Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome Home with Roses...thanks Mom!

Home is where the heart is, and I feel that this is so true for me.
I love the feeling of belonging and I find it here within these four walls of this rather old Bungalow.
The smell of old wood and beeswax as they filled my nostrils upon entering and yet there was a subtle fragrance that I had not expected...
the floors shine with an age old patina brought to life with wood polish
the air is still and the scent is authentically olde.

I opened windows and let in some fresh air...
soaking in the familiar surroundings.
I have not forgotten, I've just been away for awhile.

While we were away mummy was here.
She brought in the post,
watered the beds,
and left us some welcoming posies.

She picked a few roses to welcome us back!

It took several trips to empty the Volvo wagon of all our gear.
A mountain of laundry sorted into piles sit on the floor by the washer and dryer await...
they are in full swing as I type...

Tonight we had chinese takeaway for dinner and watched the final episode of The Batchelorette.

Pepper meowed as she went room to room and has slept for a very long time on a bed that is not bobbing about in a sea of tidal action.

Jude the Obscure
in a wee glass
(mother didn't know where I kept the vases)

"The home should be the treasure chest of living." 
Le Corbusier 

I am weary and ready to slip into my nightie for a night of slumber...

I hope that you had a great weekend!


  1. I was terribly envious of your trip, the scenery looked wonderful, it's ages since I've been away sailing, we used to go all round Scotland at the weekends. It was so exhilarating in stormy weather - ah memories.

  2. So great that your mum was able to stay in your house while you were away! Have fun rediscovering 'home', and good luck with all that laundry!

  3. Welcome home!!! I hope you get to relax again soon!

  4. How lovely that your mum took care of your home while you were gone. One less thing to worry about.
    I hope you had a wonderful getaway.

  5. Aren't those pretty? I love having fresh flowrs in the house, which doesn't happen enough. And what a sweet mom for doing that!

  6. Coming home, even after a short stay away, feels good. I miss Mrs. Golden though, the loss is so fresh yet.
    So, how long were you actually away? Being able to use the net, reading your posts and comments, I´m off line...

  7. Lovely Mum,hope she is feeling better now.

    The best thing about returning home is always my own bed. Ida

  8. Such a lovely welcome home left by your Mother.
    Flowers lift the spirit and I try to always have a display in my home.
    Sleep well tonight all in the humble bungalow.

  9. metscan- I think we were away almost 3 weeks. The internet service was used via my husbands' IPhone. So sorry to hear that you are takes time, after all your Golden was with you for many great years. Take care of yourself.

    Ida- Mother and I went to the doctor today and she has COPD but it is in the early stage so we are optimistic. She took the diagnosis rather hard, but being stoic, she didn't show it much in front of her practitioner.
    It was later with me that she was more honest with her feelings.
    Thank you for asking.