Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Boyfriend Jeans???

It's been slow going but I have lost enough weight to go down a size in jeans.
So I was able to pull out my formerly "too tight" jeans and pack away the baggy ones!

On a recent thrift shopping expedition with my lovely daughter I stumbled upon a pair of "boyfriend jeans" by Vera Wang. Simply by Vera Wang.
Why do they call them boyfriend jeans?
Are we supposed to have borrowed them from our "boyfriend?"
Well Mr. HB just let me state now and for all to hear that I do not have a boyfriend, just the boyfriend jeans!

they are distressed
 soft and so very comfy

there are two areas of wear at the top below the pockets 
which will be covered up by a cashmere cardigan or one of my tweedy jackets
I plan on wearing these with my red ballet flats 
a simple tank top and as I mentioned either a cashmere cardigan and pearls 
or a tweedy jacket and a vintage brooch
I will choose very carefully where I wear these jeans
(certainly not when I am out with Mother!)

some of you might be holding your breath and saying NOOO hostess these are far too young a look for you
well they are and they aren't
I plan to classic them up like Ines does with her jeans
it's just attitude
I like the way they fit and can see myself running errands in them with a bounce in my step!

Who knew Vera Wang made things other than wedding gowns?
I must be living under a rock!

Ralph Lauren denim shirt
(also thrifted)
which I plan to wear like a jacket in the warmer weather with a white tank
a Hermes scarf knotted at the neck or pearls
sleeves rolled up

(it would look great with a pair of white jeans if I ever mustered up the courage)

~ ~ ~

While taking tea I pulled out this book
I used to buy Victoria magazine every month and saved the copies for years
the photos and detailed vignettes were pure art
they also published a few hard cover books over the years and this is a keeper.

I've tried to wear my Hermes scarves like this chic french femme 
but on me it looks laughable
I do not want to accept defeat and keep trying it just in case I look a bit more Grace Kelly than HRH!

Hermes an iconic classic firm when it comes to leather and design
if they make great boots and saddles for the consummate equestrian why not for those who can afford it?
Love those buttery caramel colours.

The last two pictures are from the France book by Victoria magazine
you may be able to find a copy of this 2000 edition in your local library or at a used book sellers

My latest knitting project
a cowl
which I plan to give away...
now I am onto knitting up cotton dish cloths
they make great Hostess gifts.

~ until next time ~

 Hope that you are having a fabulous week!


  1. I love them on others but I tried a pair on and looked appalling, they're just not me.

  2. So does Mr. HB like you in boyfriend jeans? My husband detests them on me, but I happen to love them. While I want him to like what I wear, I also want to wear what I like. I am wondering if it's a Bill thing or a male thing?

    Great job on the weight loss!
    xoxo, A

    1. He has not seen me in mine as of yet...
      if he dislikes them I'll wear them when he is at work!

  3. Lucky you to find Vera Wang jeans! I purchased a pair of boyfriend jeans last summer; they had been on my wish list since I saw Materfamilias in hers. I do love to wear them, so comfortable. But you are right, they can't go everywhere. Do enjoy yours, and congradulations on the weight loss.

    1. I know how you feel about the comfort...
      it's divine!

    Your blog is so wonderful and Im following...I hope you follow me also:)

    If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration...check out my blog:)

    Have a great week dera

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

    1. You have some lovely images on your website! Very Swedish and chic.

  5. My great grandmother's maiden name was Hackney. It is British and has to do with horses. A hack is an easy going horse and hacking is riding for pleasure. How language changes!

    I have The Heart of France, too.

  6. My sister rides and teaches riding she has horses and all the equestrian gear that is "fashionable" is her basic "uniform." She also is a very talented maker of leather chaps.
    A hacker is someone who gets into computer systems too...
    ah language is so very interesting if one pays attention.

  7. " Normal looking jeans " including boyfriend model are fine at all ages. Just don´t buy the wide, low waisted, torn or decorated ones.
    Congratulations for your weight loss!
    But - once again, beware of shops of any kind. Why not have the ones you have altered to your size?

    1. I have several pairs in both sizes so I needn't buy any more...
      Unless I find a pair that I am absolutely head over heels for
      and then there would be no holding me back...

    2. Alterations on jeans never seem to work well if they're too big everywhere. It's as complicated as re-making the whole jean.

  8. My love affair with jeans ended a couple of years back,my new affair is with beige slim legged chinos,plus my new nutmeg colour jeggings.

    Like the classic way you plan to wear your jeans,keep bouncing.Ida

    1. I love black leggings too but cannot ever conceive of the idea that I would not be wearing jeans and I am getting close to 60!

  9. The jeans are perfect for the retired lady with the cashmere sweater and pearls. Especially is one is bien-coiffée. I would like to be able to wear a headscarf to protect my curls. I loved Victoria magazine. It was like a beautiful dream world. I especially used to like the blue and white edition. That colour combination remains
    fresh forever. Congratulations on the weight.

  10. Good for you on the weight loss. It is such a slow and hard upward (downward) battle. Love the pink top you are wearing with the cowl. You must show us a full picture of the pink.

  11. I think that you are going to look very chic in your jeans, the are always a classic. I have the same book by Victoria, I several of the special edition books and they are so much fun to browse through.

  12. I love your knitted cowl Leslie. It's the perfect accessory for our Canadian winters.

    A Hackney is a breed of horse mainly popular in carriage driving, as is the Hackney pony.

    Leslie, boyfriend jeans are named so, due to their larger, roomier crotch area. They are not meant to be worn tight, and are mainly paired with a high heeled shoe, to provide juxtaposition .

    1. I am not surprised "boyfriend" had to get into the act somewhere.
      Oh dear and I do not do high heels...
      I am going to wear them anyway Donna!

  13. That cowl will be a very welcome gift -- cozy and very fashionable right now!

  14. You look great! I think the Simply Vera line is found at the Kohl's department store. I love jeans with pearls or other long stone necklaces. Lots of creative ones on Etsy.

  15. I wear both skinny and boyfriend jeans. In the summer, mainly BF jeans as they are cooler for the warm weather. In LA - I can wear them everywhere. Congratulations on the weight loss - a whole size down in jeans is a lot. The cowl you knit is fabulous. I've been knitting blankets, which are endless.

  16. Congratulations on reaching a goal! You've given my little weight loss project a boost. You have such flair - chic - and I love to come by to see what you're putting together.

  17. I think boyfriend jeans and a button front are a great look at any age. Congrats on the weight loss project, nice work!

  18. I can see that the cowl is knit in garter stitch - did you knit it straight and seam together the two ends or was it somehow knit in the round?

    1. It was knit straight like you would a scarf and then I stitched the ends together...so simple.

  19. Love boyfriend jeans now that I can wear them without them looking like I am trying to cover up something...!! Pleased to say that since last June when I started the weight loss journey I have shed around 20lbs Yours look gorgeous and and I don't think they are solely for the young! I am very envious of your thrifted Ralph Lauren shirt - what a find! S x

  20. Congratulations Sarah!
    I am farther behind you in the weight loss...and hope to catch up to you.
    Slow and steady, lifestyle changes and it would appear that it pays off.