Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Arts and Crafts Potluck...

Many of our friends are heritage buffs and live in beautifully restored arts and crafts homes.
Recently Mr. HB and I were invited to a potluck with a group of like minded people and we enjoyed good conversation, wine and delicious food.
Potlucks are such a fun way of entertaining as they take the pressure off the host and hostess...
they have enough to do making the house presentable and setting the table.

Period light fixtures illuminate the home which is chock full of English arts and crafts collectibles.
(our Hostess is passionate about purple!)

Purple table runners and napkins sourced from Sur la Table.
Thomas Rosenthal dishes circa 1970.

I took flowers and arranged them for our Hostess in her Japanese arts and crafts green vase.

It is such a luxury to have a commodious table and a large dining room.

Food was plentiful...I sampled a bit of everything.

The blue hydrangeas were inspiring...
they made me think of Joni Mitchell and Blue...
which makes me feel nostalgic and take a trip down memory lane.

LOVE that the ladies of our family were helping Isla on the path of life...

Looks like the water is warm...
would be nice to keep swimming...

 I went to the grocery store and they had a big sign advertising the lottery prizes...
several million and so I succumbed and bought two tickets.
Not like we stand a chance but if you don't have a ticket you cannot win.

I think we won the lottery when we had our kids...
they are our greatest gift.

And with that I will close...
love and hugs,


  1. What a lovely, sweet post Leslie!

  2. Oh Leslie, I'm having tears of Happy for you.
    Love , L

  3. What a lovely post! A dinner with friends and family sharing fun!

  4. A totally wonderful post. Loved reading it.

  5. Your dinner looks like so much fun and what lovely flowers you brought, wonderful colors. I agree with you, children are the best prize of all.

  6. Beautiful. And such fortune in your children and grandchildren. xox.

  7. Lovely flower arrangement. My hydrangeas are starting to bloom now too, I love them! And yes, children are the best!

  8. Hi Leslie- from your Pisces Twin- What a fun evening- and btw- your friends and I share the same silverware pattern! It was my mother's and we used it everyday. Now she has passed it onto me. I am so enjoying your blog as I will be retiring this summer and looking forward to getting my neglected yard in shape!