Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Do you say TOM-EH-TOE or TOM-AH-TOE?

Whether you pronounce TOM-EH-TOE or TOM-AH-TOE matters little it's all about the taste.
Summertime brings with it the best tasting produce and tomatoes fresh from the vine are one of my favourites.

Cherry tomatoes make a delicious snack and when I am outside gardening I cannot pass by the tomato plants without having a wee nibble...perhaps that is why we never get a huge harvest from the plants!

Tomatoes looking gorgeous and juicy.
They'd make a great painting if one were clever enough to capture the light.

I made a quick and easy salad with some of these...

~ Tomato Salad ~

Cut the tomatoes in thick slices, sprinkle them with a fresh grating of sea salt, then drizzle on a bit of balsamic vinegar and top it all with a bit of grated mozzarella.
The taste is fresh, it's fast and fabulous.

I recently went to a baby shower of a dear friend and her daughter is expecting her first baby.
Such an exciting time for all, and it will be so exciting.
 I took along my signature appie...
 "easy peasy stuffed eggs."

~ Hostess of The Humble Bungalow's Stuffed Eggs ~

Bring a dozen free range eggs to a rolling boil and cook for 12 minutes.
Drain pot and fill with cold water.
Change water several times until eggs are cool to the touch.
Peel and halve.
Remove yolks to a large bowl and mash.
Add 1 heaping tablespoon curry powder, a sprinkle of salt and pepper, 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard, 2 tablespoons green pickle relish and about 1/3 cup of calorie reduced mayonnaise.
Mix all together and place mixture into each egg cavity.
Top with sliced chives and chill.
Serve and watch how fast they get eaten!

Bon Appetit!

We have been away for a few days on our boat and today is Canada Day so I am occupied elsewhere,
I promise that I will get my act together and write a post soon...
thank you for your patience!

For those of you who are reading from the US...in case I am slow at posting
(I have lots of laundry and gardening to catch up on!)
Happy 4th of July !



  1. I'm going to have to try your egg recipe. Looks yummy! So do those tomatoes. I've been enjoying some heirlooms from the farmers' market.

  2. Both of those dishes look fab! Are those larger tomatoes 'Roma'? I've found them to be the tastiest but then anything off the vine is yummy. Hostess, I'd pitch a tent next to those stuffed eggs!

    1. They may be Roma as they were sold as fresh vine ripened tomatoes.
      Sounds like you are an egg fan!

  3. I am going to make the eggs. Tomatoes signify summer in B.C. As a child, I enjoyed Okanogan
    field tomatoes. There is a scent of fully ripened tomatoes that I have always loved. Happy Canada Day!

  4. Happy Canada Day Hostess!
    I also use curry powder in my devilled eggs. That's one of my secret ingredients, (the other is turmeric) and it's also my most requested appetizer. It makes a huge difference in taste depending on which brand of curry powder. Which brand do you prefer?

    1. I have two curry powders that I use Vij's (the restauranteur from South Granville Vancouver BC) and Sun Brand Madras powder.

  5. Hello Leslie:

    Oh, the joy of home grown tomatoes ripened naturally in the sun. We can well believe that, like you, we should be endlessly sampling straight from the vine with never enough left for a salad something which, given that the Hungarian tomatoes are so good, we tend to have often throughout the summer.

    Your signature dish of eggs look delicious.

    1. Hello Hattatt's...I must say that the eggs might tickle the taste buds of the champagne set that you mingle with but they might need a sprinkling of caviar on top instead of chives!

  6. Happy Canada day a bit past!

  7. Vine-ripened tomatoes are one of summer's best offering! Love your simple tomato salad. This is perfect for the nights I am dining alone. Happy Canada, and enjoy the weekend. Bonnie

  8. Belated Happy Canada Day to you, L. Vine-ripened tomatoes are one of summer's pleasures, that's for certain. And devilled eggs (as we call them) are also a summer favorite. I've not tried them with the curry powder, but I plan to next time I make them.
    We were out on the water, too - such gorgeous weather we're having.

    1. The weather was wonderful on the high seas...
      It makes me want to stay out and live aboard our boat for the rest of the summer.

  9. Yum, two of my faves, devilled eggs and toms with balsamic vinegar. Just read a bestseller "Earl's All-You'Can-Eat" where one of the characters parks herself right at the table in front of the devilled eggs and makes light work of them. Happy Canada Day!!!

  10. Your tomato salad looks delicious! Can't wait for my tomatoes to ripen. And I always put curry in my deviled eggs and egg salad too. Happy Canada Day, a little late!

  11. Love stuffed eggs! How did you transport the egg dish? I mean, you can't cover it with plastic because that will ruin the presentation . . . :-) Emily

    1. I drape the plastic wrap lighty over the top and transport them very carefully in the car in the front seat ...I actually treat them as precious cargo!

  12. Oh those tomatoes look mouthwatering. I love to snack on cherry ones, just plain! Pickle relish in deviled eggs is a new one to me but sounds wonderful. I think I'll try them the 4th. Belated Happy Canada Day hostess! xo

  13. Love reading the comments about your eggs and the variations in the comments! "Deviled" eggs as we call them in the South are a staple. My recipe is much the same as yours sans the curry powder...may give that a try.. The pretty glass egg dish is a must in any well-heeled Southern household! I have my mama's and love using it often. Beautiful tomatoes and great looking salad. Hope you enjoy many more summer outings on your boat. I am off to the beach next week with the girlfriends! Smiles...Susan

  14. Love the cat pictures. Is it not wonderful the colours Mother Nature uses. Chester with his green eyes, black eye liner and whitish highlighter. Pepper the same but I can't tell the colour of her eyes .. green or gold. And their colouring matches most of your outfits. Ha Ha.

    1. Meant this for the next day. Whoops!