Thursday, August 18, 2011

That 70's Show...

If you have been around as long as I have you probably have some relics from your past.
I cannot part with certain oldies because they are truly goodies.

Happily the avocado appliances have long worn out and been replaced with stainless steel!
There are a few reminders of days gone by that I unearth every so often when I go foraging in the dark recesses of the cupboards.
I have a twinge that stops me in my tracks a startling reminder of my youth when I spy these pieces.  I marvel at how much water has gone under the bridge!
Older, wiser, and a wee bit wizened...

Lavender freshly picked and popped into this circa 1970's pottery vase.

Mr. HB and I were married in 1974 and this teak salad bowl was our first wedding gift.
It has a few bumps and scratches 
but considering how many salads we have served in it since '74
it is remarkable that it exists today at all!

Crisp romaine lettuce washed, spun and torn...
the beginning of a great easy peasy meal.

Caesar Salad 
a Humble Bungalow staple.

I use a Braun whisk to blend this in a tall container.
I have one by Baumix called ZauberStab
 it is like many that come with the Braun whisk.
Whatever you use it must be taller and slimmer or you'll end up 
spattered with olive oil
trust me on this!

I dress the salad just before serving and often omit the croutons.

Remember potpourri?
I had bowls of the stuff and kept it until it got truly dusty and musty.
Today I throw a few rose petals in a bowl after the current rose bouquet starts to droop
and leave the scent to waft about the room.

What relics from your past do you have in your possession 
that you cannot bring yourself 
to part with?


  1. I think that vase is very cool looking. I would keep that forever and ever.

    I have some vases that I can't part with - from my great grandmother. And some old books about Paris that aren't in the best condition, but I love them nonetheless.

    One big item I have that my husband keeps trying to off load is a dresser from my great grandmother. I probably should get rid of it, but I just can't right now.

  2. All original 70´s stuff is gone. There was nothing, I could not part with.
    However, we have had a sofa, Finnish, from Artek, by Ben af Schulten following along throughout our marriage. We now have the third version it, the smallest size, in the office room. The design of it is ageless.

  3. I have an internal battle even thinking of parting with photos and sentimental ornaments given as gifts or handed down from loved ones.
    At times I surprise myself with the strong attachment to certain objects and wonder why it is so, considering I can declutter furiously the items which don't tug at my heart.

  4. The vase with the lavender picks up the hues of your granite surface well styled Hostess.

    I have bunches of lavender hanging up to dry in the mud G/mama always had huge bowls of potpourri around the house that was the only way of keeping the house smelling fresh + the best scent of all beeswax which I still use on my old inherited oak 16th century coffer.

    Thanks for your varied and interesting posts.Ida x

  5. Leslie, what a coincidence – well, maybe not at all – my parents own a teak salad bowl, too, from around 1974. It is nice growing up with a teak salad bowls around :-)

  6. I have my parents' dresser, vanity table and nightstand that they used in the 1970s. I remember when they bought it (used) and how happy it made my mom. Years ago they bought a new bedroom set and there was no question that I wanted this old set--the pieces were even split up and on loan to other family but I brought them back together. I have looked at buying different (antique) bedroom sets (love 1930s furniture for the bedroom) but I always change my mind for some reason. xxBliss

  7. Nothing, I'm always clearing out, I don't feel sentimental about possessions at all. If I don't use something out it goes.

  8. I love your relics so now i wish i wasnt but i am a bit ruthless - i guess the only relics are me and the man ..... x

  9. Teak salad bowls are the greatest.

  10. I still have bits and pieces from my wedding and I cherish them. Then there are some precious items that I have inherited or that my Father made.

    I remember when it was deemed totally necessary to make a green salad in a wooden bowl, I don't know if that is true anymore, but it certainly makes a nice presentation.

  11. whoops, I did away with my mum's wooden salad bowl. It all about your own preferences. I prefer bone china, crystal and glass salad bowls. I however, have PLENTY of other museum pieces, luckily I have the space to keep it. Though I think I have now reached my total capacity.

  12. I really love the salad bowl and it is clearly very good quality which is great too. Fifi

  13. Hmm. A crystal ash tray. That's really it. A boyfriend gave it to me long ago and my son smokes (only outside, thank god) so it's still being used!

  14. I love your teak salad bowl and servers...just think how many salads you've prepared for your family and friends in that bowl? I would say the more bumps and scratches the better.

    When my husband and I first married there were no IKEAS and spending a fortune on furniture was out of the question. Turned out he was quite handy in wood working and built several pieces of furniture. One thing we will always have is our dining room table which he built. Now we are too busy and I practically have to hire someone to hang a mirror, but those were the days.

    xo annie