Friday, June 13, 2014

Just desserts...

Dessert is not a course that we eat every day here in The Humble Bungalow...
however, when we have company for dinner, it is a given.

Our house guest is not on Weight Watchers but she ate and enjoyed a low point count dessert.
Whether she knew it was a WW friendly choice or not I am not sure.
 I try not to inundate our guests with my eating regime rules or point counts!

Angel food cake and fresh fruit was served with a choice of whipped cream or yogurt.
It was a refreshing seasonal option especially with all the fresh fruits currently available in the grocery shops.

We discussed desserts and dinner party menus and L shared her easy peasy dessert recipe with me.

I think it is a keeper so I am sharing it with you.

Beat 3 egg yolks with 1/4 cup of sugar until blended and set aside.
Whip 1 cup of whipping cream and add 1/4 cup of any liqueur
Fold the egg mixture and the cream together and put into serving size ramekins.
Freeze until just before serving.

I picked some flowers and snuck them inside The Humble Bungalow when the cats were snoozing...
arranged and placed in the main bathroom and guest suite downstairs.

Flowers, Perrier, scents and light reading are stocked and ready for our guests.
The bed is comfy and the room quiet.
The downstairs bathroom has shampoo, cream rinse, razors, Q-Tips, cotton balls, toothpaste, toothbrushes, fresh white towels and a spare bathrobe.

My friend L and I walked each day and chatted while sipping wine before dinner.
We went for massage at Silk Road Spa and followed up the pampering with a healthy lunch at Rebar.

She helped me choose some new frames for prescription sunglasses.
They are Maui Jim sunnies, not the Ray Ban Wayfarer's that I had been considering.

Jacob's Coat rose growing by the back door...
the vintage Parisian table and chair where I sit with a mug of tea or a bottle of water when it is 
 time to relax a bit and soak in the beauty and sounds of the birds and the bees as they go about their business in the Humble Bungalow Garden.

I've been busy catching up on domestics.
I washed the wood floor in the kitchen on my hands and knees as that's the only way to really get the job done.
The floor is over 100 years old ~ it's dull, scratched and dented ~ it looks so much better when it's clean!

Janet at The Gardener's Cottage has a clean floor and she shares her recipe so you might want to pop over and check it out, she's lovely.

Hope that you are taking care of you and yours...
until next time when we meet up again here on this blog.



  1. Your day with your house guest sounds divine...even fitting in a massage at the Spa!! Amazing :) Your strawberries look like "local" ones??
    PS: Did you hear the kiddies are out of school now??

    1. I was up at the school for a visit on Thursday and everyone was pretty stressed by all this job action...there is a rally for education at the legislative buildings on Monday from 1-2:30. It is so upsetting...I just wish the funding was adequate as children are our future and they deserve a decent education.

  2. WW or not, that dessert looks divine!

    SSG xxx

  3. Very nice, comfy, private place for guests it sounds like . . . and daytime treats too . . . Happy you enjoyed . . .

  4. Don't you enjoy spending time with friends! Your dessert looks like something that I would like. The local strawberries are available right now and I have some grapes. Can you use store-bought angel-food cake in a pinch? I love the special touches that make a home homey!

  5. You can use store bought cake absolutely and with the fresh local berries available now...yum!
    Spending time with my friends is one of my favourite things to do.

  6. Wishing I could be a guest in the Humble Bungalow! Your garden is enviable, so naturally peaceful. I've just returned home after an 11 day trip to Lake Tahoe and San Fran. Managed to not gain any weight. Thank you WW! How funny you sneaking flowers into the house while the cats are napping :)

  7. I just love your guest room philosophy.

  8. Lost my comment, so you might hear from me twice! Your guest bedroom looks very inviting. I love the sprigs of parsley in your flower arrangement too. And yes, that's the only way to clean a floor really well; I don't do it as often as I ought.

  9. Oh I get so frustrated when comments get gobbled up in cyberspace...
    those sprigs are actually lady's mantle and you are right, they do look a lot like parsley!

  10. There's no doubt at all that the title 'Hostess' in your blog name is truly apt!

  11. I know your houseguest felt well pampered. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Bonnie

  12. Such a glorious guest room for you friends!! I once made an entire dinner party using WW recipes and people ranted and raved over the food:). Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xoxo

  13. The dessert you made looks perfect for the summer-easy and colourful with seasonal fruit-yum! I've never tried that spa before-I've snooped around the tea of course, but never been for any treatments. Was that your first time for treatments? No doubt your guest would have been very comfortable. Love the touch of flowers!

  14. I've been to Silk Road before for a massage...they are experts!