Thursday, June 12, 2014

Today's bathing suit post by Lisa inspires this Hostess...

Lisa from Amid Life of Privilege posted this morning about swimsuit options for women of a certain age...
she got me thinking about my attitude towards my body and the swimsuit dilemma.

You can read her post here.

As a curvy gal with some wobbly bits I shy away from anything too scant.
Give me coverage and some support and I am happy to join in on the fun in the pool or the ocean.
My days of strutting around attention seeking were limited to my very early teen years.
Nowadays I am happy to cool off and swim before laying down and relaxing on a comfy chaise lounge...
no fuss, no fanfare, and I'd prefer if I blended in rather than sticking out!

I love Lands' End for their variety of styles and the accurate sizing makes for a happy encounter.

The good news is that you can buy a new swimsuit on sale now at Lands' End.
They have a swimsuit guide which will help you choose a style that fits and flatters.
There are many styles, shapes and colours...a suit for every shape and size.

This shape is flattering for a curvy gal and offers lots of support where needed...
looks great with a pareo wrapped at the waist too if you are modest.

These two bathing suits are comfortable to wear...
not that you'd find me parading up and down along The Esplanade at noon on a hot summer weekend.
Besides, securing a spot in the sand is like buying high end real estate in The Hamptons...
expensive and hard to come by!

A cute two piece suit and in a stunning shade of red but not enough fabric for this Hostess !

Beach, pool and boating attire all require some serious forethought.
If one is planning to swim a suit is required...
(unless under the cover of darkness!)

Shopping for a suit needn't be unpleasant and as Lisa suggests you might consider ordering a bunch 
trying them on in the privacy of your own home and returning those that are not flattering...

Lycra and Spandex fabrics offer stretch and ease of movement and I like the way they help control my mid zone.
Washing and rinsing chlorine and salt water after use help to keep the fabrics strong and the colours bright.
I launder mine by hand and use Aveda Shampure Shampoo and hang to dry.

Two suits mean that I have a fresh one to wear while the other is drying.

Have you got a swim suit that fits and flatters?
One that makes you feel good or at the very least one that feels comfortable when you put it on?


  1. I have two suits, one from Laure Sokol in Paris and one Miracle Suit. Both support the bust and provide some tummy-midriff taming. I enjoy wearing either with a pareo or a cover-up. Lots of my friends won't wear a suit but there are lovely suits to fit every shape and size.The two that you are showing with the black and white seem to fit in with your wardrobe. Bring on the sun!

    1. One of my friends has two of those Miracle suits and she looks amazing in them!

  2. I prefer the ease of a tankini. Separate cami top over a separate bottom, with an extra pair of shorts to pull on for outside the water. With very fair skin I need to avoid the sun. Lands end is one of my favorites. They have mix and match separates.

    1. My skin is not fair but I get a heat rash so I am careful not to be in the sun too long...
      love that Lands' End have such amazing sales...I bought both my suits at about 60 % off the regular price.

  3. I like a tankini too. No midriff showing. I prefer to wear a coverup of sorts if I'm walking the beach, or doing anything other than swimming! Your suits look great--I'll have to check out Land's End.

    1. Lands' End have some great cover ups.
      I don't own a cover up but find a shirt in linen or tencel works in a pinch...

  4. Thanks Hostess! I have heard for ages about how good Land's End's bathing suits are, and I was interested to hear that LLBean is trying to compete with them.

    1. I must check out LL Bean but have had such great service and merchandise from LE that I am rather a loyal customer.

  5. I need a new suit or two. I have a couple of tank-ini suits, bought on holiday, and a serious lap-swimming suit, but all are looking a bit tired. I like the idea of ordering a few for trying on at home. Trying on in a fitting room is soul-destroying.

    1. Madame La Bas has a Miracle Suit as does a good friend and they sell them at Suits You here in town...Lands' End really have great suits and at the sale prices it is hard to beat. Have fun shopping!

  6. I love your black swimsuit L.
    I also wear a tankini when I'm on the beach in Marco. That's the only place I wear a bathing suit in public. I still sunbathe, even though I shouldn't. I just prefer to do it in the privacy of my own home, where I can wear a skimpy bikini; or not.

  7. You have privacy where you live and can sunbathe as you please...
    I am so impressed by the scale of your home and property and I think the trees that you were wondering about are called acacias.