Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pretty in Pink...plants and plantings.

These pretty pink geraniums are putting on quite the show.

These were the same plants that I bought thinking they were white...
don't always trust the tags.

Geraniums are seriously economical, colourful and hardy too.

They look even better close up.

Look who has been sleeping on our front porch!
The neighbourhood cat that we have nicknamed Ginger.
He hangs around our garden and porch every day while his owner is at work.
Our cats carry on a conversation through the front window.
He's got a real "voice" and meows a lot.

The Sum and Substance Hosta is threatening to take over the front garden.
If you want a huge Hosta this is your best bet.

Under the eaves on the northern side of our bungalow we have planted a wetland garden...
it gets very little sun so we have chosen astilbes, day lilies, hostas, solomon's seal, ferns, and a wonderfully fragrant pink blooming rogersia.

This spot is a bit unkempt as it is a dry patch under the eaves that is home to one of our rain barrels.
The alstromeria has run riot and taken over and I distinctly remember the gardener who gave the seedlings to me saying "it is not the invasive variety" thankfully the flowers redeem their messy habit.

I am grateful for all the plants that I have been given over the years.
Gardeners generally possess a very giving nature.
They are keen to share their knowledge and plants.
I know that when we have a surplus of plants I put them out on the boulevard free for the taking.
Mr. HB made me a sign and it goes out about once a week with dormant orchids and garden perennials.

"The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. 
To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul."

~ Alfred Austin ~

Until next time...take care and look for beauty in your daily round.


  1. What a perfectly timed post (for me)! Our new terrace garden is more shady than I had anticipated, so all my winter's worth of plans were jettisoned. We've now embraced the shade and have planted the same shade loving plants as you, also lady's mantle, pulmonaria, heucheras, coral bells, several varieties of fern, including maidenhairs (they love it here). So out went the rampant cottage garden and in came the cooling greens with touches of coral pink, white, chartreuse and a hit of bright blue.

  2. What a lovely set of images, and Ginger has certainly made himself at home. (He must know how good he looks on the black wicker chair with a green cushion!) It's interesting to see what plants thrive with you - how come your Solomon's Seal doesn't get devoured by greedy grey caterpillars that the birds don't like to eat? My leaves last no time at all and my hostas always seem to get nibbled as well.

  3. Your garden looks so lush. Winter here. Although, the bulbs have put up their leaves and I always intend to plant more of them and then forget. Lots of bare trees and surprisingly still an odd rose here or there? Looking quite out of place I may add. I remember when I was first married and the aunts when they came visiting would do a tour of our garden naming this and that and giving (unwanted) advice. I found it all totally boring. If they could see me now! I must also confess that our first home was full of roses which we pulled out! Thinking them unfashionable and ugly in winter. The buyers of our second home did exactly the same thing, to the chagrin of the neighbours who were loath to tell us. Funny isn’t it? Never say never. Both my girls have the garden gene though. Mr T always had it, being european his family garden resembled a mini farm! I adore that quote. Thank you for your lovely blogs and hoping that the little ones are keeping well. Tonkath

  4. Thank you for beautiful pictures. Love the garden.

  5. Pretty, pretty indeed! Enjoy your pinks! I think Ginger is a pretty smart kitty..comfy chair, sunshine, companionship when desired...nap when tired! Happy Weekend to you and yours!!! Susan

  6. what a beautiful shade garden, the plantings are lovely. I wish I had more shade it would be very welcome here with our intense sun and lack of rain. I envy you your wonderful climate.

  7. You have a beautiful garden, full of variety. The pink geraniums add a very pretty spark of color to your porch railing. I bought white ones for the back yard this year and red for the front. They just keep blooming and blooming all summer long. Enjoy the long weekend!

  8. Beautiful Sun and Substance Hosta . . .
    Love your garden flare, mixing of the greens, Hosta, ferns and others . . . very nice!

  9. Your gardens are beautiful. So much of my own gardens are made up of gifts from friends. I love the sharing back and forth. Everything has a story. I hope you are having a grand weekend. B

  10. Loving your wetland garden, so rich and textured, hostas are so cool aren't they? as a kiwi I am genetically disposed to love all ferns

  11. Oh what a dream of a garden! I love shadow parts so much! They are always showing hundrets of green!
    All my best from Austria and a wonderful time