Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Calling, texting, and cruising the net just got so much easier...

I have had a cellphone since 2003.
It was never a snazzy jazzy swanky phone...
just a simple dial and talk model in basic black.

My adult children are way ahead of me and so is Mr. HB...they all have IPhones.
Most people that I know have Smartphones, Blackberry's or IPhones and I was feeling left out as my kids text instead of talking,
it's free with most plans so that's a no brainer.

My dear Husband has been encouraging me to get one for the past few months and I was resisting.
Why? I really don't know.
So we went together and bought one.

The Humble Bungalow Roses
are carried with me as are thousand of my photos
especially my "brag book" with sweet Isla's images.

I sent my first texts to my children letting them know I was now "available to chat" (text)
The second text was to my BFF which said...

"Hi! I just got an O"...

I inadvertently hit send instead of backspace.
We were sitting on a bench in the mall laughing so much my eyes teared up and I could not see clearly for a few moments to resend the correct text message.

So I am on a learning curve...
I feel that I have entered the 20th Century...or rather the 21st Century...
(those grey haired moments have been happening a lot more frequently!)

I keep this vintage landline as it works during a power failure
and I love the sound that it makes when dialing.

When I was young we were on a party line which meant that another family shared the same line.
My sister and I would listen in and eavesdrop if Mother was busy elsewhere.
(she would have grounded us if she caught us)
Sometimes our breathing or snickers would be audible by the other party and they would say
"if you don't get off this phone right now I am going to tell your Mother"

Those were the days when Father had an egg timer by the phone and 3 minutes was the extent of our conversations.
I remember turning the sand filled vessel over before time had elapsed to see if I could talk for longer.
Often if Mother and Father were enjoying a pre dinner cocktail I'd get away with it.
Most of the time though my sister would come by and say in a very loud voice...

Things have really changed.

Have you resisted embracing change
or are you the first on the bandwagon?


  1. We finally gave in and got matching smartphones several months ago. Sadly addicted now. Watch out for Twitter, that's all I'm saying . . .

  2. I am completely resistant to change (technologically speaking). Until recently, we kept our landline too (I also have a vintage black phone that I loved to hear "ring"). But we found we were spending way more money on "communication" than we were actually communicating. We dropped the landline and opted for Magic Jack. We both have basic cell phones. I just dropped using my Blackberry (smart phone) to save $30 additional a month (our plan was $120+ for 2 people--ridiculous). I loved my Blackberry and am holding onto it in case I want to go back. Things have changed so much in the last 20 years. I use to fear the arrival of the phone bill every month when I was a teen--I was always in trouble.

    On a "going backwards" high note: today on the radio the DJ said that old vinyl albums are at an all time high (since 1991) in sales with "Abbey Road" being the biggest seller for 2 years in a row. So that's progress, right? xxBliss

  3. I succumbed to an iphone last year, but still don't text.

  4. Everyone else in the family has an iphone, but I'm still using the Blackberry, which I love. Welcome to texting, but as was written in another comment - watch out for Twitter.

  5. Yay for you! iPhones are fun...I adore mine.

    I took to cell phones right away. I think I bought my first giant flip phone in '96 or '97. Now, I am on my fourth iPhone. Isn't that so not "on a budget" of me? Our whole family has iPhones...we even gave one to my 83 year old father-in-law and he loves it.

    That texting boo-boo had me laughing aloud...Very funny and cute. xo

  6. Our only cellphone is one we keep for emergencies while traveling only. I have been dismayed when we have the family together that everyone sits and plays with their cellphones. And yet, I have seen phones do amazing things. Some of my students take their entire course over a cell phone.

  7. I have been drifting into getting one too, so happy to hear that you are enjoying yours.(-:

  8. So far, I have managed with my cellphone, text messages and all.
    I have not yet had interest on iPhones or likes. We will see.
    We also have two traditional telephones, one at the stable, the other in the house, in case of emergencies.

  9. Love this post Hostess.
    I have put my foot down and declared I want/need/must have a smart phone after always accepting the family hand me downs of older technology. I hope to have upgraded next week.
    My children especially tease me about my lack of tech skills but since taking the blog plunge I suspect they think they have created a monster!

  10. I do have one but haven't set up the phone part!
    I use it for emails and interneting but can't justify the cost of a mobile phone - my lifestyle just doesn't require one. So yes I have an iPhone but no I don't even have a mobile phone!

  11. This post cracked me up. I have a blackberry but I can't for the life of me text on it. My kids keep shooting off text messages to me and I just get frustrated!
    I love the stories of you and your sister on the phone...priceless memories.

  12. I still use the cell phone I got in 2004 - I have never felt any need to get an iphone or BB...maybe because I am at home so much and everyone I know is 5 mins away?

    I also balked how much more it would cost - if I could upgrade and not have a bigger bill I might consider it.

  13. When you're in the software business, your colleagues abduct you and FORCE you to buy new cellphones. Regularly:). I hope you enjoy your new "platform."

  14. I am a technophobe but i have succumbed to the iphone - had to - with work, blogging etc - i cannot understand how i lived without it - which is a tad worrying - loved your post - so made me smile and took me back - excellent x

  15. I have a basic mobile phone for emergency calls when out and about in the car....I am an old fashioned gal use the landline for chatting!

    Thank you Hostess,the frames are delightful,arts/crafts suit your lovely home.

  16. I have to admit I am a tech nerd. I looove it. I usually sit and watch new devices for a couple of months and then jump on in and buy. I looove my Iphone and Ipad, but want to learn how to get better 'use' out of them.

  17. I love technology. We opt for paperless bills, my dentist texts me updates to my appointments, our taxes are filed electronically and stored on discs, and I have sent my husband emails from my office to his (our offices are in our house). The iPhone is the best, best, best thing ever! Although I am pretty jealous of my husband's iPad...

  18. Oooh lucky you an Iphone,,, think I may have to join you too Hostess and glad you are enjoying it too.... So sorry I missed your post on knitting - just scrolled back down to it - what fabulous wool! XX

  19. I still have the cell-phone-only-for-emergencies. That vintage landline is gorgeous!