Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Birds of a feather...

My sister and I took Mother out to cheer her flagging spirits.
She loves visiting the petting zoo at Beacon Hill Park where they have farm animals, birds, pigs and baby goats.
It is a great place to take children and in my years at school many field trips were spent there. We'd walk to the park, visit the zoo area and afterwards we'd have a picnic.

With this in mind my sister and I packed a picnic...
we enjoyed salad, hard boiled eggs, raw vegetables, cantaloupe, chocolate and tea.

Last summer I purchased a basket and some cheerful china and that was the beginning of my picnic collection.

The plates are so pretty that I cannot help but smile when I use them.

I found silver plated forks, knives and spoons in thrift shops and have decided that I like a mixed bunch.
We used cloth napkins and laid the table with a pretty April Cornell cotton cloth.
People passing by stopped and commented on how wonderful it was to see us dining in style.
Mother was in her element...she must have thanked us at least 3 times for the picnic supper and the outing.

It feels good to see her so happy...

I just cannot imagine what it would be like to be a senior, alone without family nearby.

With the post title "birds of a feather" you probably are trying to figure out where the birds are...
I took a few pictures when we were out and they are all images of birds.
Nary a pig, or goat in the whole lot!

Gobble gobble

 I think turkeys are quite peculiar looking birds and they are so big!

Lovely bright feathers on this rooster.

Contemplating taking a dip duck?

The majestic peacocks in the park never fail to entertain the visitors.

They are the focus of many photographers especially when they strut their stuff!
This must be a juvenile peacock as the plumage has not matured.

Pure snow white ducks were busy pecking around in the dirt.

This fellow was snoozing right beside the fence at my feet and at first I didn't see him.
It must have been that ray of sunshine that kept him warm to sit so close to the path.

These two birds were wandering about in the grassy area and seemed totally at ease with all the people about.

All in all it was a fun afternoon.
 My sister and I are on the hunt for another adventure for Mother with a spot for a picnic.

"The things that make me happiest in the whole world are going on the occasional picnic, either with my children or with my partner; big family gatherings; and being able to go to the grocery store - if I can get those things in, I'm doing good."

~ Kate Winslet ~


  1. What a beautiful idea! And I love your dishes and silverware for your picnic basket, so much nicer than plastic!


  2. You are so blessed to have your Mother still, and I've always wished I had a sister too!! Lovely idea to all go for a picnic in Beacon Hill, and in style :) The petting zoo is one of my favourite things to do at BH. It shall be one of our stops, when my family from Holland come out next month for a visit :)

  3. What a caring and restorative outing, from the beautiful plates to the setting, and of course your company. Vitamin "L" (love) really helps.

    Geriatric depression is a huge issue and I thank you for raising it frankly. My mother faced it too.

  4. What a gracious way to picnic ~ so elegant! The Petting Zoo looks like a beautiful place and so many wonderful birds.

  5. I can just see your lovely picnic table. I am assuming that your pretty plates are melamine? And I love the idea of using silver plate utensils for picnic dining.

    1. No Susan they are fine bone English china plates, cups and saucers! I wrap them carefully in a few tea towels and the basket is a sturdy one so they are protected.

    2. Oh! I have seen similar designs in melamine! I am so impressed that you have taken fine china to a picnic! Wonderful!!!

  6. Enjoy every moment you can with your Mother (partly on behalf of those who had too little time with our Mothers). I'm always incredulous when mothers and daughters are incompatible (yes, I do have friends like that). I'm sure many nice picnics can be had without a "key destination" if the weather is good enough: have a lovely summer. I think you were very wise to take early retirement if it gives you more time with someone you love so very dearly.

  7. Goodness, how elegant and fine! I feel the need to toss out all our ugly plastic picnic items right next outing will most assuredly be featuring real place settings. Jen in NY

  8. It is such a lovely idea to have a picnic. I am going with Maman this morning to the doctor and a picnic at Spanish Banks would be a great idea. I love your dishes. I have a set of silver plate, picnic dishes and a basket so we're ready to go. Spending time with Maman is an important time of each week when I am home. Nous sommes chanceuses d'avoir nos mères et d'avoir le temps pour nous amuser aver elles.

  9. What a lovely outing to do with your mom, and I love the picnic set you have put together.

  10. J'adore les pique-niques! Your china and silver with an April Cornell tablecloth would elevate the most mundane into an occasion! You are showing love in action - the very best kind.

  11. What a nice way to spend time at Beacon Hill-I love the idea of true 'in style' picnic! It's a great excuse to use fine china (as if one is ever needed). Your mother obviously truly appreciated it.

  12. I just love elegant picnics like this! No wonder at all at how thrilled your Mother would be. She is so fortunate to have you so close by. I think about things like this too as I get older.

  13. I love your picnic essentials. Now I know what I will be in the hunt for at my next flea/antique market. Sounds like such a wonderful outing for your Mother! It would be very sad to not have family around. She's lucky, and you're lucky to be nearby. xoxo

  14. What a lovely post this was today..a picnic how lovely; you did it up so well with the china and the silver and the tablecloth; the menu sounds just perfect..pleased your Mom enjoyed it..wish I still had my mom so we could go on a picnic too..she was game for everything and would have enjoyed one for sure in this gorgeous weather we are all having right now...thanks for another lovely your basket!!

  15. What a lovely idea for a picnic and a beautiful way to spend time with your mother! She must have been so pleased with your creativeness.

  16. What a great post, and idea, lovely pictures too! It cheered me up to no end1

  17. Love your post! Beautiful photos! New Follower.

  18. That first photo is such a great image for a British-inspired picnic.

  19. How wonderful and thoughtful! I would have loved to see a picture of the food as well! I'm not a lover of taking photos (even though I totally admire good photography) so I often miss opportunities to take pictures too! :-) Emily

  20. Wonderful photos and lovely outing for your mother . . . very nice!

  21. It sounds (and looks) like a lovely time! I'm in awe of your beautiful picnic set. It's so nice to add a bit of elegance wherever we can.

  22. What a lovely day that must have been - and the picnic - so very elegant!
    This post made me miss our animals - we've had them all, from peacocks to muscovies and all the sizes in between!

  23. Love your picnic accoutrements -- china just elevates things, doesn't it? Your mother is blessed to have you. Getting a change of scenery and being outdoors is always cheering.

  24. What a fun day your mother must have had! I can't remember the last time I picnicked.
    I love all the bird photos, and would so love to have peafowl.