Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to school wardrobe....basics that might bore you and a lip dub that won't!

The rain today reminded me that summer is slowly turning to fall.

In just a few weeks we will be back to school.

I have been giving some serious thought about what clothes  I "need" and what I "want". Embracing minimalism and thrift without suffering.

In the Library of a Middle School, one needs to dress age appropriately, professionally, and look polished.
The clothing needs to be comfortable for the physical aspects of the job. Everyday bending and reaching for textbooks and shelving of books necessitates that clothes do not gape or are too low cut to expose too much flesh.

Think of the "dress code" which dictates what is acceptable for students and it does transfer to staff.

I have spent enough money over the years to know that washable is preferable to dry cleaning and sturdy fabrics are worth their weight in gold.
Many a cashmere cardigan has been lost to the wear and tear of the job.

Dressing in layers is necessary...
heavy lifting, air conditioning and floor to ceiling windows factor into this decision!

My back to school basic need list:
Black fitted denim jeans, unadorned for versatility.
Black shoes which might be loafers this season.
White tops in a jersey knit, one with long sleeves one short.
Grey cardigan professor/boyfriend style in a short petite length.
Black cable knit V neck cardigan in wool for warmth.

I already have dressy pointe skinny leggings
a crisp white shirt
black jersey short sleeved top
black knit A-line skirt
several work appropriate black knit jersey dresses
grey tunic top with zippers (NEW)
undergarments (NEW)
Several long waterfall sweaters in black, grey and tweedy knits
and flats in silver and leopard print

Pearls, bangles, brooches, colourful scarves, and a few belts are waiting to add some interest with what might sound like a very boring work wardrobe.

Vintage baubles make up most of my brooch collection.
This was a gift from Lovely daughter
Thanks J!

Vintage boots

I would like some red shoes and new boots...
but they are on my "want list" not my "need list."

Behold the Bungalow Romneya
blooming on a sunnier day.
Lovely contrast of texture in yellow against that frothy papery dress she's wearing.

Or maybe a mustard yellow cardigan might be fun!
What would you add?

Any thoughts or suggestions?
What are your impressions of how the staff at your children's / grandchildren's school dress?

P.S. If you want to see an energetic campus lip dub....check this out
and I hope that put a smile on your face...
our young people have so much energy...
I think we've got to love that.


  1. Hostess I worked as an Early Childhood assistant and you know what, I'm envious of your school wardrobe! Just as I was with the librarians at the schools I taught in because the library staff all looked so neatly turned out and clean.
    Here was I in my 'work garb' covered in paint, glue, sand, glitter, clay and all manner of stuff and by the end of the day I felt like a dishevelled wreak LOL !

  2. How funny! This Teacher Librarian on the other side of the planet wears mostly black and white and easy to care for. Do you ever get asked why you wear so much black like me?? I always respond with a grin that its because I am from the dark side. A few get the joke, but not all. I have tried to put more colour in my wardrobe with mostly red. But it is getting a bit out of hand and I need to stop adding to my wardrobe. I broke the rod the other day with the weight! I have also had to get new shoes for this summer due to a change in the shoe requirements at work. Again mostly black. I do get lots of positive feedback about my presentation, so black is the go for me- it is such a classic look.

  3. Your wardrobe (both purchased and in progress) sounds like a very workable one. I love the simplicity and ease of a predominantly black/white/grey wardrobe, but lately my eyes have been wanting color. I'm with you on washable pieces (better for the environment anyway) and clothes that allow movement.

  4. I find your wardrobe for work lacking nothing. Blacks are fine, always in style. I used to have a lot of gray, but just now, I prefer black, also in accessories.
    P.S. This does not mean, that everything I have/wear is black.

  5. Simple is good, in my humble opinion. Small touches are good. I love those vintage boots:).

  6. Your wardrobe sounds very workable and professional. Too many teachers dress too casually, in my opinion. Not those teaching the little ones, but high school and middle school teachers.

  7. Your work wardrobe doesn't sound boring to me. I like black and white with accents.

    The Romneya is beautiful!

  8. Think a dash of mustard yellow would add a little frisson to your well coordinated work outfits...
    must admit I am biased in favour of the dusty yellows for Autumn. Ida

  9. Since I've been back from my one bag trip of the summer, I find tht I'm still wearing that very limited wardrobe.

    Your items sound wonderful--esp top with zippers.

  10. I think I recognised a face in that clip - well done!
    I was so grateful that my daughter had to wear a uniform through to Grade 12 - I think the teachers in her school dressed professionally and attractively. Sometimes I go into high schools to speak and I am very often disappointed at the scruffy jeans, too-tight-and-too-low tops...on the teachers.
    Your wardrobe wish and want lists sound perfect!

  11. Your wardrobe staples sound perfect, with lots of fabulous accessories. I so enjoyed that video clip, it brought a smile to my face. It reminded me of "Glee" which I watched last night, and realized there is nothing more inspiring than seeing young people embrace who they really are and follow their passion. I am such a fan of that show!

  12. I love everything you've thought out. Sounds perfect. We do have some stylish teachers! It's fun to see what they wear :)