Monday, August 8, 2011

Advanced Age...and eyeing up some alone time.

I think it was Duchesse that steered me to a blog which I am now following with great enthusiasm.

Advanced Style is a fashion blog with older women as the focus.
It is a peek at chic older women who have amazing and I do mean amazing, style.
The women that are focused here are extremely well turned out confident women who have not "given up"
or resigned to spend their elder years in polyester pull on pants, baggy tops and sensible "old lady footwear".
They are putting themselves "out there" and getting noticed.

I applaud their energy and enthusiasm and admire the joy that they bring to their everyday round.
Go and check it out and see what you might be inspired to add a flash of colour or some big chunky jewelry to your ensemble.

Things are ticking along slowly here in The Humble Bungalow.
Life does have a wee bit of routine...
home keeping, shopping, cooking, gardening, and blogging.

Many of my friends are away on holiday right now so I am feeling more alone than usual.
It's good to be alone once in awhile...a lot of reflection and deep thought can be had.

At work, coworker friendships are comfortable, easy and fall into a happy rhythm.
Rather like a work family.
I do miss that daily contact when school is out over the summer.

Lucky for me that Pepper thrives on attention!
(and the fact that I have many great books just waiting to be read.)

The garden roses have been dead headed and the foxgloves desperately need pulling.
There are no blooms left, just straw coloured stalks waving in the breeze...
saying goodbye for now...
see you in a couple of years.
Same time same place
another great display of their unfailing beauty.
Those reliable and stalwart performers never let me down.

Looking blurry
(sans specs!)

I desperately need glasses to read
am blind as a bat these days!
 scared silly of Laser surgery
so I must get some hip and trendy specs.

I am leaning to tortoise shell or black
possibly larger frames
perhaps a chic pair 
like Ines de la Fressange wears 
at the Roger Vivier website.

I am currently reading Kate Morton's House at Riverton.
The lovely commenter Gretchen, suggested that I try her books
 and I am happy to say that I have bought all 3 of her novels!
Thank you Gretchen!

What books are you reading these days?
Any recommendations?

If you join in on your "Views from the Sink" from last Wednesday's post
please send me a link so that I can put them on my blog.


  1. ATM I am reading MaryAnne in Autumn by Armistead Maupin. I think it's book 8 in the Tales of the City series.

    I had lasik done in March...there is nothing to be afraid of. It was quick, easy and I had perfect vision right away :O) The recovery was easy - I only needed pain drops the first night and was able to drive etc the next day :O)

  2. Oh, I am so pleased you like them! I'm currently reading The Invisible Bridge, by Julie Orringer. Not sure I like it...I'd hoped it would be more like Kate Morton's books, or like Sarah's Key. May need to go back to Wallace Stegner for awhile. My vision is worse than anyone's, and 8 desperately need new glasses. Have pretty much given up on contacts and don't have the dosh for Lasik. Let us know what you find!

  3. I'm far too scared to have LASIK, the retractor alone gives me the heebie jeebies. Soon I'll be welding binoculars to my face.

  4. hi leslie,

    i had rk surgery a million years ago and was told i'd need glasses to read when i hit 40. well i'm 53 and just now need reading glasses. i'm blind w/o them. i feel your pain!


  5. Have dipped into AS some of the fashions are too way out for my taste + over made up...some chic and natural....this is just my thoughts.

    I have just finished reading The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory,next to try At Home With the Templetons by Monica McInerney...families are not always as perfect as they seem!!

    Depends what type of books you enjoy Hostess.Ida

  6. Just finished "The Paris Wife" about Hadley Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway's first wife. I loved it! What a story, all about him as a writer starting out, his life in Paris when he was poor, his marriage to Hadley of course, the amazing writers and artists that they ran around with, and his writing, especially "The Sun Also Rises." I couldn't put it down.

  7. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is terrific. The Sea Captain's Wife by Beth Powning, a writer living in rural New Brunswick, is one of the best books I have ever read. You will be missing out dear Hostess, if you don't read both!

  8. I am hoping to post a photo of my new glasses this week. They are a brand called Diva and have crystals on them. I love sparkle. I am blind without my glasses. They are the first thing on in the morning and the last thing on at night. I thought about the thicker black frames (geek chic) but decided against it as it seems like what everyone is wearing now.
    I read a lot of mystery and suspense.

  9. Dear Leslie, It can be lovely being quietly contentedly alone. One can collect one's thoughts. I am too chicken for eye surgery. I am long sighted and love airily waving my glasses about when I am making a point. They are black with tortoiseshell sides which I bought in Brisbane last year. I am reading 'When Nietzsche wept' by Irvin D Yalom and I am totally hooked. Happy reading and give Pepper a cuddle from me. love Lindaxxx

  10. I don't exactly know what your vision problem is, but have you ever thought of contact lens? I wear them, my prescription is for 'mono-vision' which means I wear a contact in one eye for distance and the other eye for reading. It works wonderfully for might want to check it out.

  11. Alone time has been at a pricey premium around my place lately, but I think I've got some toward the end of the week. Meanwhile, I did post a kitchen sink view here:
    I'm looking forward to checking out all the kitchen-sink links you gather -- fun idea!

  12. I am reading "Halfway to Each Other" by Susan Pohlman and am loving it. I am having way too much alone time...the boys have been in NYC and Cooperstown for 2 weeks and I am enjoying all the time to read and watch movies, but ready for a full house again. Oh and reading glasses...I found myself without them in my bag the other day and what a long day it was. I have been tempted to try the mono vision lenses as La Vie Quotidienne mentioned.

  13. You have great skin and I love Older women looking amazing- hooray! I stole your sink idea and shoved mine on the blog too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Dear Hostess,
    I love the blog 'Advanced Style' also very much, as I described in my post "I do love Role Models!" on "You are witty and pretty". It gives courage and ideas.
    I am in Munich now for a kind of holiday (actually house-sitting for our son and his wife, who are on their honeymoon through the USA). They just moved to Munich, so I have only difficult access to the internet - and will wait with blog-writing till I am back in Berlin. Interesting: I don't miss Facebook (where I was on every day) a bit. Here I have "Me-time" and read a lot, sightseeing and watching people - great! Gives one new ideas.
    I wish you a beautiful week! Britta