Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Views from the sink..."White Wednesday"

Do you spend hours in your kitchen prepping dinner, washing dishes?
I know I do.
I find these simple tasks very soothing.

The radio is always on and I am alone with my thoughts.
A great song has me swaying to the beat and often I sing,
sometimes very loudly and out of tune but only Pepper can hear it so it matters little.

What I see when I look up from my sink is a high wide wooden shelf, a 98 year old window sill.
I have chosen to place things on it that speak to me...

Objects that inspire calm and reflection...
here are the kitchen sill shots.

Standing here washing veggies
I thought that it might be fun to ask other bloggers to post their kitchen views.

Matte white = Peace and Serenity

Vintage pots

I am inviting you all to post some images of your kitchen sink scene.
Please leave me a comment and a link to your blog 
so that we can all hop right over 
see what you gaze at from your kitchen sink!

Come on
don't be shy
the more the merrier!

Hope that you have fun and enjoy White Wednesday.


  1. We've both posted about somewhat housewifely things today, Hostess. I've written about window washing and there are photos from my kitchen window, looking outside. I love the thought of singing at the top of my lungs over the sink - may just have to do some of that this evening!
    Here's my link

  2. What a lovely view you have. I love all of your 'whites' especially the vases. So pretty! I can invision you in the kitchen dancing once in a while to a favorite tune.(-:

    You asked about my is purely for decoration and stashing gardening tools.

  3. Oh, I want to but I'm on my way to the airport...maybe tomorrow? I love your matte white pots, I have a similar collection, I love how the matte white glaze emphasizes the wonderful shapes.

  4. I love this idea, no view for me, I toil in the old servant's quarters, staring out of the window wasn't encouraged

  5. Why dont you pick a date to do it and have a linky? or bloghop? I will take a photo of my kitchen sink view and take part :O)

  6. fun idea! Not sure if I'll manage to post my own in the next few days but will def. be checking out the links.
    And how lovely, in your last post, the welcome home your mother prepared.

  7. Challenge accepted; I hope to post tomorrow.

    I find white calming. I prefer white plates and serving ware for food because I want the plates to merely frame the dishes I prepare.

    I spend a couple of hours everyday in the kitchen preparing meals and cleaning up, but I didn't think about making the sink a focal point - or, at least, having something to focus on while I am washing up.

  8. Suburban Princess- I have no idea how to do the link thing or the blog hop!
    Maybe you could advise me...?

  9. You have a pretty scene out your kitchen sink. I, however, look out onto a 70's style backyard that desperately needs an update, but with two big dogs, and five chickens it seems impractical to spend money on landscaping it. So I am too shy to play along...but I look forward to seeing what everybody else posts! xo

  10. I love the items you have chosen to keep you company...I love my kitchen, but my view is rather unconventional...remember it started out as a 1960's California naturally the sink look out into the family room. I wish I could say it look out into the garden or out over the pool, but sadly no. Nothing too exciting here.

  11. I'll take some. Now's the time because the geraniums are going crazy. I think the most important thing about the kitchen is the view, however small.

  12. Love your view Hostess- your home is so calming and serene xx

  13. Lisa and mette have shown us their kitchen sinks...

    Thank you both!

  14. To follow up on Suburban Princess' idea, couldn't you just have a separate follow-up post and add links (as you usually link to other blogs) for anyone who joins in -- it would be fun to see the responses all in one place.

  15. Materfamilias- There have been 2 view from the sink posts so far and as more come in I'll link them in a future post.

  16. Hello Hostess!

    I've done my post.

    Linked it to this post too.

    Sorry so late, life has been hectic around here.

    Hope you are well,

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  17. Hello Hostess,

    I just did my post...even though I'm a little late.


  18. I saw this via Sydney Shop Girl. It tickled my fancy and so I linked up.

    Take care.

  19. Hi Hostess, I'll join this one, although I may have the most boring view!


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