Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wool is the word...

Metscan posted asking what we have purchased for the upcoming season.

While I have been avoiding the shops I did take my lovely daughter to The Great Canadian Superstore that offers President's Choice products...and the president is Galen Weston.

Lovely daughter does not drive and lugging numerous heavy bags of groceries is not much fun nor is it very ladylike wearing heels. Groceries were the main reason for driving for 30 minutes out of town.
I browsed the Joe Fresh section, as did she...
I found a new grey wool tunic top to pair with my leggings.
Lovely daughter found much more and reasonably priced too...she looked very happy with her haul!

While it might look like a gunny sack here
it is much nicer looking off the hanger.

Are you loving zippers as much as I am?

We had an unfortunate incident while shopping there...
when I started the car the gas tank showed empty and I had filled up the day before!
I can't believe that someone siphoned off an entire tank of gas...
well that's what I thought at the time

My trusted mechanics enter on the scene today 
and the news is not great.

The mechanic said that someone did try to get the gas 
and that Volvo's have a screen and a system which prevents siphoning
and they have broken the sensor with whatever they put into the tank
and they also keyed the side of my car...
so it's in the hands of the insurance brokers now.

is over the moon about her new luxe linen drapes and I love her enthusiasm.

 While my recent find pales by comparison it has excited me nevertheless.
I found a new bowl that makes my heart soar with joy.
It is a simple white vessel
round and olde
and I cannot put it away just yet
I want to soak in all it's simple beauty.

Bowl of beauty 
with Frog Tree Alpaca wool yarn.

My latest knitting project is a "Faux" Mobius wrap.
I googled Mobius and watched the You Tube presentation and realized that I was not savvy enough to tackle it!
I am knitting one long strip 
using the easiest garter stitch as it looks very loose and lacy
and then twisting after completion before joining the seam.
I have cast on 125 stitches on size 6.5 US needles and will knit until I have about 48 inches in length, give or take...

I'll wrap it around and see if it is adequate for the look that I want.

I highly recommend bamboo needles 
they slip the stitches as if they were silken gossamers with wings.

I will post the finished product but that will be many weeks away as I do not knit 24/7!

What projects have you got on the go right now?

I am closing with an image of the newly printed vintage photos in their new frames 
(this is for you Ida!)


  1. Does Pepper help you knit? The charcoal gray theme in your new clothing addition and yarn are so lovely.

    My projects are focused on packing for the new house. I've started to move some things in, and I'm realizing that I need a plan of attack for organizing the kitchen.

  2. did you say your daughter doesn't drive ever? that must be hard! i have not gotten anything new...yet. i'm still in shock over the price of my drapes. still loving them though and not a moment of regret. regret has usually set in by now, if it was going to. so i think i'm safe. sorry to hear of your car problemos. dang that sucks.

  3. so sorry about your car episode. what a pain that they had to key it as well.

    Your moebus scarf looks like it will be stylish and warm.

    I've got so many knitting projects on the go right now - 3 cardigans, two pairs of socks, and a couple of scarves. Plus a huge wish list. I'm on a mission to complete a few projects before I start anything else.

  4. Hostess,
    Your latest knitting project looks fabulous.

    It's funny that here in Australia we're counting down the days until spring and summer and it's the 'reverse' elsewhere.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  5. How awful about your car!
    I'm working on the mainland this week and today I did a little lunchtime shopping. Two items from Papillon - a grey and red tunic and soft and very retro 70's dress that will be perfect for winter theatre dates.
    Knitting? Two baby dresses for grand nieces.

  6. Love the tunic! In fact, I'm mad about tunics. That Joe ... he's so on it. As for the car, scurless dogs. What a rotten desperate thing to do.

  7. What beautiful yarn! Alpaca prevalence in these parts is true luxe and in a few weeks I'll be reaching for McCall's Needlework Treasury, and a pattern to occupy my hands, soothe my soul. I am wondering if the wood needles from the plethora of Great Aunt Dorothea's needles now in my possession, are bamboo? Nevertheless..

    We will see this weekend what speaks to me downtown shopping. Fingers crossed!

