Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Diane Keaton's "Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty"

Wow what a great read!
I powered through this book and loved every chapter...her words resonate with me.
Curiously it felt like we were sitting together in the same room and she was chatting with me.
I would jump at the chance to meet her for coffee!

She writes from the heart and I loved her "voice."

Read a review here...

Now I can't wait to get my mitts on her first book "Then Again."

While I spent the better part of the afternoon reading this I needed to prepare a simple supper.
On the menu:

Oven Roasted Veggies

I love this dish!
 You can roast almost any veggie that you have on hand.
Just sprinkle with a bit of olive oil and toss to coat.
Cook at 400 for about 35-40 minutes turning several times during the cooking time.
You can top with fresh rosemary, crumbled feta cheese and balsamic vinegar if you so desire.

Twice baked stuffed potatoes

Bake the potatoes
remove from oven and cut in half allow to cool a bit
scoop out the middle of each half potato and place in a large bowl
add chopped green onion as desired
crumbled bacon
calorie reduced mayonnaise or fat free yogurt
salt and pepper
grated cheese
 (set some aside for the topping)
Bake at 350 for about 40 minutes.

Roast chicken
free range organic chicken
rinsed and patted dry
top with a bit of oil or butter so the Herbs de Provence have something to stick onto
roast until done

Set on board tent with foil for 20 minutes to rest before carving.

Poppies are putting on a show stopping performance in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

This red poppy reminds me of my recent shopping trip to "The Red Store"
which is what darling little Isla calls Target.

Target is new in town and I had visited the first location in the first few weeks of it's opening.
I had been disappointed because the shelves were quite bare so it was difficult to get a "feel" for the type of merchandise they would be stocking.

The second location opened this Spring closer to my home and I went this week.
I could hardly believe how well staffed and stocked this Target was compared to the first one!
The clerks were super friendly and there were lots of tempting things to buy...
which I mostly resisted.
I was on a mission to find a certain gift for a certain little girl who is turning 4 this month.

They had some fun red sneakers which I tried on and loved.
 NO you don't NEED them.

Rachel Ashwell has a line of her Shabby Chic linens at Target.
I bought two pillow shams for our master bedroom.
They were tied up with pretty soft pink ribbon and guess who helped me unwrap them!


I found a door stop for our guest room which I have decorated in a seaside beach theme.
Cats love to scratch and this door stop might get (ab)-used by them both!

Pepper picked up the ribbon right after Chester left...
the cats keep me company during my days here in The Humble Bungalow.
They follow me around like dogs and watch me put in the laundry and hang about when I do the ironing.
I like their devotion to domestics!

I make it a priority to look for beauty everyday...
like these pretty roses.
They would look lovely in a vase placed next to some of Rachel Ashwell's pretty pastel linens.

 I would do this except my beloved cats have a habit of tearing apart my arrangements.
Freshly picked garden flowers are one thing that I miss and would love to have again in my home.

So for the time being I must be content to look out the windows and admire them from afar...

"As an actress, I'm drawn to emotion and expressing the human condition in all its forms, and I'm fortunate to have thoughts and feelings at my fingertips."

~ Diane Keaton ~


  1. 'Then Again' is a fantastic read! Have to find 'Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty' for myself.

    SSG xxx

    1. I just got a copy and am in the first few chapters...SSG I will hold you accountable!
      so far so good :-))

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation! I'll add that one to my list. I'll have to go look for some linens at Target. Some of our shams and throw pillows are due to be replaced.

    1. Oh une femme...if your Target has as many lovely Rachell Ashwell shabby chic linens you might be in trouble!

  3. I read an article recently in the MORE magazine about Diane Keaton and her book. I enjoyed the article very much. Thank you for the recommendation . . .
    Roasted veggies are on our menu for tomorrow evening . . . perfect time of the year with all the fresh vegetables available . . .
    I loved your picture of the pink roses . . .

  4. I really admire Diane Keaton as an older woman who seems strong, opinionated and attractive.
    Roasted vegetables are one of my favourite dishes and can be used at any meal. Right now, our bedroom is definitely French shabby chic so I am glad to hear that Target has bed linens. I wonder if you found something special for Little Miss Isla. There is beauty everywhere we look right now.

    1. She looks attractive from my perspective but in her book she intimates that she is really not that pretty.
      I did find an Isla gift or two...:-))

  5. I've just reserved both her books at the library. She alway struck me as a smart woman. I'm anxious to read them. Your cats are so cute. Great job on the doorstop!! Enjoy your week. xo

    1. My cats are persnickety and they rule the roost!
      Hope you are feeling better soon...

  6. Hello Leslie,

    Thank you for the introduction to Diane Keaton. We have not read any of her books so we anticipate a treat when we track her down.

    Cats are such fun even if they do wreck the home furnishings. We miss ours and although we vow not to get another, pictures such as these really do tear at the heart strings.

    1. Dear Lance and Jane...
      I read a wide variety of books...and your taste is new to me so I am hesitent in my recommendation, my first impreassion is that you might prefer the classics.

  7. I read "The Again" and liked parts of it, but also found it a very self-absorbed voice; your take may vary.

    1. Just in a few chapters...so far it is all about her relationship to her mom.

    2. That part is IMO the stronger section, with her mother's journal excerpts.

  8. I do love to drop in and see what you are up to and be inspired. Guess what I am making for dinner? Roast veggies! I must tell you that your stuffed zucchini, posted six months or more ago, has become a standby. Everyone in my family enjoys them. I will be sure to read Diane Keaton's book. I have recently been reading Shirley MacLaine's most recent couple of books. I give her a lot of credit where credit is due and admire her in many ways, but take it with a grain of salt. She is nothing if not entertaining and has had an amazing life. Love your kitties and new pillow shams and garden blooms. Really, you don't need red sneakers? Cheers, Violet.

    1. I really don't NEED red sneakers but they would make my feet happy!
      If they were serious walking shoes I would have bought them but they are just a fun shoe. Nothing wrong with fun but I am being very prudent...saving for Paris!

    2. It is good to have a goal; I admire your dedication and what an worthwhile purpose! Violet.

  9. I will read this book!I like the review VERY MUCH!
    Target is great..............you will find yourself saying I better NOT GO cause the temptation is GREAT!Your cats are adorable.......don't they bring so much JOY to your LIFE!

  10. I might go to Target in the cold dead of winter when the rain never ceases to fall as it always does here in the Pacific Northwest, and I can attempt to assuage some of the gloom... could be an expensive store after all !!

  11. I'm always finding great books on other blogger's recommendations. My list keeps growing and growing.
    Interesting that the other Target is well-stocked. That first one is dismal. I just popped in there today after work and thought how bare the shelves are. Next time I'll try the other location.
    Roasted vegetables are delicious. I love the leftovers combined with salad greens for lunch.
    Beautiful poppies in your garden and mine.

  12. Red shoes are never wrong;although it's my favourite colour so I'm a bit biased. Your roasted veggies look scrumptious. I don't know why I can never remember to do this?
    Target is not faring well here in Ontario I hear (although I have yet to go) as it isn't as good as in the US. from what I hear.
    I love Pepper and Chester. Cats have such a way making everything about them.

  13. Hostess, thank you for the book recommendation - I've just ordered it at the library. Your cats are always gorgeous and the photos make me laugh. They do love a ribbon don't they? I have to wrap my knitting up in between times as you can imagine how my girls go nuts for a piece of yarn. I don't want them unravelling all my work. Plus, your food looks delicious. So much in one post!