Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. HB

Mr. HB is celebrating his birthday.
Last evening we dined with friends and lovely daughter at a waterfront restaurant outdoors.
I should have snapped a few images on my new IPhone but I was engaged in the conversation and enjoying the view.

Mr. HB comes from a Scottish background 
and he does love single malt scotch.
 Lagavulin is his tot of choice.

I thought this card was suitable for this occasion.

I am having the family come by for an afternoon and dinner.
I am immersed in food preparations so without further ado I must run.
I've got to harvest some beets, make a few salads, stuff a few eggs, and go buy a salmon for the BBQ.

Have a lovely weekend
and stop and smell the flowers.


  1. Happy birthday to your hubby - love that card! Good luck with the bbq!

  2. Happy Birthday Mr H....have family fun all weekend. Ida

  3. Happy Birthday to the mysterious and well-loved Mr. HB!

  4. Happy Birthday Mr. HB! The festivities sound like fun, especially the barbequed salmon :-).

  5. happy bithday mr hb. you are a lucky man - but you already know that.

  6. We're partial to Lagavulin in our house as well -- we'll drink a glass to Mr. HB, Happy Birthday!

  7. Love MR HB's card! I've just been invited to a "meat and malt" dinner, it sounds so testosterone fuelled, if he was closer I'd pass my invite on to him.

  8. A late arriving Happy Birthday to your husband!
    I´m sure you had a nice afternoon :).

  9. Happy birthday to your husband...Hope you share the birthday dinner menu in a later post!

    xo annie