  8. Oh dear, hope the damage isn't too serious with the car. Years ago, we had someone try to steal the CD player from our (then almost new) car -- if they'd just taken it, that wouldn't have been a problem, but with today's computerized vehicles, the disruption they caused was much more extreme -- lighting, locks, windshield wipers. The thief probably never hoped to get more than $50 but caused over $1200 damage -- and even with insurance, of course, I paid the $300 deductible.
    You're smart to turn to a knitting project as a distraction -- such a pretty yarn, soothing, and yes, bamboo slides along nicely. I have a dress I've got to get back to knitting now that fall's almost here.

  9. Oh...your poor car! So sorry, what a horrible thing to have had it keyed, it sounds as if it was just out of spite. Terrible.

    Love the yarn that you picked for your new project. My current project: installing new moldings on the doors and shelves of my bookcases and then finishing the drapes for this room. I will be so happy when i get it finished.

  10. What is wrong with people? They must have been very desperate, that is the only semi-kind thing I can say about your car. You must feel so violated.

    I wish I could knit something pretty like what you are working on. I am a terrible. awful knitter. I try. Really I do. But knitting makes me frustrated and gives me a headache, therefore putting me in a rotten mood - not exactly the relaxing hobby I thought it'd be.
    Should I keep trying? Take another class? Or find a new hobby?
    xo, A

  11. How dreadful Hostess to discover your car had been tampered with! Must have left a very unpleasant feeling.
    Love the wool colour and I confess a love/hate relationship with zippers but would not let this stop me from purchasing a fab outfit.

  12. Oh, alpaca wool! A friend of ours had to alpaca sheep, they died not long ago. She had a strong relationship with her two sheep.

    You are so right about the knitting needles, I remember my joy, using smooth needles at school. And the others where just "ugh".

    Over here all the gas tanks have a lock. Even my tiny FIAT Uno had a locked gas tank. Glad the insurance covers the damage. At least half of it, they probably won't refund the gas.

    I guess I won't be able to join the purchase-game because I am on a Not Spending - trip, which turns out to become a Not Spending a Dime trip - I am cleaning out my kitchen closet and see how far I can get without spending money. (The only buys would be fresh groceries such as vegetables, fruits and milk). There is still so much left! Pasta, tomato sauces, fish from Brittany, lentils ...
    A black cardigan would be the holy grail of purchases but since I am sooo picky it might take another season to find the right one. I once had one, until Mr Paula washed it in the washing machine. Not so good!

    Have a nice day!

  13. I've never heard of anyone siphoning out petrol before, how bizarre. Mine is just back from two weeks in the garage, I've felt so lost without it.
    The tunic looks very sleek and comfortable.

    Projects? Hmm, bathroom roof is leaking, part of the hall roof is leaking, the shed needs patched up and some masonry needs maintenance, ppppft!

  14. So sorry about your car, it's hard to believe people are so cruel. On the brighter side, i think your tunic is fabulous, it looks flattering and so cozy. It'll look great with leggings and a scarf.

  15. I love bamboo needles too! It's a shame I have never been able to find them double pointed for knitting socks etc. Tho I havnt picked up knitting since before my son was born! Ooops!

    Are you having the gas shortage out there that everyone is talking about?

  16. Rebekah- Pepper chases the yarn and I have to be very careful that she doesn't pounce !

    Janet- My daughter does not drive even though she had a few lessons in her teens. I remember getting my license the minute I was old enough...it was a rite of passage back then!

  17. Like the look of the tunic!
    I love bamboo needles and am currently knitting a pink shawlette for a friend, and a garter stitch summer cardi in blue and cream. Must hurry before summer leaves!
    I, too, love white dishes and have several white English 'pudding' bowls that give me a lot of pleasure to use.
    Sorry about the car - if it is not one thing, it is another~! Peg

  18. Adrienne- Knitting will be easier the more that you do it. It is such a relaxing and creative hobby. Maybe you are being too critical as you have just started and it will improve...believe me!

    Suburban Princess- I have not been aware of a shortage of gas...but that could explain the theft of mine!

  19. How very annoying - honestly what will they think of next - on a lighter note - i love that wool - the colour and texture - gorgeous x


  20. Love that top, especially the zippers! And I'm always so impressed with you knitters, and the amazing shapes and textures you can conjure from simple yarns!

    (Gah, I've been having the worst time trying to leave comments lately, so this may come up as anonymous, but it's une femme...)

  21. Thank you for filling my wish!
    The gray knit will be perfect worn with your leggings: )!