book post is in order!

  19. The most recent book that I absolutely loved was a debut novel by the author Samuel Parks, called "This Burns My Heart" ~ a great book. Have started and stopped many novels since then, and am looking for something that grabs me. I've heard "The Language of Flowers" is terrific as well. I absolutely love your hair and you're looking like you've lost quite a bit of weight, it really shows. Congratulations, I know how good it feels.

  20. Thank you Kathy, I have lost a few pounds, enough to go down a size but the scale seems to be stuck at the moment.
    I need to jump start my regime to get it moving again!
    I like the sound of The Language of Flowers...another one for my list.