Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shopping; Sephora, Lands End, Amazon and Zellers

I took the opportunity this afternoon of perusing the mall near my Volvo dealership
while my car was been serviced.
It was a sunny afternoon and it might have been better to go for a walk along the seafront but I had a few things on my back to school list.
Sephora was my first stop...

NARS makes a great colour stick 
which can be used on the cheeks, eyes, lips
in a shade that works for many women.

It gives us a soft blush of colour...
do you know the name of the shade?

I'm not kidding!

Rosebud Salve 
is great for cuticles 
and my lovely daughter uses it on her lips and loves it.
I am test driving it on her recommendation.

If you read my last post with my list of needs and wants
you will see that this vest was not on either list.

OK I admit it I was swayed!
the weight and sturdiness of this simple vest
from The Gap
(on sale)
gorgeous grey
just had to come home with me.

Imagine this simple vest with a with a long sleeved white Tee

and look
there are some "vest friendly" friends waiting inside the jewelry chest...

 A Modernist 1970's necklace with two faces
a bipolar pewter pendant!

Canadian designer Guy Vidal

Some creepy extra terrestrials 
hanging out on a vintage pin.
E.T. call home!

Students lean in a little closer to check these out at the circulation desk
and these pieces open up the opportunity for dialogue...
any excuse to engage with these brilliant young minds!

I try to find out what books the students love to read.
Enthusiastic readers keep me energized.
Young, keen, bright students 
make my days worthwhile.

Cheap jeans...
40% off the regular price
95% cotton 5% lycra
Gloria Vanderbilt
who knew?

The fit is extraordinary
looks sturdy
I am pinching myself at discovering this bargain.

I saw some cute shoes but I want to see more styles before I decide on a pair.
I may end up with more than one pair but I am embracing frugality
and being mindful of my closet space.

Ralph Lauren
 I love your shoes!

your boots rock my world
I cannot decide if I want to be a biker chick or a cowgirl!

I have been testing out some online shopping at the Lands End website.
Pedestrian and plain
but perfect for work.

I have ordered two cardigans, a long sleeved white Tee.
I am crossing my fingers that they will fit and be to my liking...
I seldom order clothing on the net..
do I hear laughter?

Books online Yes!
I have some coming soon from Amazon
I'll post about these when they arrive..
books always fit 
so there is little risk...

I am getting together with my "girlfriends" for "coffee" 
(mine will be decaf it has been over 2 weeks now!)

Three of the four of us are grandmothers
and in a few months
there's going to be another grandmother in the group...
congratulations D!


  1. Oh I haven't had a shopping day out for ages, good haul!
    I tend to want everything at this time of year.

  2. I just love Sephora, it's my idea of heaven. The best thing about them is that they take returns on opened makeup. No more being burned by beauty products that don't deliver what they promise!
    It sounds like you're excited about school starting, I envy you being in that environment.

  3. Love your blog but my 50+ eyes find the black print on the dark gray background hard to read (though elegant...). Anyone else have this problem?

  4. The Nars blush is too light for me, it didn't show up, I was disappointed. I love the vest! I bought the ponte knit draped neck dress from Land's End, and it fits me perfectly which almost never happens. It is very flattering, try it! I bought it in black, it also runs a little large.

  5. I use this Nars blush...I really like it and I use the salve too! Your new vest is lovely and should work wonderfully with the rest of your wardrobe.

  6. I always enjoy your shopping posts. I enjoy you sharing them with us. A pair of fitting jeans is a must purchase and the gray vest is a nice add to your grays!

  7. I like your vest friendly friends!

    I love enthusiastic readers too :-).

  8. Maggie- I'll see what I can do about the blog print tones.

  9. I'm going to try the Nars color stick. I was reading your comments and had no idea Sephora takes returns on opened products. No risk in trying something new...I like that.

    I agree with you on ordering on line...I rarely do as well. Even when I carefully order according to their sizing recommendations, it always seems everything is too big. At least now many companies offer free shipping both ways so that helps take the sting out of returns.

    Love the jeans and vest!

    xo annie

  10. After a nearly three month hiatus from shopping, I am getting ready to embark on sprucing up my fall wardrobe next week. I also want some Frye boots. I have my eye on a pair, but they are quite pricey. It may be my only footwear purchase for the season should I decide to take the plunge.

    Great find on the jeans! I used to wear lots of GV jeans in all different colors when I was a kid. It's nice to see she's making a comeback!

  11. My Frye boots are going into their 5th year now, and I think they will go a few more -- they give good value for the cost (at the time, they were the priciest boots I'd ever bought). Cowgirl or biker chick, you'll enjoy yours, I'm sure. That grey vest also looks like something you'll get your money's worth from and it's obviously already at home in your wardrobe -- look how well it suits that jewelry!
    Didn't realize you have a Sephora down your way -- lucky!

  12. I have the Nars Orgasm stick; I love it! Nars has amazing blush and lip colors. I am a huge fan.

    And I am also a huge fan of Frye boots. I have tricky feet: plantar fascitiis in BOTH feet and high arches. Frye boots make my feet happy. As far as rocker chic or cowgirl, I choose cowgirl - Franco/Anglophile style.